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grand piano

By suzi9mm
i took this one last year, and i'm still gonna work on it, mean; do another photoshoot to make it better. sorry for the stains and other stuff on the picture (had to scan from a print).
but what do YOU think ?

edit: many have brought it up so:i think i used TMAX3200 film which explains the grain :) (Smile)
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OJZEIDLER's avatar
one of my all-time favs!
Edwardv17's avatar
True love!  Awesome photograph :)
ericolthwaite's avatar
Composition and lighting are great, but it needs higher resolution as you have stated.
JanMurphyPhoto's avatar
I love this - it has a lot of feeling in the image. Keep going,
satinandlace2's avatar
what a striking photo! Love it in every way
I spent longer thinking about this image than any others tonight.  It is excellent.  Thank you!
emilyvermeil's avatar
I love it... Beautiful shot, seriously.
oranges101614's avatar
I must have seen this photo at least ten years ago for the first time and it's always stuck with me ever since.
TrappedGirl's avatar
Been a while since I saw this photo, it's surreal seeing it again after so many years.

It's a great concept that stuck in my mind even though it's not how I thought it looked in my mind. (nanfe's painting brought me back here)
Veganima's avatar
just love this
emejotaele's avatar
I saw this picture so many years ago. I'm so happy to come across it once more. I'd love to have it on my wall :3
I like the graininess, it gives it the feel of an old memory :) 
SpiritofMuninn's avatar
I am ordering this as a print for myself for Christmas! It is easily one of my favorite works on DA and I cannot wait t hang this in my house!
suzi9mm's avatar
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Your talent has captured my eyes! You have a great intensified pleasure to explored inside your head through photography and seeing it blows my mind! keep on doing what you do because there is greatness in your work and beautiful things are happening in your future...
xdreamreality's avatar
Im using this as my twitter backround. Is that okay with you?
suzi9mm's avatar
its nice to ask afterwards? im not really okay with it, i like to be credited/linked where my work is used.
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This has been one of my favorite photos for years, I have it hanging in my house. Thank you for taking it <3
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You have been featured in my newest Love-feature.
Please check it out and give a favourite if you enjoyed it.
Have a nice weekend! :rose:
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11 year later...
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<3 Came by to see this photo again. It's been hanging in my home for years.
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