Witchhunts among artists.

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I was very reluctant on writing this journal, as I often just want to inspire and write uplifting things. This topic is a little less so.

:bulletblue: Witches!

The word 'Witchhunt' comes from a time were some women got accused for being witches because of their beauty or their way to modern way of living (being a single mother or non-christian in times where that was absolutely outrageous). Those women would get ridiculous tests to proof their humanity from which they ultimately would die (burning on the fire stake or getting drowned in a river.) The fact that they did not survive it would proof that they are human and not a witch. We all know that there are no immortal people.. so no woman had ever survived it. 

:bulletblue:  Artists!

Now when we talk about Artist Witchhunts it's pretty similar, an artist would get accused of using unorthodox methods or plagiarism. No one likes plagiarism and therefore a lot of people feel it in their right to get their harsh opinion out there and bash the accused. And just like those witch-accused women, there is no way for the accused artist to get out of it "alive". They will need to proof their originality by undergoing unrealistic tests of internet arguments that no one in history ever won ever and they always end up apologizing even though it doesn't help them. The internet is relentless.. like a lynch-mob

Many artists have suffered from these things and I've seen it to happen to some people I know personally. It does way more harm than you can even image.
the fact that I write this is because there is a new one that has just started again. No I will not link to this person as I am very much against Witchhunts and i'm ere to ask you to please refrain from adding wood to the fire by talking about it. 

:bulletred: The effect caused by artist Witchhunts.

The internet often plays both judge and jury and the punishment resulting out of those Witchhunts are ALWAYS way to severe. I'm not approving plagiarism, but the punishment of ruining the person's career, giving them sleepless nights, paranoia, mental therapy, trauma's and ruin art for them is not the answer. I personally think there is already too much of pretentiousness and high horse opinions that artists force upon one another that makes everyone walk on eggshells. We all make mistakes and often grow into better people from them. 
Also, when we approve of a Witchhunt as a community one time around, we give everyone a free to go Witchhunt as they please all time around. LET'S STOP THIS NOW!

:bulletblue: What not to do during artist Witchhunts.

I've seen some professional artists respond not so professional in a lot of these situations. They were judgmental and rude without taking into account what severe harm this can cause because they are a big example for a lot of their followers. With fame/a following, comes great responsibility, and just like superheroes, you'd better not behave as a villain. But also as someone without any big fame or status, do not think that you have anything to say about this matter. (if it was your own art plagiarized, it's best to handle this with the other artist personally and private). 
In the end, what the hell do you gain from agruing about an artist and hunrting them, nothing! What do you loose? Precious painting time!

:bulletblue: what SHOULD you do when seeing a post that's part of a Witchhunt.

Unfollow. Continue being awesome and paint! :heart:

Some artist journals I like writing more :D


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Actually, I have an idea why people continue to point at someone selling copied work, or as you call it "witchhunting".

It's because the honest artists that make copies only for study, give credit to source and don't sell it for profit, while trying to get by working hard on their own intellectual property, are extremely pissed off by someone who shamelessly does quite the opposite right under their nose.
I thought it's rather obvious, isn't it? :)