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Wed Jun 13, 2018, 7:43 PM by Chital:iconchital:
Edit 10/31 -- Been awhile since we updated this! We are no longer take a cut from sales, so if you were waiting for that before applying, you can apply now! We're starting prep for the advent calendar in December, so if you were wanting to participate in that, now's a good time to apply. We'd like to let on a few more people this week!

SushiDogs is now accepting rolling applications for guest designers! Guest designers will be invited to a private discord server, where we can collaborate and work together on design sales and events. From there, you’ll be able to chat with the team about your ideas, share WIPs, submit your final designs for review, and sign up for any guest design events we hold (such as the annual advent calendar).

As a guest designer, you won’t be held to any time constraints unless you’re participating in an event (and event participation is 100% volunteer based). We hold one off guest auctions every 2-4 weeks, so you can contribute a design with the theme of your own choosing whenever you have the time! We’ll make the graphics, host your sale, and deliver image files to buyers for you--all you have to do is provide your art, and set your prices! In the future, we'll also hold on-base sales that guest artists can participate in, but that's a little ways down the road. ;o


Guest artists must be 18 or older in order to sell soosh designs! We will allow minors to be guest artists, but you will not be able to participate in auctions or sales until you turn 18. This is mostly for legal reasons, so please be honest about your age when you apply!

You must be willing to use discord! We really expect you to be in frequent contact with us during your design process, so we can share our input. We want to help each other put out the best designs possible (also, it’s more fun that way imo). You don’t have to be super chatty (lord knows most of us are Really Shy), but you will be expected to share some info about the designs you're working on at the very least.

You should have some experience with character design (designs for your personal OCs are ok to include in your application, as long as you designed them yourself!). We're actually interested in working with both animal and human designers, so if you can only do one or the other we'd still love to have you on board! (Please note that, at the moment, we're prioritizing animal designers since human soosh lore is still being finalized! 👀)

Skill level
We do have standards for the quality we’re willing to put out, but we're not prioritizing popularity or anything like that. If we feel you’ve got potential, we’ll consider you! We really want to help you learn and improve no matter what skill level you’re at.

You should be positive and willing to collaborate! You must be open to accepting constructive criticism and advice. If you think you’re too good to collaborate with us, you can design your own species. Conversely, you should be constructive and supportive when sharing your own thoughts. Don’t expect everyone to agree with you, and don’t be needlessly harsh or petty.

We have a set minimum price for guest designs (just to keep things fair), but for auctions you’re free to set AB prices at whatever you feel comfortable accepting. Guest artists will receive 100% of the profits from their sales--we do not take a cut for the group.

Guest designing is mostly for fun, so we're pretty relaxed about it! If you decide you'd rather not design for the species anymore, you're free to leave the server at any time, with or without notice (and you're free to apply again later, if you change your mind again!). All we really ask is that if you sign up to contribute for a time-sensitive event, that you please keep your promise! We don't mind pushing things back if there's an emergency, but if you have a habit of being unreliable at meeting deadlines (which you volunteered for!), you might not be picked for events in the future.


If you're interested in applying, please comment here with examples of your work. You can add thumbnails to specific pieces in your gallery, or link to a folder/offsite gallery. If you'd like, you can also give us a short description about yourself, but it's not really necessary! If you're chosen to join the guest artist team, you'll receive a note from Chital with more information and an invite link to our discord server.

Please note that you might not get an invitation right away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re turning you away; except during large events, we only invite a few guest designers at a time so things don’t get too overwhelming for us. So be patient, and please don’t be discouraged!

I’d like to emphasize too, that even though we’re open to a wide variety of skill sets and expertise, we can’t invite everyone who applies! As much as I’d love to work with everyone interested, we do have to limit the number of people on the design team so we can keep things manageable. We’ll be considering a lot of different things when we’re vetting applicants, so remember that just because you’re not invited onto the team doesn’t mean that we dislike you or your art (and, as mentioned before, just because we don’t invite you on right away doesn’t mean we never will!).

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argoAxiom Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I'd love to apply to be a GA!!

