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Bluster, Part 2
Chapter 2

I'm at a small toy fair in Middlesex when the call comes. Last day before I'm due to begin the assignment. I move around the various tables in a pleasant reverie, half-recognising many of the stallholders from the last toy fair I went to - evidently, many of them move around the country from fair to fair.
         I'm not really looking for anything, although there is the vague intention, somewhere at the back of my mind, to buy a model of a Ford RS200 rally car.  This stems from a conversation I had earlier in the morning with Nicole, which began as I was wriggling into a new pair of jeans.
         "You haven't bought anything from a toy fair for nearly two years now," she said.
        She was still in her pyjamas. I clutched in either hand the ends of a woven leather belt.
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Bluster, Part 1
This is the story of the Nightwatchman. As an operational officer for the British SIS, he is about to embark on the most dangerous mission of his career. At home, his marriage is falling apart. As near to the brink as he's ever been, he can only confront the latter by raking over the details of old love affairs in his study, while his way of handling the former is a secret he must keep from both his enemies and his allies alike.
Chapter 1
Reading through the contents of the yellow folder, I realise once and for all that I was never funny. The jokes in these old stories all fall flat, or have the flavour of something borrowed, while the insults in my letters (print-outs, copies, some sent, some not) carry the sting of genuine animosity – cold water on any frisson of wit. My judgement may be influenced, I admit, by the failure of the radiator in the study. It is bitterly cold this January and any heat coughed up by the plumbing seems to be leeched away thro
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Suture Vol. 10 by suture Suture Vol. 10 :iconsuture:suture 6 11
Tips For Editing Poetry
***Tips For the Novice (and otherwise) - Editing***
The blanket statement, "Editing/revision harms poetry," is simply wrong.  It's akin to a photographer claiming that focusing the lens ruins the emotion of the photograph.  It is the details, and the appropriate attention paid to them, that separate a photograph from a snapshot.  Imagine a film maker slapping every frame he shot up on the screen without editing for continuity, for pacing, for effect.  What a disaster.  That is not to say that editing can't be destructive - there is such a thing as poor editing, just as there is poor writing.  But done correctly, done well, it is one of the most important tools in the poet's shed.
Never shy away from editing/revision.  Some young writers feel that to revise is to kill the spirit of the poem.  This notion serves to sacrifice the potential of a poem for an ideal that
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Dylan Thomas: 'The force...'
A recurring theme used by Welsh-born poet Dylan Thomas (1914 - 1953) throughout his work is the power or effect of time on life and on human existence, and among his most notable poems is the highly metaphorical and deeply addressing The force that through the green fuse drives the flower, which certainly exhibits that theme with poignancy and intent. The force of time itself is personified in the poem as an almost pantheistic 'force', a driving and steady spirit that is the backdrop and setting for all things to occur.
        But what needs to be considered concerning The force that through the green fuse drives the flower is the given tone that the poetic depiction creates; is time presented as a neutral, hidden element, as a good-natured and natural state of existence; or is it viewed instead as a consuming, destroying force of great malicious intent? Or is the tone a mixture of all of these, alternati
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Migration of the Butterfly, 7 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 7 :iconsuture:suture 0 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 6 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 6 :iconsuture:suture 0 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 5 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 5 :iconsuture:suture 1 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 4 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 4 :iconsuture:suture 0 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 3 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 3 :iconsuture:suture 0 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 2 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 2 :iconsuture:suture 0 0 Migration of the Butterfly, 1 by suture Migration of the Butterfly, 1 :iconsuture:suture 0 7
Tips On Self-Publishing
Tips On Self-Publishing
I recently decided to self-publish a compilation of my work.  It is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but have always put off for several reasons; the imagined cost, basic lethargy in editing the damn thing, and laziness when it came to mail-outs to publishers.  If this sounds like you so far, you might be able to benefit from a few things I learned along the way.  Below I will discuss almost everything you will need to know before jumping into a self-publishing project, some pitfalls to avoid, and approximately what to expect to come out of your pocket.  (I'm talking about money, pervert.)
Once I decided I was definitely going forward with this project, my first step was to find publishing houses/printers that offered the services that I wanted.  There are many resources for this, but I found the below link most helpful in finding presses that would actually not only turn around a quote quickly,
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Playboy - Lit and Tits
        When I was in middle school, my brother got busted with possession of pornography in our home.  I found out it was something called Playboy, and I asked my mom "What's so bad about it?" to which she replied: "It's a dirty magazine, Haley.  Not appropriate for young ladies and boys your brother's age," (he was in high school by then).  Years later, when I was in high school and discovered my own college boyfriend had a stash, I had to discover what all the huff and smut was about: and I found it purely fascinating.  I'm now 21 years old, and I read Playboy for the articles.
        Debuting in 1953, with the then-unknown Marilyn Monroe as the first centerfold, Playboy set out to be not just any nudie magazine:  they wanted to be "a sophisticated handbook for the urban male."  Along with beautiful naked women, the reade
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Rose Marie Pt. 3 by suture Rose Marie Pt. 3 :iconsuture:suture 1 3



