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my fanart site just had a huge update. all fanart now featured on the site have been from dA, as i said i would. please bookmark the below link.
you may still leave comments on my dA page/journal. also, don't unwatch me if you want to know when updates are, as i'll be making journal posts here when the sites are updated from now on!~


my art sites on my domain (fanart and original art) are almost done. when they are, i am emptying this gallery. i have not cared for the dA "community" (LOL!) for a long time now and i'm just now getting the balls to take my toys and leave. i have already purged at least 75% of the gallery and scraps, and the remaining ones will be deleted when i leave. people who actually care ("real fans", for lack of a better way of putting it) can bookmark a URL and look at my site and/or art blog on LJ. if you can only look at someone's drawings if the work is all done for you (convenience will kill us all XD), then that's your problem. i draw for myself. i upload for you guys, but if i am not happy... well, that comes first. the day drawing stops being fun is the day i stop doing it, and the same with art "communities".

i'll still watch and comment and probably +fav here on dA, but once my sites are done (they're getting there) i will no longer post here. i'm tired of the theft and attitudes. i only came here because all my art friends were here, but i see most of their stuff on LJ these days, ANYWAY. i don't need this site and i don't want to be associated with it anymore. stuff on my domain and LJ are more important to me.

so if i do a finished piece before i'm gone, i might post it here. so yeah, there'll be updates up until then for those of you who care. enjoy in the meantime, and i'll make an official post when my sites are done. thanks to those who've been considerate to my preferences and treated me well during my time here. the rest of you? too bad, i pretty much don't care about you and your attempts to aggravate me. ^_^

- maureen / ''suzanami''
ocean-raven Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007
I've been secretly a big fan of you since the day I joined DA (sorry I never watched you D: ) and its really a downer to see you leave, and the sad part is i totally understand. Its not a community. Not anymore. And it really sucks.

I wish you well with your future in art :heart:
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January 15, 2008


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