My design examples:
30490a34-81f0-462e-a0b2-4dd54d4ea338 by argoAxiom   Aria Cat by argoAxiom   OTA Poodle Girl by argoAxiom   MYO - Leigh by argoAxiom   Snow Bunn by argoAxiom   
kitlett Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I'd been thinking about commenting since this was uploaded- and I think I'm finally gonna give it a shot! :"]

Hello! My name's Kitt and I'm 15 years old. I feel like I gotta add that don't mind the wait (until I'm 18) nor do I mind not getting paid- I just really love drawing and designing!
I use Discord on a daily basis so that shouldn't be a problem!<3
I've always loved Sushidogs and its community, and after a few years on hiatus- I want to return to it, and help & contribute to the community!^^
I'm hoping to make friends and help others- as well as learn from my experience, and from others!

Here are some examples of my designs:
2 by kitlett C by kitlett 2 by kitlett 4 by kitlett
(The rest are here!vvvvvvv)

And you can find examples of my art in my gallery:

Thank you for the opportunity! Have a great day!<3
rowyse Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I'm interested in being a GA <3 !
Here are some samples, if you need more please ask
Brushey Brushey by sunreux   Wtm2 by sunreux   Ota2 by sunreux   Comm1 by sunreux  
DrawinglyWillingly Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to apply for a GA y Ay 
Here are some samples of my best work!
Folklore - Sleepy Dragon by DrawinglyWillingly   Zodiac Folklore Aries -  Mini Auction - closed by DrawinglyWillingly   Summer calendar Folk - Paradise Cocktail! by DrawinglyWillingly  

I have been thinking about leaving this message for the longest time. ;; Have a wonderful day! 
Felcia Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! I’m applying because I’ve been in love with Sushidogs since pretty much their beginning - long before the change in their ownership occurred~
I’m 19 and have designing experience in personal designs, own adoptable sales, custom designs and original species designs. I designed for: :iconsymphpond:, :icongachagoops:, :iconbirbies:, :iconbyubuus:

Here are examples of my designs:

Examples of my art:

I’m active on Discord and willing to work in a group ;v;/ I’m an ambivert so it’s no problem for me uvu 🌸 
linborghini Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2019
Hi my name is Lin and I'm currently 18. I'm more well known on my main account @linixuand I have guest designed for multiple species! I practically live on discord and I'd love to be considered to join the guest designer team and help make some beautiful sooshes with you guys.
Here are some samples of my work:
Summer Celestial Soosh Entry [1]
Mewchi OTA - [OPEN]
Spring Celestial Sushi Dog Contest Entry
and non feral samples can be found on my main DA account @linixu
spooky-lad Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2019

hello ! im spook, and am soon 19 ! im a guest artist for 1 other group and her are some xamples
aa sorry currently on mobile so links werent working great
Rain-ette Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My name is Rain, I'm over 20 and I love designing! I have a few sushi dog designs to show off; as well as other designs so you can get a feel of my work!
Newsushidog1 by Rain-ette   Kitsoosh Summer Entry [1] by Rain-ette   Queen of the Woods by Rain-ette   The Lost Child by Rain-ette   Boyo by Rain-ette  

I love designing and I missed the sushi dog community, so happy to be back!
HimeSara84 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'm Hime, and I'm soon 21 years old.
I have never been a guest designer for another group,
but I do own a CS, where I have made many designs :iconpuppoppies:
I got some examples here ^^
Adopt 18 by HimeSara84   CM: barnowl117 by HimeSara84  
I have also designed few sushidogs before, for what I got examples here too c:
Sushidog MYO (Approved) by HimeSara84   SushiDog by HimeSara84  
I know quite a lot about running a cs group, and I know really well how things will go, so I have a lot of experience about this,
but I still would love to get more valuable experience from a bigger group, and your group have been one really big inspiration for me, that how well you guys have managed to run it.
I would be really thankful to learn more about your community and be valuable help for your team. Thank you for this opportunity! ^^
RavensRamen Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hewwo! I'm Raven and I'm 13,
I've been a part of many species including 
:iconmermyxn-bay: :icondessertbunbakery: :iconfloofskis:
I have been making adopts for more than a year
I'm good at making dessert and aesthetic themed adopts 

Some of my art:
Unicorn Galaxy Poptart DessertBun OTA CLOSED by RavensRamen   a e s t h e t i c | a d o p t  | O P E N  O T A by RavensRamen   Nyan Cat RAINBOW DessertBun Adopt OPEN OTA by RavensRamen   Rose Gilded Mermyxn Adopt Auction Closed by RavensRamen   Summer Themed DessertBun Adopts OPEN OTA by RavensRamen  (I do ferals too!)
Please check out more from my gallery!

