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Terraria NPC Genderbending Complete Complete

Remember this?…

Well, it's finally finished, complete with the missing 1.2.4 and 1.3 NPCs!

Terraria and Terraria NPCs are all owned by Re-Logic
Art by Me
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so 1.4 has 2 new npcs
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And the Truffle is, uh... the Truffle?
Guide is still a guide SHUT THE GOD DAM DOOR!!!

She thought it would be funny to open the door and let zombies in. You thought it would be funny to sacrifice her to the god of eternal nightmares.

Actually the Wall of flesh is the guide... the Cyborg even calls the wall of flesh "wall of (insert guide's name here)" so, technically your sacrificing the guid to... herself?

that was a quote from steam guide card

Actually, im not quoting anything, it's just something i ran across while playing

MY reply was a quote. "She thought" and such. edited quote to fit genderbending.

the guide here reminds me of isabelle, and the wizard reminds me of Trixie Lulamoon.
also, steampunker seems like he's compensating for something...
oh and the nurse looks like a fusion of Albert Wesker and The Medic from TF2.
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Is it just me or does the Guide look like Isabelle(Animal Crossing)?
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Still one of my favorite pieces of Terraria fanart.

Am I the only one who thinks that the nurse looks eerily familiar to another video game character?
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Yea. For me, i think i see the nurse looks similar to a Cartoon Network character.
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If I'm correct your thinking about Dexter or dextor however you say it?
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Yea, exactly. Dexter.
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Yeah I can agree
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Lemme guess: You got the quote from Medic, eh?
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A great way to change gender, I liked the Guide the most xd
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Really niccee!!!!!
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Can i take all of this ? İ love it so much
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