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[Demon Species - Peingatto] -OPEN SPECIES-

(1/14/19) (The group has been resurrected, it is no longer an ARPG BUT!
You can still submit Peingatto related artwork and a Discord Server is in the works for RP and discussion!)

  cute huey by SUSHIROLLEDSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1 **If this is updated, it's usually important to the species so check in and skim over to see if there's anything new! (10/23/16) Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

* One brush limbed Peingatto are now allowed again! (1/12/17) * 

* Chroma has finally been uncovered!! (1/9/17) * 

Chroma [World Map] (Peingatto-Cats) by SUSHIROLLED  Chroma [God Territories Map] (Peingatto-Cats) by SUSHIROLLED 

*  Abnormalites have finally been introduced!! (12/4/16) * 
-New abnormalites with Peingatto!

[Abnormalities Sheet - Peingatto] -OPEN SPECIES by SUSHIROLLED

* Teleportation and Invisiblity nerfed! (12/4/16) * 
-Finally got around to adding the rules on how Teleportation works and the limits to Invisiblity.

* Paint Manipulation nerfed! (11/30/16) * 
- Added general rules to how long Paint Manipulation should last

*  THE BIG INFO UPDATE (10/29/16) * 
-New Breeds!
[NeoGeneration Breeds - Peingatto] -OPEN SPECIES- by SUSHIROLLED 
-Heights updated!
-Original Breeds descriptions and natures added!
-Known Breeds updated!
-Text refined and polished!

This Demon Species was made completely for fun and I guess a little boost to help me gain the will to create/post artwork again.
It all started when I was doodling on my sticky notepad at Red Lobster yesterday and whaddya know, Peingatto happened! 8D
I'm really happy at how this species turned out, especially the Televisor Tiger design.

HUGE EDIT: Misspelled the species name 'Peingatto' as 'Peingotto' by mistake---
ahhh ^^;;


Name Origin: A combination of the Japanese word for paint, peinto, and the Italian word for cat/tomcat, gatto.

Danger: Star! No Star No Star No Star 

Intelligence: Star! Star! Star! No Star 

Capable of speech? Yes.
If so, what known language(s)? Every known kind.

Native Language: Demon/Arathgard

Diet: Art supplies such as crayons, Copics, coloured pencils, markers, paints, etc.
It's advised to keep your good/expensive supplies in a secure place. A Peingatto could sneak in your house and it'll end up in its stomach if you don't.

Habitat: Peingatto reside around populated areas, arts and crafts stores, and sometimes appear where an artist lives.

Lifespan: At most, 150-165 years.

Average Height: Black Diamond breeds are the average height of a Peingatto, around 3'4''.
-The smallest, Pygmy Diamond breeds, are around 2'2'' while the largest of the breeds, (so far) Brilliant Star, is 5'1".

Heights of discovered breeds so far:

Black Diamond:
White Diamond: 3'2"
Pygmy Diamond: 2'2"
Televisor Tiger: 4'8"
Shadowsleek: 3'7"
Brilliant Star: 5'1"
Powdered Diamond: 3'4"
Painted Fold: 2'7"
Shadowtiger: 4'5"
The Brushmaster: 4'3"
The Fifth: ??? Unknown


Teleportation, Invisibility, and its special ability, Paint Manipulation and a sub-ability, Paintbending!
**Paintbending is explained here:…

-Paint Manipulation works like this for example, if a Peingatto painted a bomb with its brush limbs, it would create an actual bomb!
Pretty much using this ability, anything it paints can come to life!

-Items, objects, creations by Paint Manipulation last for around fifteen minutes and can reach up to 15 ft on average! (God Peingatto excluded from this limit)
-Paintbending can reach up to 15 ft on average! (God Peingatto excluded from this limit)

****It lasts for even longer periods of time/can reach even farther if the Peingatto is well-experienced with this ability.
This is known as Advanced Paint Manipulation/Advanced Paintbending

The max. time limit for Paint Manipulation recorded excluding God Peingatto is a week!
The max. distance for Paint Manipulation recorded excluding God Peingatto is 70ft!

The max. distance for Paintbending recorded excluding God Peingatto is 70ft!

**Invisibility lasts for ten minutes on average! It lasts for even longer periods of time if the Peingatto is well-experienced with this ability. (God Peingatto excluded from this limit)
**Teleportation only works if the Peingatto has already visited the place they wish to teleport to! (God Peingatto excluded from this limit)

-The Black Diamond Breed
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The Black Diamond Breed! A classic and the most common breed you'll find in all parts of the world. They're great for first time owners and easy to take care of! They aren't very picky with what you feed them, usually, and settle with whatever on their plate. Black Diamonds, however, are very vocal/talkative! They're also very curious critters and like to explore the world around them, still holding on to their kitten-like tendencies. Black Diamonds usually gather around an artist's home if they smell art supplies. One Black Diamond can attract another and soon, you'll be dealing with a whole posse!

Some art supply store owners consider Black Diamonds quite pesky for their raids in great numbers.
This Breed prefers to be more of an outdoor cat for its curious urges to explore the outside world.

