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So yeah... Once the Pokemon Gen 4 remakes were announced, I've noticed not everyone were happy with the chibi overworld art style. But I honestly think it's pretty cool and cute. I like how they pay an absolute homage to the original games. Also, sometimes I think that the Pokemon fandom can't be satisfied in any way... (But, who knows, maybe Gamefreak will decide to change this art style?) Yet I admit there's one thing I'm not happy with: Where the hell is "Pokemon Glossy Platinum"? We got Diamond and Pearl remakes, so why not a Platinum one?
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That's it, girl, you show those haters who's boss!

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Better not say anything negative to the Diamond and Pearl remake game, or Chibi Dawn will find you and make sure you ever regretted being such a hater.

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Smol Dawn: shut up and accept us, haters!