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Hey there everyone! I'm opening commissions for the summer!
I'm in the middle of taking summer courses, but I'm only taking three so I have way too much free time.
might as well make money to buy textbooks for next year lmfaoo

Both my normal commissions and special commissions are open!

These include my normal busts, halfbodies, etc. and my watermark commissions!

Slots are FCFS! Comment below to claim a slot.

I wont be taking a specific number of slots (max 4 or 5) but depending on the
type of commissions people want, I may add more or take away some.


Comment below to be added to the ping list for when my coms reopen!

@/Mynextgengamer [twitter]
Synthetic#5327 [discord]
ongshottrooper#3889 [discord]
@/Asaped#4144 [discord]

Click the image below for my commission info and TOS
Details on how to commission me and my commission form is all listed in my TOS


View the progress of your commission here…

Examples of my art:

(more examples are available in my gallery and on my website)

[C] Zei by SushimiTsukimi  [C] Pink by SushimiTsukimi [OTA payment] Milky Way by SushimiTsukimi [C] Fen by SushimiTsukimi 
[P] Chibi Prize by SushimiTsukimi  [C] Soft by SushimiTsukimi [C] Ace by SushimiTsukimi  [OC] BloomPuffs Mascot Elyse by SushimiTsukimi  [C] DolorousFae by SushimiTsukimi
Watermark Batch 1 [C] by SushimiTsukimi

If you have any questions, please comment below!


I've finished all my commissions! I'll be taking a short break from accepting any more to work on personal projects and fanart I've wanted to do. In the meantime, for those on my pinglist, expect a message from me within a week or so ^^
ALRIGHT KIDS I will be teaching a class during the ZjaUniversity Streamothon on Twitch! I will be teaching all the tips and tricks I have for drawing the head in different angles, and then teach yall how to draw pepe (and possibly pepega) step-by-step. hope to see you guys there at
Zjau Op Card by SushimiTsukimi
Some updates on what's to come!

First off, I'm making my way through commissions slowly but surely! My biggest commission is now all finished so all that's left are some watermarks which (hopefully) wont take long at all I'll get those sketches rolling out to be approved asap liuahguir

Second, I'm taking part in a Twitch streamathon event called Zja University! Each streamer will be taking a one hour block on June 15th (saturday) to be teaching something. Obviously mine will be art related, so I'm thinking about doing a compilation of tips and tricks I've learned up until now.
If you want to learn something specific from me, and for more info head over here ->…

Third, yesterday I got affiliated on Twitch! (thank you so much TAT) This means that I can now have subs and bit cheers on Twitch. Also, I reached my donation goal (also thank you so much luighauir TAT) so I'll be getting a shiny new microphone very soon! 
and because of my new mic, my viewers are now asking for a karaoke stream which ive been lowkey forced into doing so also look out for that-
If you could learn anything about art from me, what would it be?
I don't have core so i can't make a poll adlfiuhgeriura but I've decided to take part in a twitch streaming collaboration called ZJA University (run by the amazing hawaiian artist, zja2damax -> so I have one hour to teach my viewers something reee (more deets to come out later!!)

Please don't make it anything too vague! However, it could be anything! From proportions, composition, shading/colouring, etc etc.
turns out im uber busy next week and the week after because of midterms OTL
so uh...I'm gonna try my best to get most, if not all, of the commission sketches done and sent to be approved before the weekend ends. On friday and saturday ill probably stream and work on any non-watermark commissions but yeah 



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