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First of all, THANK YOU for all the support I get from you guys, especially after I told you about my problems with my hands, you are so nice!:rose:

Please, forgive me, if I haven't thanked everyone personally for a fav, I simply cannot make enough time, although I really try to look you up. I have been doing the old fav and run lately, so sorry, again a lack of time.

It's been very busy the last month, lots of exams and parties, so I've been slaving by the stove, baking & cooking.
Lots of meetings with the people who are building our new house, oh, my goodness, there are to many options and I can tell you, this will be expensive, my oh my, but I am so looking forward to decorating a new home from the scratch, I love interior design (and I'm quite good at it:D).
And we crazy swedes have been celebrating midsummer's eve, probably the night when most Swedish babies are being made... We dance around a huge maypole(fallos symbol), eat pickled herring with the years first potatoes, strawberries and cream for dessert and a lot of strong(alcohol)drinks for the adults.

Well, finally things are slowing down, so I can work on commissions and get more money for the house!

Be well, live long and prosper!

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Welcome back and så nice to see new stuff from you. i hope things are better...Hope the weather in Sweden is just as great as here in Copenhagen....summer:D :D :sun:
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Thank you so much! Yes, we are now having a heat wave, really hot!
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wellcome back, dear, we missed you ;)
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Thank you so much!:kiss:
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That sounds like a huge amount of fun! Do you go to the Midsummer Festival that has the mideival village and everything? That looks so cool!
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No, that's a bit to far from where I live, but every village or town has their own maypole or very often many maypoles and many people dress up in old, traditional folklore costumes.
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Ahh, I see! Well it sounds like it's a lot of fun regardless!
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Midsummer eve, tell me about it :lol: here we have a long tradition in this special event :rofl:
I'm glad your house is closer to be ready. We decided to buy a house so now we're looking for it :dance:
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Their digging the ground now and then they go on summer vacation, but the schedule is that we should be able to move in around Christmas time, ha ha, that's the third time I move in the middle of Christmas holidays. We are currently living in a very expensive apartment and we have been looking for houses for about 2 years now, but there were always something wrong with them and way to expensive. Funny enough, it turns out it was cheaper to build a new house, then buy an old one.
What's your tradition in midsummer then?
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Well, my hubby says he would love to build a house and if it happens to be cheaper he will do it :lol: So I wonder when we will move :confused: By the way - we are great fans of "Great designs", a program on Discovery Travel&Living - the problems people have there, the houses they build are really exciting to watch and somehow they make us want it more and more. Of course it would be awesome to build the house we exactly want but we'll see.
Christmas?? That's not so much time then! :D Good luck! And remember to show me some photos! :shakefist:
Midsummer in my country is similar to yours - huge fire, guys jumping over it :lol: and girls throwing flower-chains in the water - but I don't remember what it means when it sinks... or goes the furthest... :lol: and of course we have a lot of strong alcohol :XD: Oh, wait. There is a story also coming from Slavic mythology about looking for fern flowers - they don't exist of course but the myth says that finding the fern flower in the shortest night in the year will make the one who finds it happy forever. Or something like that :lol:
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I also watch great designs + every other show there is about home decorating, I'm addicted I think.
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Wow!! you really have been busy!!! Congrads on your house. I know i'ne not commented in a while but I still enjoy the works you post!!! The amount of detail you put into thing is amazing!!!!
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GAH! I wanna go to Sweden!! Unless it's cold there. I'm a sissy when it comes to the cold (I'm from California, so even temperatures like 60° F feel like freezing).
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Unfortunately the real warmth hasn't hit us yet, it's about 20C, still that's warm for us!
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That's WARM? Wow.
I think I had a substitute teacher from Sweden once. She LOVED the heat!
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yep, we swedes do that!
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You have a wonderful life. I'd love to see pictures of your new house when it's finished. Have a great summer :tighthug:
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Thank you, yes, I will absolutely post pictures of the house and maybe some decorating stages, I must repaint some of our old furniture as well so it will fit the style. Have a nice summer to you as well!:hug:
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Everything sounds like it's going great now and the that's great news indeed!
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Yeah, I hope it will continue in a smooth way. Thanks a bunch!
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midsommar!! i have celebrated it several times with my friends in västervik. this is so funny, i remember it was quite necessary to dance after a midsommar meal because we were so stuffed with all the delicious swedish food. and the girls had a tradition to pluck 7 different flowers, jump over 7 different fences and later they put the flowers under their cushion, and the man they dreamt of this night would be the future husband. :)
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You are so right, I forgot to write about the flowers, probably because I don't pick any anymore, I found my prince(haha, he better not see i called him a prince)
Midsummer's eve is great fun, midsummer's day is not so funny, though...
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