how to cut a finger tutorial
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a lot of people asked me how did i cut the finger off in my recent deviation, and this is it... all layers etc. i know someone will chuckle there looking at it because there are probably easier/faster (less layers that is) ways to do it if you're a pro, but i'm not and this is to those that don't have any better knowledge or information available.

also, i didn't plan to make it a full size print so it's not exactly perfect but it's ok for most uses... well, i hope you find it useful :)

download the .zip, it's a .psd file with all the layers. i changed it sRGB although i work in adobe RGB normally.
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Take a sharp knife, Take aim... CUT!!!
Simple as that...
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hie hie hie... this is awesome!
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Thank you )))
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dolphin64575|Hobbyist General Artist
awesome!!!!!!!! don't have photoshop, but the pic is WIN!!!!!!!!!
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You scare me!
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so says the goth girl :P hehhe jk XD *plops down on mountainside*
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MythicalArtist1027|Hobbyist Digital Artist
love it :P
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Thanks, it's a great tutorial, I like your photos a lot!
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RoseOfPerdition|Professional General Artist
you're great.i love your pics.you make real every single pervert desire :P
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^^ Thanks to this, cutting off limps doesn't cost an arm and a leg! (ha... ha ha...)
^^ Anyway, very interesting!
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Thanks. :D I was a witty one two years ago.

BD Not that that's changed~.
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*laughs* hahahahaha great. :D i got that and im on the slow today. :P
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jodipheonix| General Artist
I'm a photoshop self taught kinda person.
I like reading tutorials, and seeing psd files such as this that I can learn from.

in my opinion, the way you made it is perfect. it gets the realistic look that you want to acheive, and it can be used in other ways besides a severed finger.
a lot of layers, but I don't think there was really any other way you could of done it and got results like this.

well done :+fav:
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ariat|Hobbyist Writer
this looks interesting; i might download the file sometime.

please don't mature it: a lot of under-eighteens [like me, who is fourteen] do blood-related photography and photomanips.
It's silly, I wish they never made the Mature content filter compulsary until you're eighteen.
Sure, there are some nasty things out there, but blood isn't that horrible.
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PhilRey|Student General Artist
omg...nasty...mature it plz?
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Hailya|Student Photographer
Can you please put this under "mature content"? D; Only because the picture kinda made me jump and feel sickly... didn't feel up for seeing that at the moment...bad timing.
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another awsome one as well
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king13galford|Professional Digital Artist
hey!!!! found another one!!!! now i'm gonna cry....
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Thanks for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to do some 'extra stuff' :D
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Dropbear67|Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating these resources. Your effort is appreciated.
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suzi9mm| Photographer
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i love you... is simple... and now this tutorial.... wow..
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