The Suture Sledge

Have you ever suffered from writers block? Felt the pinch of pressure in a tight spot and came up with nada? Nothing? Zero?

You know exactly how we feel. We've been drumming the keys,umming and ahhing, trying to come up with the next Suture Slogan.

For those who fancy themselves as visual design buffs, or enjoy experiementing with little projects, colours and riveted edges, SutureHQ needs stamps!

We were hoping you could help out a little? We have shiny rewards/bribes, we promise.

:buymyprints:The Deal:buymyprints:

Entry cannot exceed one sentence.
3 entries per person.
Must be a slogan advertising/promoting SutureHQ.
Humour will be accepted. Offensive materal will not.

One entry per person.
Must advertise/promote SutureHQ.
Humour will be accepted. Offensive materal will not.

:popcorn:How to Enter:popcorn:

On the 22nd of May, SutureHQ will unveil a competition folder for both slogan and stamp submissions, through the main account. Simply walk into our gallery and view the folder menu, located in the left hand margin. The Suture Sledge will be waiting for you, after entering this sub-folder, use the Submit to This Folder, button and follow the prompts. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to note us.


Ultimately, you will be playing for first, second and third. There are no prizes to the honourable mentions but a shiny feature here and there. The judging panel will consist of the faces behind SHQ. You must impress, wow and make their insides chatter with excitement. Do you have what it takes?

:winner:The Prize List (So Far...):winner:

:fellaright:2x One Year Subs - Moonbeam13
:fellaright:3x Three Month Subs - Heidi
:fellaright:2x Three Months Subs - electricnet
:fellaright:1x3 Month Sub -fllnthblnk
:fellaright:1x3 Month Sub - LadyLincoln
:fellaright:Emoticon Stress Ball - Drama Mix -  poprocksandcharlotte.
:fellaright:2x Emoticon Buttons – poprocksandcharlotte


:fellaright:100 Deviant dollars from ndifference

Points Pool
:fellaright:300 points donated by MoleyVyrus
:fellaright:800 points donated by poprocksandcharlotte
:fellaright:2x250 points BeccaJS
:fellaright:2x2000 points donated by SutureHQ

:fellaright:Journal Feature - GaioumonBatou
:fellaright:Journal Feature - Lit-Twitter
:fellaright:Journal Feature –- poprocksandcharlotte
:fellaright:Journal Feature - SutureHQ

:salute:The Deadline:salute:

30th of May, 2010 AEST, 5pm. Do your time conversions everybody.

Any further questions, suggestions or prize donations should be noted to SutureHQ or poprocksandcharlotte.

The SHQ Folk.

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I'll be in touch at a later date for something that could boost literature a wee bit again. I'm not saying for sure it will - but I'm currently sporting my thinking cap ... :evillaugh:
Don't worry, it's good!
suture Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011
Awesome, darling. :kiss:
hell-on-a-stick Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Professional Writer
Eh. Lit is dead.
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I don't think it died - I think it turned into a 15 year old role-playing pimple-rancher.
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I'm aware that this might mean nothing much to you, but I've been reading parts of what you've done here and I'm very, very impressed.
suture Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
We had our moments. Thanks for checking it out.
PatrickLeStrange Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
Are the poetry workshops still being held?
I'd really like to join, but something went wrong with the link to the signup sheet.
PatrickLeStrange Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
OUCH! just saw how long ago they were held.
suture Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
We tried again last summer but we got no takers. Weird, huh?
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