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i want to stay up until like three in the morning just drawing tonight. dunno if i will... but i want to! i'm planning on drawing SOMETHING (i dunno what!) on a sheet of watercolor paper and using my prisma markers :heart: on it. i want to do something really cooool and stuffs. we'll see.
arghh~ i hate being sick. anyways. i've gotten a bit of drawing done over the past week or so, mostly christmas cards. X3; i'll upload some of them (maybe) after they've been recieved. and such.

{ d u s t e d - d r e a m s . n e t }
if you get my 7000th hit, i'll draw you something. :heart:~
:iconashril: :iconaiko-chan: :iconfopsama: :iconcari: :iconsuzanami:

having a little artist get-together at cari's tomorrow. sweet :3 we're painting on her walls and such. what fun. bedtime, fop is picking us up at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

i :heart: ángel reyes.
my domain is finished! dusted-dreams*net! please check it out~ i have all my character profiles done. oh, and sign the guestbook before you leave, please! :3
i've bought a domain~ dusted-dreams[dot]net

i'm still putting it all up, but i'm almost done. :3 it'll be a collective, like how my site is now at star~gazer . net...
:heart: thank you all so much for over 5000 pageviews and over 80 stalkers. ^.^ much love!!!
i mean…

her name's jester. my baby. :heart:~
pictures of my kitten!…

her name's jester and i got her 5 days ago. my baby. :heart:~
the conduct of the deviants here makes me fricking sick. i'm sick of DTFs being ripped apart because someone doesn't think it should be painted on the ceiling of the sistene chapel.

i'm personally sick of seeing so many angsty, dark, "emotion" shite deviations~ they get the attention they're whoring for, i suppose. grow up~ art should be a part of you, but when people post about how depressed they are and oh i'm going to kill myself it's for pity. that's a fact. when people are really upset and ashamed, they hide it from people.

but i don't leave "dislike deviation" comments on it and say "attention whore blah blah all these are the same blah blah."

i don't care if you don't like anthro art. *i* don't like angsty art. i just don't look at it if i don't like it. i think the "dislike deviation" is not for being rude, hurtful and slashing up someone's work, which may have been posted JUST FOR FUN.
some people draw for fun. we're not all depressed, wrist-slitting adolescents and teenagers who want sympathy and attention. i draw because it's fun.

i draw anthro art because i think it's fun. (that word again, hm?) i do suffer from zoophilia, i don't wear big animal suits (cat ears and tail at most, but that's because i LIKE CATS XP), i don't screw stuffed animals, okay? it's fun to draw. i've never heard anyone diss bigs bunny or any other ANTHROPOMORPHIC CHARACTERS.

some people want to have messy/scratchy/sloppy styles, or want to make their own style of anatomy. people seem to think that if it doesn't fit up with realistic/traditional art, IT SUCKS OMG DISLIKE DEV.

i've selected "dislike" a couple of times, but it was all constructive criticism. the arms are too long, your own style of anatomy or not. the facial features are a little misplaced, even considering your own style. the colors clash a lot, and unless that's what you were going for, learn to color-coordinate or something. :P

why do people have to be so rude? i HATE</u> rude and ignorant people.

i'd leave devART if it wasn't more positive than negative. i wish the admins would do something about people being so rude. i don't care if they don't like anthro~ they shouldn't be letting people act like assholes.

prompted by the rude pricks on :iconcaramelkitt:'s DTF.

(this sounded good as i was writing it, but now i realize it sounds like the senseless babbling of a fourth-grader.)
i had my second gum surgery on friday morning, but other than swelling and bruising, i'm okay. not in too much pain~ the tylenol 3 and advil take care of that.

other than that, everything's been going quite well. we're fully moving into the new house probably at the end of the week. so i might not be on the net for a couple days~ which is okay, because i can always use the break. we're buying a house (we live in a condo) and it's so nice and i'm happy and eee. :D

i'm getting a kitten of my own in a couple of weeks. kind of an early graduation/18th bday gift. i'm really excited~ i'll have pics and the works when i get her.

plus i might get to call my babe, who lives in mexico (querétaro, to be exact). i'm still waiting for him to email me back about time and date and etc. i'm so excited, i haven't heard his voice since the end of july! :heart:~ (¡te quiero ángel!)

i'm in the process of CGing the second pic in my anthro care bears series~ sorry i'm taking so long. T_T; i've been busy. i'll try to finish it in the next couple days. i'll put them all in a dev pack when i'm done, if i can figure out how. ^.^;
i appreciate the favorites. i appreciate them very, very much. but i find it really ignorant when people fav something and leave no comment. if you like it enough to fav it, tell me what you like about it~ it's just courteous.
if your comment just plain doesn't show up... well, please refresh the page once or twice to make sure it did.
i just really hate when people add something to their favorites but aren't polite enough to leave a comment. ¬_¬;

don't mean to be mean about it~ i'm just in a bad mood today, that's all.
my sister aiko~chan finally got a devART archive, go check it out NOW! i command thee.

thank you for all the comments recently, they mean so much to me! ::heartshearts:: you people are the reason i keep posting this crap :D 60 people have me on devwatch, THANK YOU! :heart:

okay, i really have to pee now. x_x;
people on my devwatch who need more recognition. (under 1000 page views) THESE PEOPLE HAVE TALENT. :heart:

hika-fart :D (give her some major lovin' because she's a babe)
treager-sama (oozing with talent!!!)

36 people have me on devwatch. i love you! ; ;
please check out my cafepress store:… it has a bunch of crap with my stupid drawings on it :D and they'll close it down if i don't bring in at least $25/month. buy something? ; ;

in other news. will be getting new tablet pen tips in the next couple of weeks. i have to SEND AWAY FOR THEM and they are in ILLINOIS [i am in ohio >.>;...]. so yeah. XP must wait for that.

then i will have GOOD oekaki to draw. ; ;
grawrr. i can't find my STUPID tablet pen tips! and i think i need a new one~ i've been using this one since christmas. i wanna CG stuff and doodle on the compy. and i don't have the patience to use a mouse. arghbibble! x_x

yeah, anyway. it's hot. T_T;
suf! hykkamentol! ungir jifinky!

hika? kuuchafikka!

no that is not some kind of code. it is insanity.
yesh~ i finally caved and got a deviantart account. T_T

my side7 gallery's still my more main-ish one... it's just that everyone is... here now. (i like side 7 better, myself. ::ducks things thrown::...) so yeah.

i like to run around my room in my bra. X3