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A mythical creature in my Caldera artbook.
There are only 2 of these creatures, Male and Female.
In the story the female roams the sky, forever leaving sad rain clouds and frustrated thunderstorms in search for her beloved male companion. Her male companion had been cast from the sky hundreds of years ago it's remains fertilizing the the earth with a magical tree-sort, The Caldyra.

Born from one of these trees was a small creature. The male Skyworm reborn.

However, the magical Caldyra trees that have grown from the Skyworms energy have all been harvested by greedy humans. Leaving this small flying creature earth bound, forever out of reach of it's female companion.

The book's heroes Ninae, Borus and Fennek are in search of the last trees to hopefully restore it back to a forest. Their companion, being this baby Skyworm. They are not even aware of it's heritage! As their aim is to restore the Caldyra's magic back to human kind, not knowing they would help this creature in the process.

I hope you guys like it. This project is very dear to me :)

Official Facebookpage :
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awe I love Helmuzaa! She looks BEAUTIFUL!
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this one is AWESOME!
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Wow amazing art work!
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Wow this is beautiful, you're very talented.
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thank you very much :heart: !!
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This is wonderfull!
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That's so mythical! Thousands of stories had passed through my mind just with a glance! :D I LOVED IT!
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awe thanks so much! <3 this means a lot :D
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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thanks so much!!! :D
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Well, there goes my thoughts of skydiving during dusk. 
I really want to know more about this creature. 
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Don't worry , he's friendly :D
I'm glad you're curious about the creature now :D There will be more of him soon ^^
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Alright. ^^
Just sit back and wait then. Good luck.  
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Awesome Piece!
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Wow very nice
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Whoa, this is very different from your other work! Superb! :D
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
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Yes! :P

It shows that you're branching out.
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Cool Idea, i am a bit Hooked now ;)
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yay!! :D more things very soon ^^
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I wonder where it came from, and what it sees in that star being so dear to it's heart... I am curious what kind of stories your world/project has to to tell us. Does anyone in Caldera (I guess that it is your world's name?) know about the Skyworm (or have seen it alive?), or is it a "pure" myth? Ha, I am looking forward to learn more about your world and the stories. :)

As for the illustration, I kinda like the colorscheme, also the concept of the Skyworm, and how you created a curved (imaginative) line from the foreground, following the Skyworm's movement, connecting to the star it is looking at. I can imagine it flying in curvy movements.

I imagine this poor Skyworm being lonely, ah, maybe there will be something or someone that helps it to reach it's goal.

I'll follow your story on the  FB page then. :)
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Thank so much David :D <3

Caldyra is a magical tree. (More will follow on that :P concept's of that tree will be made soon which will be uploaded with a description.)

A few people in the Realm (yet to be named XD there will be a map XD ) have only seen it very rarely and speak of it as a myth.
It's to believed it's so big, it is able to create enormous thunderclouds.
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Hey, thanks for your response. :) Ah, if I were a researcher in your world, I would search for the Skyworm by observing the weather and try to find a pattern which could hint it's presence. I look forward to see how, if it is the case, people searching for it will try to find out where it is and how they might try to come closer to it...

Ah, a tree. Hmmmm, I wonder... about so many things I could write down a novel full of questions, but I will rather wait to see what's coming next. :D

All the best!
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