I'm active on discord as well!
please consider and thank you for the opportunity!  
Dawnan Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2019  Student General Artist
heya~ i'm Dawnan, i'm 19 ^^
been a member of sooshs for a while n love the group so much, i'm a mod on the discord so i'm active and committed to the group
recently been a ga for mermyxn-bay (temp) and cloudiimimi (perm) so I have experience. my design skills have been improving a hecktonne over this past year 

most recent examples:
Bryn the spring celestial [contest entry] by Dawnan [Cloudiimimi] Cotton wave by Dawnan [Cloudiimimi]Briar ID img by Dawnan [Mermyxn adopt] Piebald cutie [Closed] by NeapolitanCafe [Custom] Raincoon by NeapolitanCafe

some soosh examples: these are semi old though
M- Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake by SooshDatabaseM- Carnival Milkshake by SooshDatabaseFancy Donuts by SooshDatabaseStrawberry cupcake by Dawnantomato soup by DawnanFlat by Dawnan
NeapolitanCafe Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
neapolitancafe is my adopt acount, forgot to mention ^^;
kuro--cchi Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh giving it a go!! I'm kuro, I'm 19 years old!
I've been participating in the sushidogs community since around 2015, and I'm quite active in the discord server nowadays!

Design examples;
CLOSED by kuro--cchi    CLOSED by kuro--cchi
Junicorn Adopt Unmarked by kuro--cchi   Plant Deer Unmarked by kuro--cchi Lavender Oil Mercupa by kuro--cchi    

also some samples of soosh art;

I hope you'll consider!! Thank you for your time!
inkogeki Featured By Owner May 25, 2019
I'm Ink, 20, always on discord unless I'm asleep or the internet's out, and here to apply ;V;
I've adored and wanted a soosh since foooorever. Now that I've finally got MYO slots of my own I've discovered they're super enjoyable to design!!
I also really love that your guest artist system is quite relaxed, that really spoke to me! The idea of meeting a design quota every month feels a little daunting :'3
When it comes to criticism, I'm willing to give and receive it in a respectful manner within the sushidog discord for guest designing purposes 'v'
I feel like designing for sushidogs would be a really fun time, the community is super lovely and funny and I'd love to bring more magical pups and cats into it!
Thanks for considering!! ♥♥♥

Examples of my designs:
(I also have three personal sushi dog design examples in the soosh-design-station on discord!
I'd prefer to not upload them to deviantart until I have them finalised and approved 'v')

[OTA] Soft Selkies [CLOSED] by inkogeki   [Adopt] FUR HEARTED Charity by inkogeki   [Personal] soft boys R us by inkogeki   [Personal] Sea Monster 2: Electric Boogaloo by inkogeki
[Contest] Spring Celestial Soosh by inkogeki
> More of my designs here!
celestialsunberry Featured By Owner May 17, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I'm all ready on the Discord, and I'll be 35 this year. I'd love to join the team, and I think the chat is a very nice, and social place. 

Here are some samples of my work: 

ONIGIRI BUNS - 3/3 OPEN - CREAMBUNS by celestialsunberry Marmalade Star - CREAMBUNS - OPEN by celestialsunberry REEFBUN BATCH - CREAMBUNS - 8/8 OPEN by celestialsunberry SPRING VEIL - FFD RAFFLE - OPEN by celestialsunberry COTTON CANDY CERBEROUS - RAFFLE - CLOSED by celestialsunberry

I can pretty much draw anything with any palette. Anyway, I'll hope you consider, but thank you for your time regardless!
Veneficiisante Featured By Owner May 3, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Hello, please consider taking a look at my art!

(note that all of the characters i draw are my own with a few exceptions of league of legends characters oops) 

  or Info 
Mi-Amoura-Adopts Featured By Owner Edited Apr 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I'm Amoura and I enjoy making cutesy babs! I mostly do adopts and customs!

