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8 Random Things about Me:

1) I have an obsession for gorgeous men in kilts...  No idea why, I just do... :drool:

2) I have Armani taste on a Sears budget...  *sigh*  :(

3) Here we go...  I always have to draw chibi characters from series I like!  My roommate is getting me hooked on the Anita Blake series, and now I must draw the characters in chibi form!

4) There are two Star Wars costumes in my closet. :jedi: Another one is in the making. :w00t:

5) I hate the way I draw realistic people, hence why I don't draw them often. >.<

6) I ALWAYS eat pizza toppings first =P  Unless it's Imo's pizza... Then I just get cheese and eat it normally ^^;

7) My sense of romance is very old-fashioned... I likes me a proper gentleman :heart:

8) I named my computer Qubert and my iPod Qubert Jr. :D

Who to tag... Hmm, who to tag...

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It has been years since you've done a journal entry. :flirty: I think it is time for an update that I do.
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I don't know what to write about, Kenshin =P
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>< I'm finally tagged, after YEARS of not being tagged, and now I don't have the time to care about being tagged..
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sorry dear *hug*
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ahhh haha! I can agree with number 2!!
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Yes, it's so true... I've tried on Armani and it looked gooooood on me =P
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ahhh you tried it on! nooooooooooooo! i havent tried anything on in there, i know i'll cry when i read the price tag.
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It cost $1115... But it fit so GOOD!
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