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Lifestudy May tutorial


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What hardware do you use to do these pieces of artwork? With what do do draw? :)
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Wacom intuos pro large :)
But any Wacom will do.
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That's some hardcore hardware you use! Although words cannot express enough, you have an amazing porfolio! You're awesome! ;)
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Aaaah, I guess it is back to pencils for me to learn to compare measurements and draw out contours. :D Some magic happens between steps 2 and 3 that I'm not clear on lol.  Bam, and all the colors are there- I know it will take a LOT longer for me to figure that out.  I'll keep coming back to this as I improve until one day I can be as good... I hope. O_O

There is one thing only that I have a good grasp on in this whole tutorial: the pen tool.  I do product photos in PS professionally so I am VERY familiar with the pen tool. XD I can make it do anything I want!!  Amazing tool, but quite counter-intuitive for the beginner.
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Awesome result!
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Fuckin' amazing!!
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I just always get stuck in sketching the main Colors... D:
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Haha. I'd say it's finished in the sketch the main colors. Hehe. I don't have the patience to go much more beyond that :(
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GAHHH THis is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I haven't seen a still life this good in so long--very well done! :D
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Lots of very interesting tips here. Thanks for sharing :lol:
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Whoa!!!*----* I loved it!!! But I have a question, what means "Render" ? :0 I want to try it but i don't understand this word...hope someone can explain me^^
Awesome stuff and artist you are *o*
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Rendering something (in digital painting terms) means turning a sketch into something finished by painting it all in full detail. 
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Wo, i got it! Thank you very much *^* btw, it's better to paint it with the sketch or did you di lineart? Thankies ^^/
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Hold on there,

that was a painting?
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I honestly thought this was a real playstation remote for a minute there
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thank you very much! :D
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Your most welcome!:D
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This is incredible, and looks so real! Also, the tutorial is really helpful~!

However, I would like to ask you something, and I really hope that you can answer it. I saw that many digital artists do this kind of studies, but I always wondered some things. Do you actively focus on shapes or tones and try to imagine how the object that you are trying to draw bends, as you draw? Do you try to imagine where the light source is as you paint? This might sound stupid (but I'm serious), but what is your (an artist's) intention when doing studies like this? I ask it because when I try to do studies like this, I always suspect that I am just mindlessly drawing what I see in front of myself, instead of actually focusing on some things and thinking how they interact, or something. However, I don't know what and how. :D

In other words, I would be grateful if you could explain to me the mindset needed for (life)studies, so I don't miss out on important things.
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woah...all i can say is...woah....
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