Here are some of my work:

.:KD:. Mermaid KittyDog Adopt (Closed!) by Mi-Amoura-Adopts  

.:KD:. Gacha KittyDog #7 by Mi-Amoura-Adopts  

Personal Characters:
1554491058993 by Mi-Amoura-Adopts

I also do humans:
.:Gift:. Hiro Kimura by Mi-Amoura-Adopts  

And this is he style I'll be drawing for the Sushi Dogs: 
.:SD:. Peachy by Mi-Amoura-Adopts  
AltruisticArtistry Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy! I'm Addie, and I do design adaptations, redesigns, and customs. c:
Here's some examples of my designs :  (3rd is a partial redesign, other 2 completely original)
Rayleigh Ref by AltruisticArtistry Temp Ref 2018-2019 by AltruisticArtistry
Clickbait new ref by AltruisticArtistry
And the kind of style I'd use for the Sushidogs, if chosen :
Jordie Pagedoll by AltruisticArtistry

Let me know if you'd be interested! My Discord handle is Cupiditas#7426 if you'd like to discuss things further there~
ToriStarfire Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: ToriStarfire (everyone calles me Tori or Ryûno and I'm a girl)
Age: 18
Discord: Yes! But I'm a little inscrive there <"3

Hello! I would love to be a guest artist for sooshes! I constantly have new ideas for characters, I really enjoy creating characters for me and my friends.
I can draw Feral and anthro but the most part of the time I'm drawing antho designs. 

Also, I'm not an expert speaking english so If I say something wrong I'm really so sorry q___p💔

Here are some of my designs and redesigns
Designs Examples

A bit of my most recent art
.:AT:Vann Vitaly:. by ToriStarfire   .:SHINY:. by ToriStarfire   Redesign: Iker the Hedgehog by ToriStarfire   .:Fursona:. by ToriStarfire   .:The Fungus Amung-Us!:. by ToriStarfire

My DA gallery:  

And my Instagram:
sunniesky Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Designing sooshes sparks much joy for me!! I've been a member of sushi dogs since 2014 and they've always been my favorite CS! I would absolutely love to be a guest artist! (I'm 18!)
here are some examples of my soosh designs:
Apricot Dream by sunniesky 1st thing w procreate by sunniesky Clay by sunniesky
here is some of my soosh artwork:
Soosh Doodles by sunniesky trade pt 2 by sunniesky trade pt 1 by sunniesky

AlienClockwork Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2019  Professional Filmographer
Hi there!! I wanted to apply on a whim-- my name is Desirae, I've only recently started coming back onto Deviantart after a couple years of being awol (my career took over for a bit!). When I heard about the adoptables culture building here I had to come back and I immediately fell in LOVE with sushidogs. They're so CUTE! I would love to throw my hat in the ring for being a guest artist!!

I'm very comfortable drawing quadrupeds (I was a board artist for MLP!) or humans if the need arises :D Here are some specific links to my quads, though my ideas for sushidogs are way more colorful (channeling some of the spectrum from my other works)

One - Two - Three

And my personal art gallery is off deviantart right now, but i'm working on bringing it back on quite soon! :happybounce:  -- 

Personal Gallery

Thank you!!
ApocalypticTaint Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure when you'll next be looking for guest artist but I quite enjoy designing sooshes and would like to make a new application.
The template is gone with the wind so I'll simply post examples 

Soosh designs by me
Contest Design by ApocalypticTaint   Dreaming Of A New Home by ApocalypticTaint   Contest Entry: Fang and Wang Xin Ying by ApocalypticTaint  
General Art examples  
CE: Myth Melodias by ApocalypticTaint   Contest Entry: Vera by ApocalypticTaint   
Dawnan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019  Student General Artist
Name: Alex (dawnan online though)
Age: 18 
Discord: dawnan#8292
I adore designing sooshs, but due to the new rules i've had to stop recently but whenever I can I always accept customs even for free at times cause I love designing em so gosh darn much. 

here are a few thumbnails aswell
bunny by Dawnan Hemp Honey by Dawnan Dream Bab by Dawnan tomato soup by Dawnan Galaxy star gummies by Dawnan
(gosh that's alot of warm tones)
starway-bunny Featured By Owner Edited Feb 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Gene
Age: 30
Discord: Gene#8429

I design awful lots of things though I tend to draw more anthro designs. But lately I stepped into feral territory as well!
I love all the food-based things ^^

Examples of my design:
Glittering Stars Seeker [OPEN] by starway-bunny Lovely Ontium Adopts [2/2 OPEN] by starway-bunny   Charme1 by starway-bunny   Gabbie by starway-bunny
Older stuff:
Linda2 by starway-bunny  
 Deer by starway-bunny
 Sharl by starway-bunny 
Untitled-2 by starway-bunny
Mermay1 by starway-bunny

Others designs drawn by me:
5 by starway-bunny
 Leii by starway-bunny
 Strawberry Martini by starway-bunny
twood5 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 24, 2019  Student Digital Artist
name: twood5 (everyone calls me sparks)
Age: 21
discord: yep, I never close it.