-The White Diamond Breed
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A true contrast to the Black Diamond Breed, the White Diamond Breed would rather stay inside and curl up on the comfy sofa by the crackling fireplace for the rest of the evening. White Diamonds are calm and docile. They love to take the day with ease and spend time with owners indoors. They usually eat anything that's at a moderate price and love expensive art supplies as treats the most. They aren't too curious of the outside world, however given chance when they do go outside, they may become anxious or shy.

White Diamonds are usually favored by the rich or uptight families for its liking of the indoors.

-The Shadowsleek Breed
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The Shadowsleek. The true thief of the Peingatto world and not even Shadowtigers can even fathom to compare. Shadowsleeks are the absolute masters of thieving. They move at astonishing speeds and they are very agile and can leap to great heights. Safes? Locks? Vaults? The Shadowsleek can break through them all with incredible ease. They usually seem aloof, uninterested in the owner, or dare say it, cold. They appear to be only interested in the art supplies Shadowsleeks are promised but given a closer look, although reluctant to show their feelings, they do care for their owner, even protective if something were to happen to them. Shadowsleeks are recommended for owners with experience since these are a pretty tough breed to tame!

Shadowsleeks work best at the dead of night, when they can sneak undetected in pitch black darkness.
Shadowsleeks are infamous for being the juggernaut of thieves.
They are artists and art store owners' worst nightmare.

-The Pygmy Diamond Breed (Black Diamond and White Diamond Crossbreed)
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Pygmy Diamonds are known for being the tiniest breed of the Peingatto species! They're also a popular favorite with everyone and owners all over the world for their cute, compact appearance. They're quite shy at times but like the company of their owners the most. They like to discover new things especially and become enamoured with them. They do enjoy exploring outside but too far from home and they may become anxious. Pygmy Diamonds like pretty much anything when it comes to art supplies but really loves when you feed them highest quality supplies!

-The Televisor Tiger Breed
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The Televisor Tiger! This cat is pretty well known for its distinct physical appearance amonst Peingatto and its lazy nature.
Televisor Tigers enjoy lazing around and taking long, extended naps in the shade. They're great with families for its kind, gentle-giant nature. Televisor Tigers are quite large so the needed living space would be atleast roomy in order to have one of these Peingatto or living spaces would be pretty cramped! They don't mind any kind/type of art supplies they can get their paws on as long as it's nothing too cheap!

Their roars are pretty loud! When a Telelvisor Tiger roars, it can be heard from 50 miles away!!
Televisor Tigers eats aplenty so it requires a ton of art supplies to keep it sated!


*Peingatto can have different colours of their breed.
-Example: A pink Televisor Tiger, dark brown tabby Black Diamond, a blue Shadowsleek, etc.

*Peingatto must have a diamond opening in the middle of the chest showing the current colours it's producing as well and the diamond marking at the beginning of the tail.

*The number of brush limbs on the tail varies as well as its rarity.

5 limbs ------------------> 1 limb
              4       3       2
Most common                     Rarest

From left to right, it's common to rarest.
The most common is 5.
The rarest is 1.

Those shown in the picture are just examples--- the number of brush limbs are not exclusive to the breed!

*If a Peingatto is sick or has fallen ill, more paint will be produced much like a runny nose.

*If a Peingatto is hungry or starving, it will produce little to no paint.

* As for Peingatto's fur and how they feel like,
It's not really fur; it appears to look like it, but it has a paint/wax-like texture to it.
It stains if you aren't careful with them hopping on the furniture or if they rub around on your clothes.
Think Oil Pastels in a sense of how it can stain and what it feels like.

*A Peingatto's blood is akin to normal blood, paint's a different substance/bodily fluid
The scar will be dried black, yes!! Peingatto's blood is black, it will not continuously flow and will scab

 *Peingatto should not have more than one tail. Unless it's an Abnormality (which is pretty dang rare must I add), no more than one tail.
Example on what I mean by this:

*Heterochromia in Peingatto

(Or mutation with two different coloured eyes)
Heterochromia by SUSHIROLLED 
Heterochromia is a-okay for Peingatto, it just that the "whiskers" have to be the same colour as the eyes.
For example, if the left eye is blue, the "whiskers" on the left are blue as well.

*About different variations to a breed: Slight changes can be done to a breed such as the amount of fur on legs, the shape of eyes, fur type (be it curly, smooth, or messy), etc.
HOWEVER, it must at least be recognizable to said breed. Meaning you gotta tell it's a (ex:) Black Diamond breed despite the changes done. If it looks like a completely different breed, it's a no-go. 

*More breeds of Peingatto will be revealed soon.

*Peingatto can wear accessories as well!
Customization accessory-wise is a-okay!
ex: a Peingatto wearing a top hat, a dress, bows, sunglasses, earrings, goggles etc.!

These little guys are an Open Species! I would be really happy (and excited) to see what you guys make out of my species! :iconyuiwahplz:
All I ask is for you to follow the guidelines and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! I will happily answer them! ^^ b

Peingatto are a species created by SUSHIROLLED (Myself)
Peingatto © 2015-2019 by Zaire Holloway/SUSHIROLLED
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