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I'm a Packers fan.  And as a Packers fan, I detest the Minnesota Vikings.  Damian is being a little sh*t and having WAY too much fun watching me twitch.  While I have a feeling that he normally wouldn't give a rat's patootie about sports, I had to do a Vikings joke given that he actually IS one.

Geez, it has literally been YEARS since I've done any AB Vampire Hunter-related fanart, hasn't it?  :wow:  Kinda started re-reading some of the books a while ago, and the ones I picked featured the little Viking devil (just kidding, I actually like him quite a bit) rather prominently, so... yea.  Football season + AB Vampire Hunter = this loverly little brain-fart. :blush:  I REGRET NOTHING!!!

Plus, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to put Damian in purple.  No idea why, but the thought of him wearing purple cracks me up.  He doesn't get it either.  Hooray for group confusion!

Packers (c) Green Bay, WI
Vikings (c) 7th ring of He- I MEAN - Minnesota :giggle:
Damian (c) Hamilton
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*clears throat loudly* *fidgets awkwardly* ^^; Haha, Minnesotan here! This was really funny. :D I feel the whole rivalry thing, love it!
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*ahem*  Well then this is awkward... ^^;  But thank you!
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Oh, ha, sorry! Squirtle Shock  I wasn't trying to make things awkward, I just was trying to think of a way to put in that I'm a Viking's fan and still like it without being a butt and that was the first way I thought of. It's really cool, heh. Feelin' Bubbly 
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Lol no, it's fine!  No worries =P