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Material studies.

Phew this was great practice :)
On 28th of November I had my mind set on finishing 100 studies of materials. Never knew I was able to finish.
I learned so much about materials, reflection, lighting, colors etc. I would recommend such a practice to anyone.
I started saving the references somewhere halfway so if you would like to have that file for your own practice purposes go to this FB link, click options and than download…

Thanks to these studies, I was able to paint these:
Lifestudy July by Suzanne-Helmigh Lifestudy June by Suzanne-Helmigh Lifestudy May by Suzanne-Helmigh April Stilllife by Suzanne-Helmigh Candlelight stilllife by Suzanne-Helmigh Life study #01 by Suzanne-Helmigh
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wow  noob LOAF INTENSIFIES Plz Die :plzdie: 
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 cool. i am inspired.
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What brushes did you use?
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How did you do this? It's so amazing!
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likely a marble
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oh look a broccoli ball
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This is balls dope, deffs something I wanna get started on doing too.
Problem is, I dna where to really start. Like do you do these from life, or are google images enough to work from?
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And again, this is awesome!

Hours and hours of dedicated work, I see in this file. 

Talented, you are, young artist.
The Empire Strikes Back - Weird Yoda Icon 
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Can we get these texture for download? PLEASE!?!?!?!
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The thing I know to take account is how light behaves on matter. Sounds easy to say, tho I guess the true challenge is to apply it.
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I just want a big frame on the wall with each of these (real life) elements!
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And more inspiration.  I've got my work cut out for me.
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This is very inspiring, both in terms of quantity and quality. I definitely need to do this, painting different materials is one of my many weaknesses.

Also, the little fly sitting on the poo ball gave me a laugh. :)
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Very impressing and really helpfull, thank you so much for doing that :) Nod Clap !
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