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The Antivan Torero

By suzaku
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In case you don't know, Torero = Bullfighter.  Yes, bullfighters have those weird little hats, but I didn't like them so he ain't wearing one.

It seems like whenever I get another idea for some kind of random outfit, I'm always putting it on Zevran... probably because he's just flamboyant enough to go for it.  I showed him the torero costume, and his eyes went all huge and shiny.  So, here we are!  Not to mention, Antiva is basically the love-child of Spain and Italy, so.....  I'd like to find a costume/outfit for Alistair, so hopefully I'll have him up here in something different soon.  I was thinking Celtic chieftain or something.

Let me just say, for the record, that I do NOT, in ANY way, condone bullfighting, especially when it involves killing the bull.  I think it's barbaric and downright cruel to the animals, not to mention outrageously dangerous for the toreros, and needs to be done away with.  However, the outfits are absolutely splendiferous, and they practically SCREAM Zevran, so I'm just playing with that aspect.

Media - Pencil, Prismacolor markers/pens, Photoshop Elements for touch-ups

Zevran (c) Gaider and Bioware
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So, is he trying to tame the Arishok?  :lmao:
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Thanks, now I have the image of the Arishok charging at the cape while snorting, and a massive crowd yelling "OLE!"