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Dear fellow watchers,
you might be interested in my cosplay group's Deaviantart account...
You find us here: COSPOISON.
Lots of costumes and funny photos!
Follow our adventures in Cosplay-land, through the terribile dangers of Materials, Stuff, Sewing Machines and Poisonous Things! Discover what a bunch of (semi) normal friends can become, when facing the astonishing world of Costumes and Characters!
And if you have a Livejournal account, you can also find us here: Cospoison on LJ
If you're a Flickr addict, maybe you're interested in this: Cospoison on Flickr
If you happen to surf Youtube, you might want to see this: Cospoison on Youtube

Member of Clamp Cosplay Club!
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Hi everyone! ^__^
Some shameless publicity to my latest project...

The Kaleidoscope Land

Signore e signori, volete imbarcarvi nella lettura dell'ennesima storia fantasy? No? Bene, allora cliccate sul link, perché questa storia è un fantasy, ma vi promette che si impegnerà per non essere "l'ennesima storia fantasy", ma una storia almeno un po' originale e divertente.
E' molto fantasy, molto manga e molto Harriet. C'è dentro un po' di tutto, ma soprattutto ci sono parolacce e vocabolari.

La storia si trova in una community di livejournal, perché, se vi va, potete iscrivervi e gli aggiornamenti della storia spammeranno allegramente la vostra friends-page! (Che culo, ditelo tutti con me...XD)
A parte gli scherzi. E' il mio ultimo prodotto e mi sembra giusto pubblicizzarlo, no? Senza pubblicità, nell'immenso mare del web, non si campa. E se avete voglia di buttarci un occhio (Shaoran sarà lì pronto ad acchiapparlo...) io ne sarò felice! ^__^

Member of Clamp Cosplay Club
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  • Reading: Trinity Blood again and again
  • Drinking: Iced things!
I'm a member of the Clamp Cosplayers Club since some time, and I had shamefully forgotten to add their link here! I bow and ask for forgiveness. I hope to repair dedicating an entire post to this!
So... Go and have a look to the Club gallery, and become a member, if you've got some nice shots of you, cosplaying a Clamp character!
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Well, hi everyone!

I'm a little talentless girl who can't do anything artistic, but relaly loves to browse this place, looking for talented people and their beautiful art! ^_^
I love to comment - but my english is not that good, so...most of my comments will be something like "It's awesome! I love the face of the character!"...XD

I may be posting in my gallery some photos of cosplay dresses or similar things. I don't know!XD I've made one or two pretty things with needle and thread, and I love to spam the world with my cosplay pictures.
We'll see.
For now...
I'm here as an admirer of anyone who can do beautiful things! ^___^

{Just so you know...
I'm known on the web (yeah, by those 5-6 people who know me...) as "Harriet" (or "Harriet 83" on Or "Harriet_Yuuko" on Livejournal.)
Why did I register as "Suzaku", here???
I don't know. It must have something to do with the fact that I was watching "Code Geass", at the time. But...there must be some other reason! When I registered, it made sense...
Why can't I remember?XD}
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