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Thanks everyone for participating!! I had no idea I would get this many great entries!

You've all come up with great concepts and it's going be tough to choose the winners!
Therefore I'm going to take some days and announce the winners in a new journal entry on Wednesday May 21 ! :D

Double check to see if you're entry is in here! (If I forgot to include yours please resend me a note with your entry asap! :D )

The entries: 

Bestiary: Aluria terradensis by Naeomi Baby Skyworm by Jazebeth Skyworm by 2tall4yall  Young Skyworm by RogerStork  Caldyra Contest Entry by RainSong777 Skyworm contest entry by harryhobbes Caldyra Skyworm by Jovilicioso Baby Skyworm - FanArt - by Andoc88Skyworm by metal-beak Skyworm by Saraiza  Caldyra contest by skysoul25Caldyra creature design by tediousSartre  Skyworm Contest Entry by oshirockinghamCaldyra Contest by Faye-l   Earthbound Skyworm - Caldyra by CatCouch  Skyworm (Caldyra) by HunDrenus  The Skyworm by JacobR7101 Skyworm by MarinaOrtega  Calydra Skyworm concept by Ardinaryas  The new bud by tommasorenieri
Skyworm contest entry by onlyzuul Caldyra Skyworm by FenixN Skyworm - Caldyra contest! by MonkeyMan-ArtWork Caldyra by ShamiesArt Caldyra Skyworm by snoozster Baby Skyworm by soggykitten

The male Skyworm reborn by saeusse  Head thumbs preview by RyanMahonArt  Character interacton Thumbs by RyanMahonArt  Expression Board by RyanMahonArt Trio Presentation Thumb. by RyanMahonArt Caldyra Skyworm by PeterKlijn Caldyra creature design by YourCottonmouth Caldyra Contest: Lost Skyworm by Katastrophimatt Contest- Caldyra Skyworm by TyphonArt   Caldyra Competition by Paganflow Caldyra Male Skyworm by Kirinov  Baby Skyworm Design by shienys   Caldyra Skyworm 2 by snoozster Baby Skyworm Concept Art by ceptiCHAN  Caldyra Sketch: Skyworm in air by EmmaGraceJean  Caldyra Sketch: Skyworm on land by EmmaGraceJean
Caldyra Skyworm Development by EmmaGraceJean 

This was the briefing:
Hi there!
I'm doing a Caldyra creature design contest for those who want to and have the time :)
:bulletred: 1st place: 
- 3 month premium membership.
- A book send from amazon. ( Color  & Light by James gurney. Or other if you already own this one)
-Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 2nd place:
- 1 month premium membership.
- Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 3rd place:
-1 month premium membership.
-Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.
:bulletred: 4th to 10th:
- Your concept will be featured in the Caldyra artbook with full credits.
- Journal feature.

:bulletblue: How to win this?
It's simple! Make a sketch for the following topic...
In my artbook Caldyra. There is a mystical creature known in common tongue by Skyworm.
Skyworm by Suzanne-Helmigh
Ninae in town by Suzanne-Helmigh   Borus. (edited.) by Suzanne-Helmigh  The cursed Fenneks by Suzanne-Helmigh
The size can be between a cat and a medium sized dog.
:bulletpurple: Image should be optimal for print, so please use 300 Pixels per Inch, on at least 2000 wide/tall
:bulletpurple: You may submit more than 1 concept!! :)
:bulletpurple: You can use this logo to place on your image to show it's made for the contest :) 

There are only 2 of these creatures, Male and Female.
In the story the female roams the sky, forever leaving sad rain clouds and frustrated thunderstorms in search for her beloved male companion. Her male companion had been cast from the sky hundreds of years ago it's remains fertilizing the the earth with a magical tree-sort, The Caldyra.
Born from one of these trees was a small creature. The male Skyworm reborn.
However, the magical Caldyra trees that have grown from the Skyworms energy have all been harvested by greedy humans. Leaving this small flying creature earth bound, forever out of reach of it's female companion.
The book's heroes Ninae, Borus and Fennek are in search of the last trees to hopefully restore it back to a forest. Their companion, being this baby Skyworm. They are not even aware of it's heritage! As their aim is to restore the Caldyra's magic back to human kind, not knowing they would help this creature in the process.
:bulletblue: Now it's up to you to design this creature. It has to look magical and able to fly.
It can be birdlike, dragon like, fishlike. It's up to you!!

For more on the book and story. Visit the facebook page:
:bulletpurple: Deadline is my Birthday! May 16 2014 !

© 2014 - 2022 Suzanne-Helmigh
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Some really beautiful entries:D i have a few favourites already haha Good luck on the judging^^