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cutting off limbs-tutorial

someone(s) asked how i did the v-day deviation [link] this year. i've posted a 'cut off finger tutorial'-before ([link]) but maybe this is different as it has 2 photos...if you're interested please check out. i take constructive criticism in how to make tutorials better, i know i'm not super good at them.

the file is a PSD-file with layers from the area shown in the preview pic. made in adobe photoshop CS2, i don't know about backwards compatibility but this file doesn't contain any special gimmicks or such so i would assume it to work in a couple prior versions. it has a text layer on top with some instructions regarding the photos and layers and so forth.

also if you're interested in tutorials for other photos i did, i can try to come up with some since i'm not very busy atm, just let me know exactly what u want from it :)
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ssqp781's avatar
This reminds me of Saw XD
Sneaky-Kat4-Life2's avatar
I see no point here. -.-
lodylood's avatar
totally agree fantastic evil work ;)
hey, i checked out all the pic of your gallery.
they all are just superb.
beauty in evil.
you proved it so well.
ninja-111's avatar
gotta say on behalf of a splatter-nerd - I love it
Ali3losh's avatar
why i can't see the photo its closed ??
suzi9mm's avatar
i dunno, its not me that closed it from you... maybe you're under 18 or there is a bug? contact the help desk
AdemGraf's avatar
why is there a watermark or somekind of "glass" over the whole picture?
king13galford's avatar
looked at your gallery after downloading your little_ps_tips tutorial...then i found this...two great tutorials in one day...i'm soooo lucky...thanks for sharing you're techniques...
SpazztasticPocky's avatar
Omigosh, I'd love to use this, but when I click download it just takes me to one picture. And says it's a psd file. Er, is that right?
suzi9mm's avatar
theres a download link on the side i think, if not, dA is maybe broken
SpazztasticPocky's avatar
Oh dear, I had a totally slow moment there. Thanks ^-^;;
SpazztasticPocky's avatar
Ho'snap, that was a really stupid moment. I figured it out, sorreh.
GorgingOnChunks's avatar
Its accually very good tutorial. With this you can easily figure out how to remove other body parts as well. Very good to lead up to a great gore peice.
Killermadman's avatar
Awsome TUT. its a little more difficult in ps7 but i made it work. I love it. Could you make one for like Guts spilling onto the floor or something like that?
suzi9mm's avatar
i've never done any 'guts spilling on the floor' stuff myself so i wouldn't know how to...
Killermadman's avatar
Ahh ok. What have you done?
suzi9mm's avatar
what u see in my gallery
Killermadman's avatar
Oh duhh. Srry i had a stupid moment. Haha. Have you done tutorials for things like your death series. And in your image. You Know Me As Elizibeth.

Stuff like that... Something that looked like it is from murder or slaughter. Im a little deranged but its all it the fun of mutilation. haha.
suzi9mm's avatar
all my tutorials are in the gallery... i figure throwing fake blood around doesn't require a tutorial ;) that goes for the Elizabeth-photo as well.
jesusxsaves's avatar
One of my favorites of yours.
xEvilNeverSleeps's avatar
oooooooh very pretty =D
m4ck's avatar
ty so much pretty :)
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