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Favorite Torogakure character of mine? 

6 deviants said Hanabi Asukai
5 deviants said Miki Yamita
5 deviants said Hakuzo Kitsune
4 deviants said Ren Minawa
4 deviants said Aya Shirogane



Nakamura Yamato
"I'm sure I could make it worth your while..."
Name: Nakamura Yamato
「中村大和」【ナカムラ・ヤマ ト】
・大和【Yamato; Large Harmony】
・中村【Nakamura; middle village】
Age: − Youthful 19 November 13, 1553
Sexuality: Bisexual, though really it should be "willing to do anything for money."
Religion: atheist
Region: Shikoku
Province: Awa no Kuni

Mannerisms:    He rather enjoys chewing on things. If he doesn't have a fishbone, piece of grass, or something in his mouth he'll end up biting his lip just out of habit.  Doesn't smoke on his own, but in social situations will be happy to smoke what other's bring.   If things seem a little too quiet in a place he's at, he makes sure to let his feet fall a little heavy so his geta clack loudly.  If that doesn't get him noticed with his height, bright colors, and large weapon - he'll tap his "fishing pole" onto the ground in a steady rythym. 

Likes: Personable people | Fish | Free Rides | Free food | Large Commotions | Battlefields after a fight | being the cause of someone's day going unexpectedly | volcanos | Rice | Guns | and being shown things he's never seen before | witty insults | drums

 People who take him too seriously | Soup | Tea | Boiling water | 

Yamato was born to a loving set of parents who named him after his grandfather.  Once he got bored with a life of farming and little change he decided to strike out on his own. He threw away the name he was born with and took the name Yamato, which remains his favorite alias.  However, he didn't quite plan right and very quickly ran out of money without a job.  That's when he discovered he could use his other talents to get by, sometimes his looks, sometimes his fighting prowress, sometimes just by walking by and stealing things.

At the age of 16 he had spent much of his life wandering around causing small bits of trouble where he sees fit.  Occasionally he tries to do a good deed, but those are boring for the most part.  He has continued this lifestyle for the past decade.  Never staying in one spot too long, lest he find himself gaining the attention of local law enforcement.

Word on the street is that he had a stint with Motochika's crew of pirates.

Personality: Yamato is a bit of a con-artist, finding things far more interesting when people have to sort through his lies to find the truth. It make things more interesting for him, pushing people's limits finding out how far they're willing to believe him.  Even when he makes mistakes and someone sees through his charades he enjoys the experience of being caught.  There is no such thing as a no-win situation for him, he could be beaten to a pulp in an alleyway and would not feel like the day was wasted, because something happened.  Every encounter is an opportunity, and he's happy to take it.

Battlefield Talents: Battlefield Talents specifically affect damage and defense against different enemies.
     − Martial Arts: Melee Offense and Dueling ability. 8/10
     − Archery Arts: Ranged Offense and Ammunition. 3/10
     − Cavalry Arts: Mounted and Specialized Combat. 1/10
     − Self Defense: Defense, Blocking and Parrying. 7/10
     − Proficiency: Accuracy, Critical Chance and skill. 8/10
     − Presence: Affects Tactics, Skills and Influence. 7/10

Personal Skills: Personal Skills affect In−Game Actions, and determine effectiveness at delegated tasks.
     − Leadership: Managing Armies, Leading Troops. 3/10
     − Strategy: Military Tactics and Critical Thinking. 7/10
     − Charisma: Economics, Sleuthing and Bribery. 8/10
     − Intrigue: Conspiring, Stealth and Subterfuge. 8/10
     − Tradition: Traditions, Religion and Yang Magic. 2/10
     − Occultism: Rituals, Divinations and Yin Magic. 3/10

Family: Unknown

     − Katsuro: A fellow ronin, he enjoys working with the dog.
     − Takuma: the "truest" of friends
     − and more!

Yamato picked up the hobby of fishing when hiding on the docks for several days, he enjoys it quite a bit since he never knows what he'll catch
He likes getting news of battles, though he's not participated in one himself.
Likes ghost stories though he doesn't believe in them
Once sold a mule claiming it was a horse.  He didn't actually even own the mule
He really loves traveling on someone else's dime.
He considers very few things beneath him ;D unless of course you wanna be there
Will definitely show up to a party
Finding a link to the past
1. A Request from the Akarikage: Finding A Link to the Past.
     − Genin search the wilderness around Tōrōgakure and require 2+ friends or at least 1 Jōnin.*

Hayato belongs to XavierSteelarm
Mirai belongs to Zyea 

Naturebrushes created by zummerfish
Inoue Shizuka
Name: Inoue, Shizuka
Age: 38
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Sect Shintō
Allegiance: Gushiken Masanori
Region: Chūgoku
Province: Bitchu and Bizen

Mannerisms: Speaks very softly but with conviction, often tucking hair behind her ear when she's nervous, often stands striaght/pulls her shoulders back to seem bigger than she is.

