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Mane 6


My take on the mane 6! I’ve never drawn them all together, so this was fun!!


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SmilingM00N's avatar
Yaaaaas! Unicorn beards!
KreepingSpawn's avatar
Wonderful. I like how you individualized them by body type.
The fact that unicorns have beards in your style is giving me life:D I love it!
CatellaArs's avatar
Oh, gosh.  I love all the unique shapes and how their personalities shine through.  This might be my favourite design for them!
RuneyPruney's avatar
Oh man, I love your lines. Would you ever consider sharing your brush settings for that Pencil 2? :'>
Kea2lie's avatar
oh my god these interpretations are so cool! I love how you can immediately tell their personalities from their designs.
my favourite is the little Pinkie Pie with her painted hooves!
The-Emerade's avatar
Oh my gosh! This is so pretty <3 i love when people reinterpreted the main 6 like this. You really brought all of their personalities out.
missuny's avatar
Why do they look so awesome?? I love it!
jwedh's avatar
This is really cool! I love how you gave each one a different shape it looks unique i also adore whag you did with rarity's tail !
Spectaculater's avatar
Your color skills! are! amazing!
teaunicorn's avatar
wow these r the best mane 6 designs ive ever seen in my life. that body shape diversity is so PERFECT and im dying at pinkie pie over there lmao!!
tumblrreject's avatar
this is absolutely spectacular!
Haerosis's avatar
These are really great designs, I love the bearded Rarity and Twilight!
Rainjay-xx's avatar
Really love take on each one! Gotta say I just love your Rainbow Dash and Applejack!
ailaghast's avatar
i LOVE the body variety in this, it's so well thought out and it fits them perfectly. great job!
SimpleSkunk's avatar
I absolutely love the idea of Pinkie Pie as a mini :0  And Apple Jack being more stout, beautiful designs over all <3 They're so unique yet each character is very recognizable 
RachaelVTStudio's avatar
What incredible designs! They fit so well to each character! I love how vastly different they all are!
TTSnim's avatar
Pinky, no, calm down!
ErmineLeader's avatar
I wonder if in that society where unicorns have magestic face hair, if they have some sort of culture behind it where they have a standard for what is seen as good unicorn hair and what is seen and unsightly unicorn hair since they obviously dont care what gender the unicorn is.
shotojk's avatar
Each pony is so unique! You did a great job. The designs fit each character so well~ Keep up the great work! ^^
Athelind's avatar
These are splendid! You turned their personalities into physiques!

I love that out of all of them, Pinkie is still shaped like a cartoon toy pony.
Fayven's avatar
a wonderful depiction of the mane six, one of the best I have ever seen! ;D great job <3 I especially love Fluttershy ;3
SparkleMongoose's avatar
They're all so lovely!  AJ is such a cute pinto and Fluttershy looks so elegant.  I think my favorite of these might have to be Rainbow, I love her short mane.
KuroNeko369's avatar
the most realistic look of them! 
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