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this photo is very contradictory to me. i loathed it ever since i got the idea to do it and yet that was what kept me going. why would i spent time on something i think is utterly stupid? i don't know :shrug: well, maybe i saw the irony being such a strong element, that it alone made it worthwhile. by irony i mean this whole inanimate objects and blood -thing. the fact that i'm known for 'blood-photos' means no one is surprised to see this, but isn't this kind of over the top? it has no content, it is haa haa-amusing. it should be visually pleasing, i spent a lot of time arranging the pieces and trying different angles.

sorry for the ramble, it's hard to explain oneself when ur not quite sure what you want to say. everyone's done photos of glass chess pieces, or at least chess pieces. ^superkev has, and these are his, so when staring at the print of his photo on his wall i slowly figured i have to give it a go too, while i frowned. this does absolutely not mean i loathe chess photos in general, quite the opposite.

even though i say i look down on this, which makes u ask why i'm submitting it, it was also a learning experience for me, just because it was something different for me (that's why). i tried to make it aesthetically pleasing, and i hope you see that as well as the irony i tried to describe. the emptiness and the humor, as it looks just like most people expect my work to look..."suzi9mm doess chess. of course...". uh, i guess i just don't take art very seriously? i do like the attitude i tried to create, the "after a bloody murder scene, and the winner standing in a pool of his opponents blood" thing.

i would appreciate any technical critique

FAQ: fakeblood is artificial, u can buy it in theatre supply stores etc.
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Canon EOS 10D
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1/90 second
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155 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 8, 2004, 9:29:20 PM
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Comments (2210)
Dracovinia's avatar
Still my fave pic from your gallery. And you have such amazing work. Mind Blown. Also, kiitos kuvista! :ahoy: 
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WWWKLIDE's avatar
Amazing work
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Sel-Diora's avatar
Sel-Diora|Student Traditional Artist
holy moly!
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bansheewail92's avatar
Not sure why, but this photo makes me very thirsty.
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bradrussell44's avatar
Awesome piece!!
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Bella-Dolyna's avatar
Bella-Dolyna|Student Traditional Artist
For me? Game of Thrones ;)
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lonewolfX13's avatar
lonewolfX13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I took a look at this not as the pieces dying, but as two people playing chess. One is a Royal (or otherwise important) male and, one is a dark hooded figure (Representing anonymity) The king was assassinated by the hooded figure after the chess match. Spilling his blood onto the pieces, knocking some over in the commotion. The only figures still standing, were the hooded figure's white pieces. The hooded figure then fled, and it was never discovered who the assailant was. That's my two bits; that is how this piece spoke to me.
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Hoschman's avatar
Hoschman| Photographer
Very good
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tigerlova06's avatar
tigerlova06|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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strotherdw's avatar
strotherdw|Hobbyist General Artist
I don't knowing this is technical, but the blood spatter resembles an exit wound not entry wound from a bullet.  A stab wound would not create that blood pattern.  Another possibility could be blunt force trauma with an object.  Whatever it is.  It's a nasty wound.  You could rename this deviation checkmate, because it looked like someone got taken out while playing chess.  I thought this was a digital drawing at first.  Nice Job.
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AkumaEnpitsu's avatar
AkumaEnpitsu|Professional General Artist
Love the concept!
The angle the photo had been taking remind me a crime scene,good shot!
I hate losing toosephthatsgreatplz 
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Tamira189's avatar
Tamira189|Hobbyist General Artist
kinda reminds me of SAW :D really awesome pic
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rafa-10's avatar
rafa-10|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome idea, awesome pic..
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TommyhHappy's avatar
some people don't tolerate losing.
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suzi9mm's avatar
suzi9mm| Photographer
yeah, im kind of one of them :D
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blackqueenKAI's avatar
This photo is so strong in message i felt it its kind of brutal but it was somewhat related to what reality is
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Sylar-Spock's avatar
Sylar-Spock|Professional General Artist
oh god, you are going to hate me, but it looks like a Twilight saga book cover.

It's cool though. *runs away*
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Zenu-Khas's avatar
Awesome work
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Cyber-Chip's avatar
Cyber-Chip|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ever hear of an anime called 'Highschool DxD'? This reminded me of it a lot
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FluffyMcFluffypants's avatar
FluffyMcFluffypants|Hobbyist General Artist
oh god, you're right
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cupcake200's avatar
cupcake200|Student Digital Artist
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Crimsondaw's avatar
Crimsondaw|Student General Artist
So cool.
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KartittyVangina's avatar
That's awesome
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