 Romantic Poetry (this is her secret passion - no matter how terrible it is) | Flowers | Jewelry | children| Swords and smithing | justice

  Oath-Breakers | Dishonesty | feeling powerless  

 To keep the residents of her home safe.

Shizuka's father had been close to the previous daimyo and as such Shizuka was raised alongside Masanori and his brother Ryota.  Her father would often impress that Shizuka should be dutiful and that honor was worth more than life.  This became especially important to her as her feelings towards Ryota changed from that of a good friend to someone in love.  He was good-looking, charismatic, and kind.  He promised her many things and swore he would love her forever.  When the time was right he would approach her father for her hand in marriage.  This never came to pass however, before he could propose he was aprehended for terrorizing and torturing a local family.   Everything she knew had been a lie, every gift that he had given her might have been taken from someone he killed.  She could only bring herself to forgive him once he commited seppuku, if he couldn't live honorably the least he could do was die honorably.    

    She found herself feeling alienated from people she used to consider friends.  Her feelings towards Ryota hadn't been a secret.   It felt as though everyone was judging her - how involved with him was she? Did she help him? Masanori, however, still spoke to her like normal going out of his way to be comforting, "Ryota would never have done this."  It may have been their similar cadence, or similar looks, but Masanori reminded Shizuka so much of Ryota that she lashed out of him.  She didn't want to be comforted, she just wanted the lies to stop.  She made him make an oath that he would never lie to her - and he did so, without hesitation.

    This simple act meant the world to her.  Though they grew apart she remained friends with Masanori and when his father died would insist that his family was not cursed.   She celebrated his marriage to Suzume, and congratulated him on the birth of his children.  When the Gushiken were attacked and Suzume killed, Shizuka returned to Masanori's side.  Like the oath of honesty he gave her previously she gave him an oath of fealty without hesistation.   

Shizuka is steadfast and loyal above all us.  She can be ruthless in battle - but will avoid killing unless directly ordered to by her daimyo.  Death and injustice weigh heavy on her heart.  She tries to keep these feelings hidden away, but the people she's hurt haunt her at night.  She sleeps very little without aid.  She adores gifts but has come to suspect them.  She has long given up on her own romance but likes to indulge  herself with the romantic stories and poems.

     − Buke: Devoted masters of the blade. Talents: Melee weapons and Dueling.

Weapons: 奔流【Honryu; torrent】- Dao, 100 cm

Battlefield Talents: Battlefield Talents specifically affect damage and defense against different enemies.
     − Martial Arts: 8
     − Archery Arts: 3
     − Cavalry Arts: 8
     − Self Defense: 8
     − Proficiency: 7
     − Presence: 7

Personal Skills: Personal Skills affect In−Game Actions, and determine effectiveness at delegated tasks.
     − Leadership: 5
     − Strategy:  3
     − Charisma:  7
     − Intrigue: 2
     − Tradition: 3
     − Occultism: 4


Gushiken Masanori
(具志堅・正則 」- Her daimyo
Gushiken Banri(具志堅・万里 」- The eldest son of her daimyo, they have a tense relationship as Banri often insults her more polite and meek endeavors
Gushiken Chinatsu(具志堅・千夏 」- The eldest daughter of her daimyo, they are fairly neutral to each other
Gushiken Akio「(具志堅・丙雄」 - best boy, reminds her of Ryota before his fall 


・Before the death of Ryota her goal had been to have fat happy kids and grand kids.

Welcome Home!
5. Welcome Home to Tōrōgakure!
     It's been a long journey and we've been away from home for weeks, it's time to go home.
For most people it was their first real mission, your friends and family were likely worried sick!
It was probably really hard on all the families of the village, so make sure to give em a big hug!

     − Mission Type: Static! Client: Kōsetsumura. Reward: 100 Ryõs.

:v when Ma knows which one of you is going to narc on the other.

Akari and Ma belong to Jinxaroni 
Teruo belongs to luluopp 
Stolen from  Zyea :v pick one of my ocs and one of yours because I don't feel comfortable when people submit others OCS. Can be canon or crack! Keep to the same universe tho.


  1. Who is more likely to raise their voice?
  2. Who threatens to leave but never actually does?
  3. Who actually keeps their word and leaves?
  4. Who trashes the house?
  5. Do either of them get physical?
  6. How often do they argue/disagree?
  7. Who is the first to apologise?