I would love to be a designer for sushi dogs! I've stalked this species for a long time but never managed to get one myself. I love any designs that are food related so these kids are right up my alley. I mainly do animal designs but I am working on humans, I'm just not that confident in them yet to say I can do them. I am super open to critique on all of my work as well.
I have a bunch of experience with making adaptable for a lot of closed species and I'm actually a head artist for TheKiwiKingdom.
I also have experience working for species like Babusagi and candy bow kittens from off-site and I own several myself. I've hosted loads of free contests, sales and events for species before.

here's the artwork that I have done for various closed species including kiwi kingdom. for all of the following, I am simply a colorist and the lines are a base given to me by the species owner. any minor edits were drawn by me and all coloring and design are by myself. 
Dulcet #D36 by KiwiQween Cherub Cat #D7 by KiwiQween Starshine NB#015 by KiwiQween Starshine #041 by KiwiQween Dulcet #60 by KiwiQween

the following use both lineart and color by myself! 
Summer Carnival Adopt #09Summer Carnival Adopt #11
Human headshot Ponchopals 1  Ponchopals 2 Le vole
Vlrgo Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Vlrgo
Age: 23
Discord: yes! Mikey#9657

Honestly I'm not good at talking about myself, though I'm working on that! Hi my name is Mikey, I'm a self taught artist of 6 years this September, currently full time artist, and semi-nerd. I've just recently free'd up enough time to participate once again in closed species and one thing I love to do is design characters, it's something I've been trying to focus on for a little under a year now and I'm always looking to try new things and improve! I'll stop rambling now but thank you for the chance!

CS I've designed;

TurtleDog #151 by Shellapedia M- Moon and Star Sugar Cookies by SooshDatabase Turtledog #278 by Shellapedia Mantaroque #011 by Shellapedia And I say hello by Vlrgo

Non-CS I've designed:

Serval Adopt [OPEN] by VlrgoCanine Adopt [KEEPING] by VlrgoJaguar Hybrid Adopt [CLOSED] by VlrgoTiger OTA [OPEN] by Vlrgo
The last one is on a base but I wanted to show off the design

Sadly I don't have much Sushidog/ cat art to show off! (except for Lyra in the ML image I listed) 
Cxstedshadow Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: xxcastedshadowxx
Age: 18
Discord: yes! castedshadow#2260

Hello, my name is Cas or Kenny and I am very interested in becoming a sushi dog guest artist.  I have been doing digital art for around three years and over the past year I’ve been drawing a piece a day!  I am a guest artist of a horse group called Edoponi and have designed multiple waterdogs for friends and myself. On a more soosh note, all designs I have made I have either sold or am in the process of selling (besides the unicorn one, that was just for fun!).  I have them listed in the folder as well, but I want you to keep in mind they’re sketchy concept ideas and I end up making them look like my normal soosh full bodies.  I also have a few real good design ideas about possible designs too and are open to talking over notes or discord about them (I am really excited by them!)!
On another note, I have a positive and open-minded attitude. You can ask anyone of my friends or someone who commissioned me and  they too will agree with that statement. I love criticism on all of my art and am extremely understanding of all situations. From payment plans needing to be altered and to people changing their minds midway through a commission, I never get mad but figure out a new way to sort the situation out!

Now to the good stuff!

Designs I have Uploaded thus far:  sta.sh/21m52mmlvs0m?edit=1 (I am still making and adding more designs so the folder but I thought why not!)

Artwork examples (mostly sooshes in the folder tagged underneath as well):
Attack of the sooshes by xXCastedShadowXx   I want to be like the cool kids by xXCastedShadowXx   Sweet Dreams Are Made of These by xXCastedShadowXx   Fly Away With Me by xXCastedShadowXx   Sweater Weather by xXCastedShadowXx  

If you have any questions or would like to hear my ideas (super excited about them and I’ve never seen an idea like this before)  let me know! Thank you so much for your time and happy new year xx

Goku-san Featured By Owner Edited Dec 26, 2018   Digital Artist
Hello. I would love to apply to be a guest artist. I'm over 18 years old and have experience in art for quite a few years. I love designing characters.

