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Ninae in town

01-03:2014: Re-rendered the image :) Should look a lot better now.

Today's new 
Caldyra piece (Hoping those movie studies are paying off  )

Ninae, the girl that ran away from home to form her own destiny and maybe help change the faith of humankind.

Caldyra FB page:
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Your work is so life-like, and yet unreal. Amazing :)
RoxiiReaper's avatar
Ohmy, I thought this was a 3D model O:
Great job, especially with the textures on the clothing!
Pinkiepievorefan's avatar
wow! i thought this was an picture!
OanaZ's avatar
I really like this illustration and personally I think is one of the best I've seen from you. As much as I can recall this was done after the screenshot studies, and heck they paid off! If I didn't knew the context I would mistake it for a frame from a movie. I love the mood, peaceful but unrevealing at the same time. Nevertheless I really like her expression: she's thinking..or maybe admiring something and gives to the viewer the "I really need to see the next frame" feeling, which is pretty awesome! On the other hand I'm not very sure about the's well done,don't worry..still I think is to lighted in comparizon with the whole picture..I can't find its place..I hope you don't mind :)
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thank you ! :D And for all the other compliments too ^^
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Mah gosh looks so wonderful cx
NoraKimi's avatar
Hmm, looks like it could be an illustration cover for a novel or video game. Awesome
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
Thanks! It actually is.
It's part of my novel: Caldyra. :D which is in the making ^^
NoraKimi's avatar
Oh cool. Do you think you could give a relatively brief explanation as to what it's about (if you don't mind)?
WassabiUsagi's avatar
holy moly, when i saw this image as your icon i thought it was costly it looked so human!
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
Thanks!! :D
i'm trying to go for an inbetween look of realism and painterly. 
WassabiUsagi's avatar
well it is working! >:D
SopeCreations's avatar
Beautiful and delicate Clap 
Heavenia's avatar
Simply amazing!
CorruptXamd's avatar
Really like how you have slightly blurred the background making the lady the centre of the piece, but also how you've added the doves so your eyes flutter about the piece. 
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
Thanks! It's a typical camera trick used in movies and I love that cinematic feel in images :D
zanazoidrift's avatar
Very nice! Your quality of work is outstanding! :D
crestciliamira's avatar
aaahhh Bleedrainbow Bleedrainbow this is just so perfect i really love this!! Big happycry
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