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Brave redhead

By suthnmeh
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Well who'd have thunk. The PoHA Group picture was supposed to come in first, but here I find the trailer for Pixar's next film, Brave, and can't help myself. I made this in like, what, 5-6 hours, through a couple days and only cuz I had problems with my PS, so it's actually a quicky and was pretty easy to do. I had some reference for her features, course, which were tricky, but the rest was nothing new. Still I somehow love how this came out :P And yah, I exaggerated her hair quite a bit XD That mane just fascinated me so, I wanted it be like WHOAZ! in the pic. Plus, easier composition...

I are so excited for this film!!! How can they do this to me, release the teaser and then make me wait for a whole year?!?

Oh Pixar... the world would be a much sadder place without you :hug:
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Brave is one of my favorite Disney films, good job!
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Thank you lots!
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Best movie so far.
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Not my favorite, but it's pretty^^
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This is so neat. o_o I love how realistically you did the Pixar style. Her hair. x3
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Thanks a lot!^^ I would change so much now though :P
elphieofkiamoko's avatar
xD I get the same feeling every time I go through my gallery.
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I LOVE how her hair swoops around the edge of the picture!
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Intense!! And great!
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Wonderful! Awesome hair and eyes!
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Thanks a lot^^
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She looks possessed in this xD But I love it, great work
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Haha XD She's possessed by the spirit of bravery.
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I love this! What program did you use?
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Thank you!! I used photoshop^^
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this will most likely be at least in my top 4 favorite Pixar movies....wether its at the top or bottom will be determined after i see it lol...this picture is amazeing keep up the excellent wok
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But you haven't seen it yet! XD
I do have faith too though.
Thank you
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pixar never ever dissapoints me with their movies..ever...but i know i will love this movie
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Though I'm not a fan of Cars, it's true they can't do wrong.
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