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Dear world, it's nice to see you here!
I'm Harriet (still wondering why she registered on DA as "Suzaku"...)

This is just a useless journal enty to talk about one of my passions, the one which brought me here on Deviantart.
I'm a cosplayer and cosplay, masks, costumes and characters are the reasons for my permanence here.
Sometimes I ask myself if I have the right to be here, in company of such awesome artists...
I still don't know. But I know that even if I'm not a very skilled taylor, I always do my best to make good costumes, for me and my group. And sometimes I believe that "my best" produces things that are pleasant to see or to wear.
I'm not skilled, as I said, and I'm not professional. But the road is long and I'm always keen to learn more. So... Maybe one day I'll be a bit more proud of myself, a bit more confident.
For now, I sew for me and my friends and I let their art cover up for my mistakes (Shu-Maat's paintings or Kinnara's amazing superpowers are the best remedies to my disasters!XD)
By the way, if you're interested in my group's account, here it is: Cospoison

I make cosplay because for me it's some kind of magic.
Bringing to life the characters you like, being for one day in your favourite stories, making your friends smile, finding yourself capable of things you've never dreamt of...
To me, this is magic.
Cosplay has something to do with stories and people, and they're the best ingredients for magic.
And since I want to become a witch, every chance to learn magic is good...

Member of :iconclampcosplay:

Visit us at :iconcospoison:
Look for us on Youtube: Cospoison's channel or livejournal: Cospoison's Lab

If you're italian, you may want to take a look at my stories: Serian Inn
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Dear fellow watchers,
you might be interested in my cosplay group's Deaviantart account...
You find us here: COSPOISON.
Lots of costumes and funny photos!
Follow our adventures in Cosplay-land, through the terribile dangers of Materials, Stuff, Sewing Machines and Poisonous Things! Discover what a bunch of (semi) normal friends can become, when facing the astonishing world of Costumes and Characters!
And if you have a Livejournal account, you can also find us here: Cospoison on LJ
If you're a Flickr addict, maybe you're interested in this: Cospoison on Flickr
If you happen to surf Youtube, you might want to see this: Cospoison on Youtube

Member of Clamp Cosplay Club!
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  • Playing: Just with my characters
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Hi everyone! ^__^
Some shameless publicity to my latest project...

The Kaleidoscope Land

Signore e signori, volete imbarcarvi nella lettura dell'ennesima storia fantasy? No? Bene, allora cliccate sul link, perché questa storia è un fantasy, ma vi promette che si impegnerà per non essere "l'ennesima storia fantasy", ma una storia almeno un po' originale e divertente.
E' molto fantasy, molto manga e molto Harriet. C'è dentro un po' di tutto, ma soprattutto ci sono parolacce e vocabolari.

La storia si trova in una community di livejournal, perché, se vi va, potete iscrivervi e gli aggiornamenti della storia spammeranno allegramente la vostra friends-page! (Che culo, ditelo tutti con me...XD)
A parte gli scherzi. E' il mio ultimo prodotto e mi sembra giusto pubblicizzarlo, no? Senza pubblicità, nell'immenso mare del web, non si campa. E se avete voglia di buttarci un occhio (Shaoran sarà lì pronto ad acchiapparlo...) io ne sarò felice! ^__^

Member of Clamp Cosplay Club
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I'm a member of the Clamp Cosplayers Club since some time, and I had shamefully forgotten to add their link here! I bow and ask for forgiveness. I hope to repair dedicating an entire post to this!
So... Go and have a look to the Club gallery, and become a member, if you've got some nice shots of you, cosplaying a Clamp character!
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Well, hi everyone!

I'm a little talentless girl who can't do anything artistic, but relaly loves to browse this place, looking for talented people and their beautiful art! ^_^
I love to comment - but my english is not that good, so...most of my comments will be something like "It's awesome! I love the face of the character!"...XD

I may be posting in my gallery some photos of cosplay dresses or similar things. I don't know!XD I've made one or two pretty things with needle and thread, and I love to spam the world with my cosplay pictures.
We'll see.
For now...
I'm here as an admirer of anyone who can do beautiful things! ^___^

{Just so you know...
I'm known on the web (yeah, by those 5-6 people who know me...) as "Harriet" (or "Harriet 83" on Or "Harriet_Yuuko" on Livejournal.)
Why did I register as "Suzaku", here???
I don't know. It must have something to do with the fact that I was watching "Code Geass", at the time. But...there must be some other reason! When I registered, it made sense...
Why can't I remember?XD}
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