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December 18, 2020
Ringing Bell by Sutexii
Featured by phoenixleo
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Ringing Bell


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Finished a wip from awhile ago!! I loved this movie :'^)
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Woah amazing work!! This got me interested in watching the movie and it was amazing!

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This art inspired me to watch the movie, the movie's pretty good, but I think it would have been better with some gore >:)

I liked the songs too, but I can't find the Japanese lyrics anywhere :(

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"who are you, are you a wolf?"

god that animation that story all from the same people who make hello kitty... who boy...

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Fantastic! I'll never forget when I first saw this anime around 25 years ago, when a friend sent me a VHS tape with various anime episodes on it, including "Bell of Chirin"... I had no advance warning as to what it was about or that it was even on the tape. When it started I was put off by its saccharine sweetness, especially because my friend knows I am not a fan of pointless cuteness or kiddie stuff. But fortunately I kept watching, and got more and more fascinated and horrified as the thing went on. By the end it broke my brain, and I made a point of showing it to as many people as I could. I showed it at our university anime club as part of a Halloween screening, explaining that "It starts out cute and fluffy but be not deceived... this anime is twisted and it is evil, and it will leave you more weirded out than most any of the other more conventional Halloween anime fare we'll be showing!" I was so happy a few years ago when I saw that Discotek had license rescued this obscure classic, allowing a new generation of fans to see it!

That friend told me that he had first seen the commercial VHS at a Blockbuster video (remember those) decades ago... in the KIDS section! He borrowed it because it was the late 80s or early 90s and we took whatever anime we could get, and then couldn't believe his eyes! Seeing it in the kids section, he couldn't help but imagine some clueless parent renting it in order to have the TV babysit the kids while they ran out to run some errands -- then when they came home and asked the kids, "So what did you learn from your cartoon, kids?" And the kids would reply, "We learned that life is HELL, and the only way to survive is to grow sharp fangs and to try to kill them before they kill you!" Then the parent would return the video to the shop screaming, and my friend noted that he never saw the video on the shelves again after that!

In fact, it was that very same friend who first sent me that tape, who sent me an email with a link to this art early this morning! I'll have to thank him!

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You are welcome. It has been a quarter century? Wow. Time flies.

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Beautifully fantastical done and very sad indeed :(

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Is that a tear leaking from Chirin's eye? Or is it just the rain.

But leaking from his horns...

...that is Wolf's blood!

Is the little lamb Chirin, before he decided to pursue the Wolf's path? If so, this has got to be the best, "Road not taken" painting I've ever seen.

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Absolutely top-tier art here :)

This feels both adorable and really suspenseful cause of the source material it's based on.

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Dude, that's amazing- the best i can do is a weird hybrid creature
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Chirin: You okay?

Lamb: Y-Yes sir...

Chirin: Well... Go back to your mother.

Lamb: What 'bout you?

Chirin: Heh! I don't belong here, but you do. Go back to your mom... you're lucky to have her. (Leaves)

(this would have been a better ending)

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Yes it would be a great ending
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Wow, that’s incredible! And so was the anime movie, which I just saw. Excellent work, dude. 👍

Another great art for a Magic card!

Guideheart Steed
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Excellent job! The sheer contrast between Chirin as a child and an adult is striking. The colors are amazing.

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Oh wow, this is stunning. I gotta look this movie up now. What's it called?

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anime " the bell of Chirin"

аниме "колокольчик Чирина"

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Chirins Bell i think it has been many many years since i seen it.

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