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Yes, it's true!  What's up with that?!  So yes, I finally put up a deviation, and it's yet another brain child of weird circumstance.  ^^;  But hey, you expected anything less?

So!  What have I been up to, you ask?  A LOT of stuff :faint:  School's been going okay, for the most part.  Oceanography's a bore.  Planetary Geology has its interesting bits :nod:  Calculus isn't bad... so far... :worry:  World History would be better if my teacher didn't mumble half his lesson -.-  And Anthropology is pretty good too :D  

OMG I'm also taking up fencing!  :jedi:  Talk about great times.  It's a sport I'm actually GOOD at!  :wow:  I still can't believe it!  The only thing is it wears out my sword arm after a while, especially when I'm doing parries.

So yes, that all explains why I've been all... not here.  Not much time for doodling, I'm afraid... Very sad. :cries:  But since this semester isn't nearly as FREAKY as last semester, I've been able to do this a bit more.  YAY! :boogie:

NOTE:  No one contacted me on the 5000th pageview, so I didn't do any drawing for it.  Ah well! :shrug:
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don't restrict yourself to just one sword fighting style.. if you get too used to one and get challenged by another on a one on one match.. it most likly won't go well for you.

i didn't take fencing or kendo.. i just went out some others and just did the LotR/SW geek thing. XD
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Considering I'm not going to be challenged by any other kinds of sword styles, I'm not concerned. This is something I'm doing as an extracurricular.