  1. Who is on top?
  2. Who is on the bottom?
  3. Who has the strangest desires?
  4. Any kinks?
  5. Who’s dominant in bed?
  6. Is head ever in the equation?
  7. If so, who is better at performing it?
  8. Ever had sex in public?
  9. Who moans the most?
  10. Who leaves the most marks?
  11. Who screams the loudest?
  12. Who is the more experienced of the two?
  13. Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’?
  14. Rough or soft?
  15. How long do they usually last?
  16. Is protection used?
  17. Does it ever get boring?
  18. Where is the strangest place they’d have sex? 


  1. Do they plan on having children/or have children?
  2. If so, how many children do they want/have?
  3. Who is the favorite parent?
  4. Who is the authoritative parent?
  5. Who is more likely to allow the children to have a day off school?
  6. Who lets the children indulge in sweets and junk food when the other isn’t around?
  7. Who turns up to extra curricular activities to support their children?
  8. Who goes to parent teacher interviews?
  9. Who changes the diapers?
  10. Who gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby?
  11. Who spends the most time with the children?
  12. Who packs their lunch boxes?
  13. Who gives their children ‘the talk’?
  14. Who cleans up after the kids?
  15. Who worries the most?
  16. Who are the children more likely to learn their first swear word from?


  1. Who likes to cuddle?
  2. Who is the little spoon?
  3. Who gets naughty in the most inappropriate of places?
  4. Who struggles to keep their hands to themselves?  
  5. How long can they cuddle until one becomes uncomfortable?
  6. Who gives the most kisses?
  7. What is their favorite non-sexual activity?
  8. Where is their favorite place to cuddle?
  9. Who is more likely to playfully grope the other? 
  10. How often do they get time to themselves?


  1. Who snores?
  2. If both do, who snores the loudest?
  3. Do they share a bed or sleep separately?
  4. If they sleep together, do they cozy up together or lay far apart?
  5. Who talks in their sleep?
  6. What do they wear to bed?
  7. Are either of them insomniacs?
  8. Can sleeping pills be found by the bedside?
  9. Do they wrap their limbs around each other or just lay side by side?
  10. Who wakes up with bed hair?
  11. Who wakes up first?
  12. Who prepares breakfast in bed for the other?
  13. What is their favourite sleeping position?
  14. Who hogs the sheets?
  15. Do they set an alarm each night?
  16. Can a television be found in their bedroom?
  17. Who has nightmares?
  18. Who has ridiculous dreams?
  19. Who sprawls out and takes up most of the bed? 
  20. Who makes the bed? 
  21. What time is bed time? 
  22. Any routines/rituals before bed?
  23. Who’s the grumpiest when they wake up? 


  1. Who is the busiest?
  2. Who rakes in the highest income?
  3. Are any of them unemployed?
  4. Who takes the most sick days?
  5. Who is more likely to turn up late to work?
  6. Who sucks up to their boss?
  7. What are their jobs?
  8. Who stresses the most?
  9. Do they enjoy or despise their careers/occupations?
  10. Are they financially stable? 


  1. Who does the washing?
  2. Who takes out the trash?
  3. Who does the ironing?
  4. Who does the cooking?
  5. Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying?
  6. Who is messier? 
  7. Who leaves the toilet roll empty?
  8. Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor?
  9. Who forgets to flush the toilet?
  10. Who is the prankster around the house?
  11. Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere?
  12. Who mows the lawn?
  13. Who answers the telephone?
  14. Who does the vacuuming?
  15. Who does the groceries?
  16. Who takes the longest to shower?
  17. Who spends the most time in the bathroom?


  1. Is money a problem?
  2. How many cars do they own?
  3. Do they own their home or do they rent?
  4. Do they live near the coast or deep in the countryside?
  5. Do they live in the city or in the country? 
  6. Do they enjoy their surroundings?
  7. What’s their song?
  8. What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  9. Where did they first meet?
  10. How did they first meet?
  11. Who spends the most money when out shopping?
  12. Who’s more likely to flash their assets?
  13. Who finds it amusing when the other trips over?
  14. Any mental issues?
  15. Who’s terrified of bugs?
  16. Who kills the spiders around the house?
  17. Their favourite place?
  18. Who pays the bills?
  19. Do they have any fears for their future?
  20. Who’s more likely to surprise the other with a fancy dinner?
  21. Who uses up all of the hot water? 
  22. Who’s the tallest?
  23. Who’s more likely to just randomly hop into the shower with the other?
  24. Who wanders around in their underwear?
  25. Who sings the loudest when singing along to the radio?
  26. What do they tease each other about?
  27. Who is more likely to cringe at the other’s fashion sense at times?
  28. Do they have mutual friends?
  29. Who crushed first? 
  30. Any alcohol or substance related problems?
  31. Who is more likely to stumble home, drunk, at 3am?
  32. Who swears the most


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