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A Hidden Temple

Lost in the Dream 1

Symphony of the Night (my 5th Daily Deviation)

Lost in the Dream 2

That Windy Day - Digital Illustration by Adela Su

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"The truth is, every human being on this planet is ridiculous in their own way. So we don't judge, we shouldn't fight, because in the end... in the end, none of it matters. None of the stuff." (What we did on our holiday, 2014)

:bulletwhite: For COMMISSION, please contact me via Facebook or email (Or you can get access to my Fiverr page for more details);


:bulletwhite: I'm more active on Facebook. So if you sent me a message here and have been waiting for so long but not received my reply, please find me via Facebook instead, or contact me via email (my email:;

I use only DeviantArt, Facebook, ArtStation, Cara and Behance for posting my arts;

:bulletwhite: Please note that I WON'T accept submissions of my artworks to groups which have NSFW content, including sexually suggestive or violent content ect.


1. Can I repost your art(s)?

(Some of my artworks, especially commission and collaboration, are not allowed to be re-posted or used without permission. Please check the information of each artwork.)

Crediting is greatly appreciated, and please make sure NOT to use my arts for any commercial purposes. After you've posted it/them, please send me a message (via DeviantArt, Facebook, or email) informing me the link to your post.

2. Can I use your art(s) on my project(s)?

It depends.

:bulletwhite: If you use my arts for your non-commercial project(s), please credit. Paying for it or donation is not required, but it's highly appreciated;

(You can donate here on DeviantArt or at:

:bulletwhite: If you use my arts for commercial project(s), please inform me first by sending me a message via DeviantArt, Facebook or email.

3. Can I download and print your art(s)?

Well, I upload artworks in the quality of displayed on-screen purpose only. So if you download it from my pages and print it, the quality may not meet the desired quality for printing.

Therefore, if you want to print my art(s) in any purposes, commercial or non-commercial, please inform me first.

(Or you can buy my art printings directly from my page:

THANKS :heart:

That Windy Day - Digital Illustration by Adela Su
Lost in the Dream 2
A Windy Day
The Symphony of the Sky
Universe in a bottle
Symphony of the Night
Heavenly Convent
Lost in the Dream
Photo Study III
Cloudy Sky
The Hidden Temple
Fleet of Time

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Sisterhood of Elizabeth Convent

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Hi, I'm Adela Su, an art student and illustrator. Thanks so much for visiting my page! :heart:

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The Symphony of the Sky

The Symphony of the Sky

Symphony of the Night:

Symphony of the Night

Lost in the dream:

Lost in the Dream

The Hidden Temple

The Hidden Temple

Cloudy Sky

Cloudy Sky

The Rebirth of Guan Yin

The rebirth of Guan Yin  - Illustration

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Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Tang Yin (唐寅)
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Ne Zha (2019 version - 魔童降世), Spirited away, Mononoke, Bungou Stray Dogs, Violet Evergarden etc.
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養真集 (養真子), Tao - The Pathless Path (Osho), The Godfather, Dan Brown's Novels

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