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Wee Wardens: The Mages

By suzaku
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All this talk of Inquisition has gotten my doodle juices bubbling something fierce!  And of course, with DA on the brain, that's what's brewing!  So here is the first of my Wee Wardens doodles!  May I introduce Daylen Amell and Neria Surana!  (I suck at coming up with better names...) 

Daylen is my cutie-patootie human mage.  Seriously, he's a great big sweetheart, and he's quite handsome to boot.  Very mellow, doesn't like to get dragged into fierce debates or political stuff, and doesn't necessarily HATE the Circle, but he's not 100% happy with it either.  While very straight, he will demonstrate slightly flamboyant behavior when excited or really happy that would make anyone who doesn't know him wonder a bit, but that's what makes him so much fun!  He specializes in Earth/Ice-based magic, as well as Spirit Healing.  And he looks all adorable in his Tevinter robes!  :squee:

Neria, on the other hand, can be a liiiiittle bit more rigid.  She's still very nice, but she was my first mage ever when I played Origins, and I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, so... She sort of reflects my hesitance.  I fully intend on replaying her, though, and polishing up her character.  In general, she prefers Electricity/Ice-based magic, and is an Arcane Warrior.  That's right, she's awesome enough to wear armor!  Because ARCANE WARRIORS! :w00t:  Plus, like most elves, she doesn't find the ear-tugging thing funny.  Seriously, Daylen, she WILL put a lightning storm up your keister if you don't stop.

Amell/Surana (c) Bioware
Amell/Surana personalities/looks are ME! =P
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