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This seems like a great place to donate with the funds going directly to those in need.…

ETA: Here's a masterpost of the news that's made it out of the country, and I believe it's being constantly updated.…
I hit 300 followers on Twitter, so I've got a poll up based on (mostly) Anon suggestions! Remember, no one can see your vote ;)

EDIT: Poll's done! Here's the top choice :)
I got two unexpected online gifties!

Emmie and Her Pearl by ObscureFanArtist

Emmie and her Pearl by ObscureFanArtist 

<da:thumb id="778188242"/>
Emmie by DarkEmerald1999 

They're both so great and made me incredibly happy. Please go give the artists some love! :D
If I'm not totally fed up with Tumblr post-Tumblrpocalypse, I might use my other URL which is susie-beeca for SFW things.

We'll see. Posting this here because my new posts aren't showing up on my main tumblr any more, though they are still visible in my archive and on the dash.

I'm so pissed off I can barely think coherently. Staff on Tumblr caved to the whining and decided to go the pablum, milquetoast route of banning that icky grown-up stuff. Really? Really? Their low censorship stance was one of the big selling points for me when I signed up, many years ago. And now that I've spent time following people and getting into the community, they've decided to show me and creators like me to the door, instead of admitting they fucked up by allowing child porn and are now facing repercussions and doing desperate damage control.

So, I'm going to try out Twitter for my adult stuff. Let's see how that goes. Sorry for ranting, I'm just really pissed.
:icondarkemerald1999: drew me a birthday gift!

<da:thumb id="748985672"/>
Isn't that cool?
I'm thinking of doing a comic/fic based on the classic song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", but I'm not sure which SU characters to use for the Devil and Johnny. I have some ideas, but I'd like to know what you think.


Ah, yes, blocking people without letting them respond is COWARDLY.

Unless you're mansplaining being gay to a gay, in which case it's totally okay!

When someone blocks him, it's bad. When he blocks someone else, it's okay.

But it's okay. He understands lesbianism. He's seen anime, for god's sake.
Read it on AO3: HERE!

Read it on Tumblr: HERE!


Bismuth tries to introduce a new gem to her friends.

This new gem has a disability.

Her friends also have disabilities.

Bismuth tries to be politically correct.

...She has no idea what she's up against.


...don't piss off Poly Caterpillar Grandma! The full comic will be up just after noon tomorrow! :D

I've got a pic in progress that's almost done, but the fic it’s for is not… however, the pic would be great to post on Mother’s Day. What do you think, should I post it tomorrow or wait for the fic?

(I thought of just posting the flat colours tomorrow and using the shaded version for the fic’s titlecard).

*sniff* My headcanons... except for Rose being a really duplicitous character...
You can read the final chapter, "Breaking Ground", here!

I usually post each chapter with new art, but I posted the art for this one before publishing. That said, I might draw a few pics for it later on... but please, if\n you will, drop a like or a comment! ^_^
As of the 20th, I've been on AO3 for a year! Sixteen fics later, and almost half of the bookmarks on my fics are "hidden", which I take with a grain of salt! :XD:
What if... by SusieBeeca

This was a piece I created when I was a teenager. I had no idea it would go viral.

Since then, it has been circulated so many times without linking to my name, and many, many people have voiced concerns about its message by saying "To whomever drew this..."

...for the longest time, I had no idea!

I do now.

I drew this. I know I made a grave error here. I have issued an apology on my tumblr, and if you would like to discuss this is further detail, please feel free to contact me.
This has been asked numerous times, and quite a few recently, so here's my official stance.

I have a number of severe health issues, and doing fanart is something I can only do in my periods of wellness. Luckily, these periods have been more frequent lately. That said...

I will only do requests if a) I like the idea, and b) I am well enough to do it.

Ultimately, my health is my first priority. Doing fanart often helps, but not always. After that, my job is my priority, so requests cannot always be fulfilled.

Don't get me wrong! I love getting suggestions and prompts. It may take me a long time to fulfill them, but they're always welcome. I'm more approachable than you think! Send me a note here, or on my tumblr, if you wish. But please realize that I am suffering from an extreme disability, and cannot always draw, or do requests upon asking.

Thank you so much for understanding.
What the hell? I keep trying to upload a new pic (using different methods) but I keep getting the same annoying pop-up that says CSRF error, and there's no entry in the Help section about it. Is anyone else getting something like this?

EDIT: Resolved!

It’s called Gems With Disabilities. Stories with characters who happen to be disabled aren’t automatically included—only stories where said disability plays an important role! They’re in no particular order. 

As always, if you have any concerns, please drop me a line! I'm open to crits, of course :D

I'm now on Archive Of Our Own! I've got one fic up and few more churning around. Let me know if you're on there too and I'll check you out!
Wow, talk about a letdown. I don't know if it's something about my computer or tablet, but it just wouldn't respond! Lines kept breaking up, there was no pressure sensitivity, and overall it was just A Bad Time. I think I was supposed to download an app or something, but I didn't see it anywhere. Damn.