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Where to start learning realism.

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These are a bunch of slides from a class I used to give on painting realistic materials. 
Hope it helps you! :D Let me know if you have any questions.
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TheSangsonProfessional General Artist
Oh, here's where I read your name over and over, your material chart! Yeah, this is actually one of the very little artwork pieces from dA I open and then stare at quite often. It always superintrigues me, but it's heavily fascinating as well, just as the Teapot and Controller paintings up top. I remember seeing those somewhere as well. Maybe I have been to your gallery and just somehow managed forgetting to watch. Maybe, though, maybe I just didn't want to get remembered that doing stuff like this was possible and should actually hurry up to become that good if I don't wnat to end in the gutter with my life.
However: HA! Saw what you did there in the colours section! Yeah, master Gurneys books are indead a wealth of incredibly inspiring and fascinating knowledge...
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SalvarattyProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing!!!
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Cogn-8Student Digital Artist
thank you this was helpful ♥
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Manda-of-the-6Student General Artist
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BasaltDragonHobbyist General Artist
These will help a lot in the long run.
Now to find enough patience to do things like this...
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This tutorial is immensely helpful. Thank you for making it available!
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Zaitsu-HatterStudent Digital Artist
This seems like a wonderful read. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. :)
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Suzanne-HelmighProfessional Digital Artist
You're welcome!! :) 
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you are the best! 
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LocationCreatorProfessional Interface Designer
This is a wonderful tutorial / poster. Thank you!
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LichMcKneeHobbyist General Artist
Great job :D You're only getting better and better :)
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ThreeDManiakHobbyist Digital Artist
Matte materials do reflect, just not specular reflection because, due to their uneven surface, parallel rays of light reflect off differently angled areas, and you know what the reflection rule says: reflection angle=incidence angle in relation to the reflective surface's normal, which means that all those neatly parallel light rays get scattered all over the place when they're reflected, giving the object its "fuzzy/foggy" mirror look.
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Suzanne-HelmighProfessional Digital Artist
Yes :) but i intend for people to find that out by asking questions to themselves when researching materials :) so kudos! Just like: the amount of light scatter depends on the object color versus the lightsource color 
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ThreeDManiakHobbyist Digital Artist
I get what you mean! :D It's just that I study physics and this type of things trigger my "I must correct this small and innocuous imprecision" part of the brain! Sorry! haha
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Gengar1991Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing, this 's gonna be really helpful. Thanks a lot Suzanne :D
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Suzanne-HelmighProfessional Digital Artist
Yay thank you! :) and you're welcome! 
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RgDrawProfessional Digital Artist
Really nice ! 
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it's the usefulest!, thanks Suzanne!wild-king-poke 
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Suzanne-HelmighProfessional Digital Artist
You're welcome :) <3
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7th-ChildHobbyist General Artist
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DeviousSqurlProfessional Digital Artist
Nice info, you covered textures I haven't thought of painting yet :)
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Might take a while to ingest everything, still great sharing~
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Rockport45Hobbyist General Artist
this is great.
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