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Welcome to the central hub for all Sushi Dog-based transactions.  This is the place to be if you are looking to sell/trade your Sushi Dog,  or are in the market to purchase/trade for a Sushi Dog!

EDIT: Now with a dedicated section for trading Sushi Dog items! Please note that Haute Potions and Enchanted Bells cannot be sold (unless they are Premium items)!

Trading & Selling Rules:

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Your Sushi Dog MUST be listed in the SooshDatabase under your current username for you to be able to trade or sell it.
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Once you have traded/sold your Sushi Dog, you MUST comment the change in ownership on the Sushi Dog's database entry.
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Once you have traded/sold your Sushi Dog, or you have decided to remove its listed prior to the expiration date, notify us via this journal's comment section so it can be removed from the current listing.
Bullet Green by Drawn-Mario Sushi Dogs that are being sold or traded for merchandise MUST have their value appraised prior to being listed and proof of appraisal should be included in your journal entry. You can get an appraisal by noting SushiDogs, and giving us as much information as possible! We are here to help!

Contest Rules:

Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Your Sushi Dog MUST be listed in the SooshDatabase under your current username for you to be able to have it as a contest prize.
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Once a Sushi Dog is listed as a contest prize, you MUST see the contest through and distribute the prizes.
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Please refer to Sushi Dogs Group Guidelines Master Post for further rules on having a Sushi Dog as a contest prize.

General Rules:

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario If someone has declined your offer, DO NOT harass them over it.  Please, respect their decisions!
Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario While we can understand the desire to have a Sushi Dog, please do not beg, harass, or otherwise guilt trip people into giving you one.
Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario Supplying a dream folder for reference of Sushi Dogs you like or linking to a journal with a Sushi Dog available for trade or sale is fine, but please try to avoid singling out a specific Sushi Dog unless you have received permission from the current owner to do so.  We would like to avoid making owners who have no intent of trading to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Keep in Mind:

Bullet Purple by Drawn-Mario Trade Center Listings will only last for two weeks and will be removed once their listed deadline has past.  If you wish to extend your Listing for another two weeks, you'll need to post a new comment listing at least a day prior to the original expiration date.
Bullet Purple by Drawn-Mario Be aware when offering on a Sushi Dog that is for trade or sale and not listed here.  Remember to check the database entries for current ownership.  If you find a Sushi Dog being sold without an appraisal notice, please note the group regarding it.  Google+ trades or sales will not be recognised by the group as too many scams have occurred there.

Mini E-mail Icon by Gasara Please note the group regarding any questions, concerns, or to report possible theft/scams.


1. Create a journal regarding the trade, sale, or contest of your Sushi Dog.  Do not submit it to the group!
2. Comment on this journal with the correct form filled out.

Trading & Selling Form:

Your Username: @[username]
Sushi Dog(s): [Sushi Dog name and link their database entry]
Trade / Sale: [are you trading or selling]
Seeking: [what do you want in exchange]
Journal Link: [NO NOTES; must be a journal or stash link]

Contest Form:

Your Username: @[username]
Sushi Dog(s): [Sushi Dog name and link their database entry]
Contest Deadline: [must give a date when the contest will end]
Journal Link: [NO NOTES; must be a journal or stash link]

Updates and News:

SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara The Trade Center will now be updated as often as possible!

Your Username: 
Sushi Dog(s):
M-0838 Cherry Cheesecake 
O-0473 Starry Sundae
Trade / Sale: Selling! 
Seeking: USD
Journal Link: sooshes for sale
May 8th 2020 -  May 22nd 2020

Your Username: pkumku 
Sushi Dog(s): M-0425 Rum Balls with Chocolate-Coated Cherries
Trade / Sale: trade
Seeking: sushi dog swaps or other cs trades
Journal Link: sushi dog for trade/swap
May 8th 2020 -  May 22nd 2020

Your Username:
Sushi Dog(s):
 M-0949 Lucky Platter
Trade / Sale: trade.
Seeking: bagbean species wise. one off wise, only plushpon, griffsnuff or sirfluff made. Preferably off base, nothing else.
Journal Link: Trading sushicat (OPEN)
May 8th 2020 -  May 22nd 2020

Your Username: Studio-Momo  
Sushi Dog(s): 
O-0415 Pumpkin Seeds 
 O-0306 Scalloped Shells 
O-0079 Cotton Candy

Trade / Sale: Trade and Sale
Seeking: $300usd for the one for sale and seeking Minkin, Waterdogs, Pacapillar, and Kitsunets
Journal Link: WP/SP sushi dogs for sale/trade + others
May 8th 2020 -  May 22nd 2020

Your Username: Mintz2520 
Sushi Dog(s): 
M-1093 White Chocolate Peppermint Tea
G-0161 Pecan Pie Bars

Trade / Sale: Selling!!
Seeking: USD via Paypal
Journal Link: Emergency Selling Closed Species
May 16th 2020 -  May 30th 2020

Your Username:
Sushi Dog(s): G-0171 Green Tea Udon ||
O-0515 Blue Hawaiian Slush || 
G-0266 Croquembouche || 
M-1476 Pumpkin Spice Angel Food Cake || 
M-1558 Day of the Dead Banquet
Trade / Sale: trade
Seeking: soosh swaps and other cs
Journal Link: Sushidogs UFT OPEN
May 16th 2020 -  May 30th 2020

Your Username: jurassiq 
Sushi Dog(s): O-0013 Blueberry Red Bull
Trade / Sale: Trade
Seeking: Grem2, CCCat, Browbird, Spinx, non CS from certain designers (list in journal).
Journal Link: CS Clean Out // LF: Trades [OPEN]
May 18th 2020 -  June 1st 2020

Sushi Dog Item Trading Section:-

For trading items such as, but not limited to:

:bulletblue: Haute Potions
:bulletblue: Enchanted Bells
:bulletblue: MYO slots, along with items
:bulletblue: Any potential future items

You cannot do in this section:

:bulletred: Sell items for USD or merch of any kind (unless it is just a MYO slot)
:bulletred: Advertise items you do not currently have under your name in the bank

If putting up an ad for trading Sushi Dog items only, please use this form:

Your Username: @[username]
Bank Username (if different):
Items you are trading: 
Seeking: [what do you want in exchange]
Journal Link: [NO NOTES; must be a journal or stash link]

Nothing right now!

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Your username: Free-Shade

Sushi Dog(s):

O-0284 Galaxy Vanilla Cupcakes

Sale / Trade: Sale

Seeking: 100 USD



Soosh Sale

Selling this Soosh Appraisal price is 186 but