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modern bride by suzi9mm modern bride by suzi9mm
remember "pain in the bottle" [link] ? well those needles were used to do the holes in her face (lips) :) (Smile) this was at the backstage after a show by Sirkus Tapaturma (Circus Casualty). the show was a small play actually, a wedding ceremony. painful one...:P (Lick)

i guess this picture would offer lots of manip oppurtunities but i really don't care right now, i'm soooo tired and just want to go to sleep... and besides i'm proud i feel i can present it as it is, i didn't basically even crop the pic for cryin out loud ! i added lots of contrast and a bit brightness. and i don't understand why the area under her chin looks so blurred...

she is Mona. enjoy.
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SpatterzTheClown Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
I do.
massay Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
:) I really like this, very tribal in some ways, the face paint and the piercings remind me of some of the ancient traditions of some native tribes of both America and Africa. I like.
Chymer Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2005
Ur a real artist, i adore ur works
ViolentlySomething Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2005
I have never commented on this picture before, but I absolutely adore it. This was the reason, I think, I started watching you. I dont know what it is, the paint or the piercings, but I love it.

I dont know, I just felt compelled to say this. I'm in a weird mood today, excuse me. =p
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2005   Photographer
:) thanks
bloodyKiss666 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2005
ahhhh....:sprint:.....this might was painfully.....ahhhh.......but nice shoot...;)
and i really like her face......
WEDDING CEREMONY?????....:omfg:.....
*yeah there are more :crazy: people than me....:tears: .....i wanna be more craziest....:plotting:..*
Avarre Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2005
shit asutaan samassa stadissa enkä ole itse uskaltanutkaan laittaa mitään rankkaa nettiin. Rohkeeta ja outoa menoa. Motivoit ainakin mua;)
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2005   Photographer
:) kiitos.
graphfixpunk Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2004  Student
britt-bratt Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004   Photographer
Ouch! The ones on the top of the mouth look really painful! What gage are they?

Anywho I think this is really cool, somehow it reminds me of national geographic, but I really like it, and I think you picked an excellent angle.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004   Photographer
i dunno about the gauge...i was just the photographer ;)

thank you for the other comment as well, on tainted blush :)

britt-bratt Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004   Photographer
hehe no problem but jeez, that's so big to have through ones mouth
Deborah-Valentine Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
this is what i would like to have chained to an antique armoire. so sweet. lilith weeps.
miskis Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2003
wow..not THATS a wedding rings..the color is fantastic..I love how it's so fresh the swelling is still visable.
littlesu Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks absolutly amazing
dashinvaine Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2003
Jesus wept.
red20 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2003
magneticblue Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2003
Excellent shot.
fantasio Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
huhO_o , haven´t seen this one before...
wonderfull portraiture, love the colors,and the look of her...
especieally the piercings are nice

awesome...;-) (Wink)

madhatter Featured By Owner May 14, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
no further words used here but
chich Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003   Photographer
Great shot - it seems to have captured more than just a buch of piercings... I love the colours and contrast you have here. Good work.
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2003
this is really cool
fetology101 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2003
This is a great shot. I love the look on her face. the texture of the paintis really intriguing, you get lost in it.

I like how teh picture is framed by the chains and various facial accessories :) (Smile)

d-vicious Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2003
That's really impressive! Must have been an awesome show!

It's deffinetely gonna be +fav !

sykobob Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2003
gah! that looks quite painful... but its a really amazing shot. too good to not +fav
photastix Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2003
Hmmmmm... This is a diffenent kind of wedding I plan to have May. I THOUGHT IT WAS 2 GUYS. That would be cool! Anywho.... keep up the good work!
aggro Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2003   Photographer
Very well done :D (Big Grin)
dottiemaggie Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2003
first -> dear god that looks painful *cringe*
moving right along, i like the photo... nicely done, i like how well we can see the details of the makeup on her face, the texture and such :) (Smile) very interesting to look at...
culturalflux Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2002
Aghhh! Looks painful! It's kind of gross how you can see her teeth are all rotted too... You're one of my fav deviants Suzi, but I can't like this one, as I'm very squeamish about the subject matter.
maura Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2002
Wow. That's a really impressive photo. +fav
laurel Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2002
amazing shot. i would have loved to have seen that, and be in a situation where i could take a picture of that. beautiful. +fav
nain Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2002
Frickin morbid :o (Eek) but u're just incredbly talented tho! :o (Eek) :o (Eek)
isky Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002
wow... this is a really wonderful image. the color and contrast are perfect!
fangedfem Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002
What an incredibly gorgeous powerful image!! I love how you cropped it- just a marvelous photograph....bravo =) (Smile)
somdomguy Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002
Not the typical romantic church wedding - that's for sure! Really captured the moment with this, great shot!!! Love
maxrom Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Hmmm... how to comment... well, I like the look of this photograph not simply for its aesthetic merit, but also how it shows the sacrifices made in different cultures in the marriage ceremony. Very interesting how pain in our society might also equal pleasure in others. I love how you captured the essence of her feelings. "This might hurt now, but the rewards outweigh the pain." Magical piece. I love it. Love Worship
StrangeAnima Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Actually, you are more right than you may know as when it comes to temporary piercing the rewards (to be specific, the adrenaline/endorphin rush) do outweight the pain. Not to mention that for some the sting/pain of the needles themselves can be pleasure as well.
theseus Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002

”With these rings piercings and chains
in pain and submission I thee wed”
Striking and compelling picture filled
with anthropological and psychological resonance.

getcarter Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002   Photographer
wow, that´s an amazing shot, I love the colors, which fit perfectly to the theme!
inkx Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002   Photographer
Cool! Great work Nod
superkev Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002  Professional Photographer
Ouch! It does look like it hurts. But, good work for capturing this in an artistic fashion. I like how you've isolated the subject on a plain but not anesthetic background. Great detail and exposure. I don't understand the blurring either, but it's still an excellent photo.
chain Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2002  Professional
hmmm... those rings in her lips really look painful :D (Big Grin)
asciwhite Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
LOVE IT........ Especially since im such a fan of pain :) (Smile)
suffocate Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002   Photographer
The exposure is dead on...I love the contrast between the white and red and how the white paint on the face almost blends perfectly with the background.
mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
Chew no comments..

I hate YOU
koyuki Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002  Student Photographer
scary~~~!!! >_
ohitsmejulia Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002  Professional General Artist
wow! fantastic, i like the way you brightened and contrasted...just such a great photo, she's so interesting.
wbbrs Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002
Yep you've captured us again!
Love it!
jesushchrist Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002   Writer
This is really well done. Very imaginiative. Excellent piercings. Love the use of paint all over the face.
narishma Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2002

Another intense creation by Miss Suzi :) (Smile)
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