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Horizon Marketing art.

So happy to show work from the project I've been working on at Sony Guerrilla all this time.
It's been an amazing team effort.

You can find the game trailer here:…

My artstation:…
Lloyd Allan:…
Ilya Golitsyn:…
Koen Wijffelaars:…
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This is truly gorgeous work! Love the game so much (I've taken and uploaded on here, far, far too many screenshots) and certainly artists had a huge role to play in that. The whole project is beyond my belief to be honest, for so many reasons. Absence of sexism? Pretty much check. Awesome scenery? Definitely check. Story integrity? Unparalleled check. Story that abides by sustainability scientific principles regards the writing of the plot? Unparalleled pretty much *check* (when you're a polymath, you notice such things). Gameplay fair with options to be challenging? Check. Can take pictures in-game without obligatory HUD interference? CHECK.

Beautiful artwork to go with it..? For heaven's sake: check!

:D I've run out of criteria to check...

Thanks for contributing to such an awesome game!
I really need to play this game, it looks pretty awesome Heart :happybounce: 
Hexidextrous's avatar
I am so hyped for this game! It looks like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, meets FarCry!
TobyFoxArt's avatar
This is stunning! I love how you've handled depth and light.
XanderBird's avatar
:happybounce: Coulours of the costumeLove , beautifull, detailsDeviation love , i can feel the windHug +fav  Heart Thank you Suzanne-HelmighI love deviantART!  
AerapixDesign's avatar
Dude wtf. XD NICE!
wolfwings1's avatar
Is there a release date yet? :>
LunaWolf43's avatar
yes 28.2.2017 :la:   
I'm really  lookinforward to it :squee: 
MRVISIO's avatar
Wooow :O nice work
seth-ravenclaw's avatar
awesome! :D nu wou ik dat ik een ps4 had =w= door jou concept art en die trailer wil ik het nu gaan spelen! Dx ik denk niet dat er een pc versie van komt, of wel soms? o-o
BastionMonk's avatar
Geweldig mooi. Een frisse wind door het Steentijd-genre :)
milkmindart's avatar
Love this piece! I saw this at gamescom, I couldn't keep my eyes off of it ^^
Stunning Eyecandy :-p
TheKurejiNeko's avatar
I'm so looking forward to it, even though I haven't upgraded yet X3 The robotics in the game are so fascinating that I had to try my hand in drawing robots....I must say it's an experience!

Hopefully we'll get to see all your lovely work in an art book....? ;3
Eluviel's avatar
Your working on my most anticipated game (almost ever) and it because of the cocept and art in it. It's the main reason I plan buying a ps4.
In short, I find you to be quite amazing.
Also the dinos with plates instead of heads are probably the best thing i've seen in a game. Ever.
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I seen this picture on the games page of Guerilla games, must be awesome seeing your work promoting a game :)
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
I worked as a concept artist on the game :P S I helped develop it ^^
Can't wait till there is more to show for the public eye! 
DeviousSqurl's avatar
Yea I was on there today looking at the careers page and I saw it, and was like oh I know that picture lol.
rasty690's avatar
This game looks so amazing, great work ;)
canttel's avatar
This is literally eye candy .o.
Eepox's avatar
This is amazing! Not all artists draw background as well as they draw characters - superb! :)
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
Thanks! It was a piece done by multiple artists actually :P We are all specialists in our field, so one in robots, one in environments and one in characters :)
Eepox's avatar
Ah! I see! You combined your contributions to the piece seamlessly in my opinion :)
ErikShoemaker's avatar
love that creature design!
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