Short themed contest (ends 8/26) - CLOSED!!!

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Obligatory movie journal:…

Update five:
The contest is now CLOSED. I will announce the winners on August 30th, so if any of you guys still want to sneak in an entry, do it before the 28th. I will not accept late entries after the 28th.

Thanks, and I hope you guys had fun! :love:

Update four:
There's only ONE DAY LEFT, everyone! Get your entries in!
However, I probably won't post the results until a day or two after the 26th, so you're welcome to sneak in your entries after the deadline as long as it's not TOO late. ;)

Update three:
We've made it past the 5 entry mark, guys! I've received 6 entries so far! :party: So now that means there will be three places with bigger prizes. :la:

But don't let that be the end of it! I want MOAR! :eager: :iconmoarplz:

Update two:
There are three days left! So far I've received 4 entries. Let's see if we can make it past the 5 entry mark so the prizes are bigger! :eager:

Update one:
Added to the prize list.

Okay so.

I've decided to host a small, week-long contest in place of the failed scavenger hunt.

:star: Theme: FIRST ENCOUNTER :star:

:star: What do I do?
Create something based on the theme. You can interpret it anyway you like, using ANY medium. This means visual art, literature, arts and crafts, photography...anything really! The sky is the limit!

:star: When's the deadline?
August 26th, 11:59 PM DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME (a week from now)

:star: How polished does it have to be?
Not very. Since I'm only giving you a week to do your entries, it doesn't have to be a perfect masterpiece. For example, you can enter with a sketch or a short poem. BUT THERE NEEDS TO BE EFFORT. An hour sketch will still be favored over a ten minute doodle.

:star: Can I draw fanart?
Of course! As long as it fits the theme, go ahead!

:star: What are you judging the entries on?
:bulletblack: 60% creativity - CREATIVITY IS KEY.
:bulletblack: 20% effort
:bulletblack: 20% skill

:star: How do we enter?
Note me with your entry, and make sure to mention it's for my contest!

:star: How many entries can we make?
Maximum of 3. Quality > quantity.

:star: Are there prizes?
Of course! But there won't be that many since it's a really short contest.

If there are less than 5 entries:
:heart: FIRST PLACE: 200 points + feature in my journal
:heart: SECOND PLACE: 100 points + feature in my journal

If there are 5 entries or more:
:heart: FIRST PLACE: 250 points + a full body one character sketch of your choice from me + feature in my journal
:heart: SECOND PLACE: 150 points + a waist up one character sketch of your choice from me + feature in my journal
:heart: THIRD PLACE: 100 points + a bust one character sketch of your choice from me + feature in my journal

:star: I have another question!
Comment and I'll answer!

I hope I'll get entries this time. ;_;

But I still want to give away some points because I like giving.

What would be a good activity/contest thing that could last one week only, and would guarantee I get at least a couple of entries? :XD:

I thought about a short sketch contest, but I dunno. Thoughts, please?

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Can I see the entries so far?