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General Rules

Membership & Group Participation
    :bulletgreen: Group membership is 100% open. You do not need to own a soosh to join!
    :bulletgreen: Many group and discord activities don't require you to own a soosh; you can either draw one of our NPCs or another person's soosh.
    :bulletgreen: If you want to draw someone else's soosh for a prompt/contest/etc., please ask their permission first!
Content & Behavior
    :bulletgreen: Keep it clean! Mature content is not allowed anywhere in the group or discord. Please be mindful that many of our members are minors!
    :bulletgreen: Be respectful! We do not tolerate harassment, hate speech, or trolling of group members or moderators.
    :bulletgreen: Need some help? Please note the group instead of messaging mods directly. You'll get a much faster response that way!
Misc. Rules
    :bulletgreen: Member-hosted contests to give away soosh that you own are allowed, HOWEVER you will be expected to follow all trade/sale guidelines and follow through with the results.
    :bulletgreen: When advertising commissions or YCH within the group, please be sure that they are relevant to the species! We don't accept generic commission/YCH ads.
    :bulletgreen: We do not accept artwork of unofficial sushi dogs. This includes "off brand" species and any MYO soosh that isn't approved and on SooshDatabase.
    :bulletgreen: Failure to abide by our group rules and terms of use will result first in a written warning from sooshmods. Continued rule-breaking will result in banning & blacklisting from the group.
    :bulletgreen: More information about blacklisting can be found here: Blacklist
    :bulletgreen: More extreme infractions will result in harsher penalties, while more mild infractions will result in milder actions taken. Disciplinary decisions are made collaboratively by group and/or discord moderators and at our sole discretion.

Obtaining a Soosh

Premade Soosh
    :bulletgreen: Premade soosh can be purchased from Chital or won in a contest within the group/discord.
    :bulletgreen: Please do not bid on an auction if you're not 100% sure you can afford it! If you need to back out, do not hide or edit your bid without permission.
    :bulletgreen: Payment plans may be available at Chital's discretion. A nonrefundable 25% is due upfront for all sushi dogs payment plans.
Make-Your-Own Soosh
    :bulletgreen: MYO slots are made available for purchase on the 1st of each month through the sooshapon machine!
    :bulletgreen: You can also sometimes obtain a sooshapon token from group or discord events, contests, and games.
    :bulletgreen: For more information about the sooshapon machine and how to use sooshapon tokens, please see here:
[CLOSED] MYO Sooshapon MachineThe sooshapon machine is closed permanently on Deviantart! 
Check out our new purchasing system on!
The sooshapon machine accepts the following currencies:
:bulletblue: $35 USD
:bulletblue: 3500:points:
:bulletblue: 2500 CR
*Payment cannot be split between multiple currencies
Monthly Sale Rules
1. Buyers have 24 hours to pay for their slot.
2. One claim per person. You can claim on someone's behalf, but that'll count as the one claim for both of you!
3. Slots can be traded, gifted, or resold if you change your mind later--just let us know on SooshDatabase!
4. Bonus prizes are one per person (meaning you can't get both a potion AND bell!).
5. Please give us at least 24 hours from the time you send payment to get your prizes sent to you! We're a small team doing a lot of work here and we

Need help with your MYO slot? We have a handy guide on our website! [link]

When you're ready to get your MYO soosh approved, please note the group with the following information:
   MYO Slot: (link to the slot under your name in SooshDatabase)
   Sushi Dog Food: (the food your soosh is based off of)
   Sushi Dog Image: (link to your MYO soosh design)
   Traits Used: (a list of the traits you used for your MYO soosh design)

Trading & Selling

:bulletgreen: You may only trade or sell soosh that are under your name in SooshDatabase. If someone tries to trade to sell a soosh that isn't on the database or in their name, please notify us--it could be a scam!
:bulletgreen: All sushi dogs must be appraised by a mod before they can be sold! If you're thinking of selling your soosh, please note the group for an appraisal!
:bulletgreen: Appraising soosh helps us to ensure prices are fair and sales are legitimate. If you see a soosh advertised for sale without proof of an appraisal, please notify us!
:bulletgreen: Most soosh can be appraised for a sale price. If you're not sure, just ask us!
:bulletgreen: MYO slots can be traded or resold ($35 value) so long as they're on SooshDatabase under your name.
:bulletgreen: When trading or selling a soosh to a new owner, please let us know on their SooshDatabase entry (both parties will need to confirm).

For more information, please see:
:bulletgreen: Terms of Use
:bulletgreen: Frequently Asked Questions

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if i understand correctly sushi dog design guidelines are chubby legs,round body,must have bandana,closed eyes,cheeks .yes?