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Krista's Kitty - ACEO

3 hours 2.5" x 3.5" ACEO oil dry brushed on bristol paper


My neighbor's daughter is so adorable. Krista is 8 years old, lots of energy, very smart and very funny. She wants to be an artist and often gives me her little drawings.

So the other day she comes running up to me when I pull into the driveway.

"Suzi! Suzi!" she says, "guess what! I got all A's on my report card. I want you to draw me a cat for my reward. A black one, because it's Halloween, too." (direct quote, I kid you not)

Now, mind you, there was never a prior agreement, LOL, she's just that cute! and I couldn't resist it since her birthday was a couple of days ago as well.

So to make it a quick project, I incorporated a Russian street artist technique that I recently fell in love with. You take a heavier stock like bristol paper and dry brush black oil paint on it. What's so awesome about it is you can erase with a normal eraser but it applies like watercolor and sets super fast.

This is my first animal in this medium.

Oh, did I mention it's tiny: 2.5" x 3.5" ... and yes, I know the picture quality is HORRIBLE. I only have my phone to take pictures with.

I have the reference image in my fav's somehere, to the owner of it, as soon as I find it again I will absolutely give you credit!

EDIT:: Found the reference! [link] by :iconbheware:
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Very nice. There is so much depth in those eyes. :heart:
Sarahharas07's avatar
Lovely little painting, and I love the story that goes with it
SuzanneMoseley's avatar
Aww! Thank you very much. She is pretty adorable and even teared up when I gave it to her. Then dropped it when the wind picked up LOL.. thankfully it's just paper and completely dry.
Sarahharas07's avatar
She has a high developped feeling for drama I suppose :D
bheware's avatar
It looks awesome, Im glad you used my reference :)