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Wee Wardens: The Elves

By suzaku
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More wee wardens!  This time it's my Elfy ladies, Lyna Mahariel and Rayna Tabris!

Lyna is one of those Dalish who, if you don't bother her, she won't bother you.  But the second you stick your nose too far, she'll make you a pretty little stain on the ground.  According to my Origin playthrough, she and Tamlen were a thing, and they killed the three humans who got too close to camp.  Once she had to leave, she was mostly nice to all the humans she was around, though part of that was because she didn't want to behave in a way that might shame her clan.  Oddly enough, she romanced Alistair.  Then again, he is a big teddy bear :heart:

Rayna, of course, was my city elf, and she didn't play nice in the slightest.  She pretty much made Vaughn her bitch for what he did to Shianni.  Despite being cooperative with the whole wedding thing, she really had a burning desire to run away and find the Dalish, hence why she's wearing the armor.  She even wanted to get face tattoos, but her dad wouldn't let her.  Because of what happened during her Origin story, I couldn't bring myself to make her romance Alistair since he's human.  She decided to pounce Zevran's little Antivan assassin booty instead :giggle:

Lyna is so proud of her little honorary Dalish city elf!  the feels

Mahariel/Tabris (c) Bioware
personalities are MINE!

NOTE - My Couslands will take a while yet, as I'm still finishing up with my dude-bro Cousland.  I HATE Orzammar! :rage:
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