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HP - Professor Binns



Professor Binns and his classroom!! :wave:

Who likes History of Magic? :dance:
It must be very interesting, though I think most of the Hogwarts students wouldn't agree with me! XD
Professor Binns is famous for his boring classes! :giggle:

This pic is for a contest of this very nice club :love: :iconpastdervishandbanges: :love:
I know my background sucks.... But let's talk about the contest! XD
My image should contain Professor Binns, who is a ghost... I've never seen him so I imagined him like this. Does he look like a ghost? O.o"
But drawing only the professor didn't inspire me so much... So I decided to put my sweet marauders in the middle of the contest! XDDD
I imagined how they would behave in those classes... And here we have: :boogie:

:love: Sirius taking a nap! (of course! he's so intelligent he doesn't need to pay attention! XDDD)
:heart: James daydreaming! (with Lily of course! XDD And he's very intelligent too!)
:sleepy: Peter sleeping, snoring and drooling! (but Pete is not very intelligent... I think he's gonna be in trouble in the exam!)
:#1: And Remus taking notes! (He's the good guy remember? XD And looking how many inches he's been writing in the parchment, I understand why Peter is sleeping so deeply... Poor Moony! He probably will lend his notes to Peter later... :roll:)

Well, if you want to know what Professor Binns is talking about, you should ask to Remus, because no other student would be able to answer this question. Neither me! XDD


Harry Potter chars belong to JK Rowling (right?). :giggle:
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Lol, this is so epic.. XD Great work!