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Final Fantasy III Alternate

I was looking for a wallpaper with all four characters (Luneth, Ingus, Arc and Refia), but as I didn't find any, I decided I'd do one myself XD.

I used a wallpaper with Arc on the background, then removed him and placed all four characters in perspective, flipping two of them (Refia and Ingus) horizontally. Also, I added some really subtle lighting effects ;)

All this done with Photoshop.
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I love this!!! Kupo!!
I can just stare at this wallpaper all day...*Stares at this wallpaper for Eons*
LOL Kupo this is just amazing!!!
Thanks for posting this Kupo!!! :)
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M3CH4Z3R0's avatar
Outstanding! Clearly one of the best FFIII wallpapers.
Susyspider's avatar
Thank you! ^-^
wtdrmfrthwbzn's avatar
-looks at Luneth's shirt-
wow Nomura. you really out-did yourself. - w-
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heh you're good! I know what Refia and Ingus you're talking bout
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nice wallpaper ^^
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Thank you much! :D
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u welcome ^^!
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I loooove Refia! This game needs more support.
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Oh yes! Also, I'd love to see them on non-handheld systems. Chibis may be cute, but honestly these characters call for bigger-screen consoles
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yeah I agree...I wish this would come out...dear I say it for the PS3 or Will...though the Wii wouldn't be as good...but regardless I like the intro movie on FFIII DS...I just wanna see the Onion Knight on "HD" graphics
Hwkngrl412's avatar
They for sure do! It's not like no one would buy it...hahaha.
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it really does!
And I love that wallpaper! I always was searching for one of all the 4 chars... you did an amazing job!
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Awesome wallpaper! Gonna use it if you dont mind~ ;DDDD

Susyspider's avatar
Of course not! :D
And thanks!
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You're welcome~ ><
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Good Wallpaper.
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