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Lookin' Sharp

By suzaku
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Every time I hear this song, I think of these three.  And no, I didn't include Anders.  One, I couldn't make room w/o sacrificing detail, and two, I just don't like him. :disbelief:  Yes, I like Fenris and Sebastian more.  Sue me.

I had to do so much reconstruction on Sebastian's face in photoshop it isn't funny.  Chibifying that armor of his is no cake walk, firstly, and secondly... I just screwed up his face so bad, plus I'm scared I made him too tan.  I'll try not to screw up your face next time, Sebastian!  I promise!  *le sigh of disappointment*  Plus, it was my first time ever drawing all three of these guys.  I was most worried about Varric, but I'm pretty pleased with how he came out, at least. :aww:  And let's hear it for attempting to draw to height scale!!! :w00t:

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Tee hee :heart:  My three favorite men in the whole game.