I can be reached on Discord at Goku-san #1903.

Sushi Dog Art Samples (I don't have one of my own yet but have drawn other people's Sushi Dogs. lol)

Sundaysushidog-sketch by Goku-san Sunnysushidog-sketch by Goku-san Summer Starlight Festival DTA by Goku-san

Character Design Examples

CS I've designed

General canines I've designed
Linixu Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just turned 18 today and I'm finally ready to turn in an application <3
Name: Lin / Lini
Discord: Linius#1556 (I'm on discord almost 24/7)
Design Samples:
  Birthday Adopt Advent | OPEN | by Linixu   OTA Fleurdelyn | CLOSED| by Linixu   [C] - DragonQueenRamoth [1/2] by Linixu   Werewoof Guest Artist Auction | CLOSED | by Linixu
I have more experience drawing humans/kemonomimis etc, but I can do and am willing to draw animals! My most recent animal sample would be from my GA with Sarilain's fluffbit species, my design being #24 and has yet to be released for viewing due to advent rules.
 I find the idea of human sooshes to be intriguing and would be delighted to help or potentially guest for either human or regular animal sooshes! 
Jishokoi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018
I'd be interested c:
I'm on discord almost 24/7 so I'd love to join yall!
Example designs: sta.sh/21uwpba7q3q7?edit=1

If you'd like to see more art/linework to get an idea of my art style instead of designs, feel free to browse my gallery or reply and I'll send some over!
Dana-The-Cat Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Tbh this has been a dream of mine,,, I'm still practicing with my designs and I plan on making a bunch more stuff to update my design sta.sh but I'll give it a shot now just because! o:
I've always loved this species, and I'm super happy to have been able to get a couple of sooshes of my own, and making MYO sooshes are super fun for me <3

OH! And I'm 18 (almost 19~) and already part of the Discord haha! It's a lovely place to be in, I love popping in every once in a while to talk to everyone ^^
eellie Featured By Owner Edited Nov 30, 2018
I'd love to be apart of the team of designers! I am very friendly and easy going ^__^
I've been designing for years now and I was around when sushi dogs first hit DA!

even more examples in my gallery of course: 

My designs:
[Custom] Paradise by eellie   Taiyaki Tiger Adopt [ closed ] by eellie  
Flamingo Leopard Adopt [ closed ] by eellie   OTA Bubbles [ closed ] by eellie  
[COM] Mermaid Lioness by eellie  
kerowu Featured By Owner Edited Nov 24, 2018
I just read the part with the advent calendar sooshes and I hope I'm not too late to post my application! 
I haven't drawn a soosh in a while, but I can show some examples of my feral artworks and my anthro designs!
recent art examples  Gabriel by kerowu moona by kerowu  and this one: 0023
designs from 2016: Kit Kat Adopts by kerowu 6 by kerowu  
more designs can be seen here: toyhou.se/ena/created

soosh art...a couple of years old though:  1167715 2lcH9WECfXJJBpu by kerowu
man im so dedicated to try and be a guest artist ;;;;

here are designs I made (only some)
Glow the fruit bat by KazooieTheLioness Yoshi by KazooieTheLioness - kazooie by KazooieTheLioness Musharna Reference sheet by KazooieTheLioness

haven't made a design in awhile so this is a bit of my older work/art style. I improved ;o; here is my art style now days
ChanceGiven by KazooieTheLioness  lucky star by KazooieTheLioness

I'd be honored to help design my favorite species <3
I am a 24 year old lesbian that dedicates her life to art. I would be willing to receive strong criticism
I love receiving those as I want to try my best to improve daily. My Discord is Dre#3873
splendidcitrus Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
-vibrates intensely- i would love to join!
Age: 20 yo
Discord: splendidcitrus#3633 (i have emojis in my name)
Adopt: Dearest Nightmare [Closed] by splendidcitrus Adoptable: Intrepid Cupid [Open] by splendidcitrus MYO Bookling - Luovern by splendidcitrus
[Symph] Khaos by splendidcitrus [Symph] Taloo by splendidcitrus
matchiiStar Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if this is still open for applications but I'm assuming so!

Age: 24 years old!
Discord: matchiiStar
Design Examples: by me by matchiitehew Kahlan Ref by matchiitehew (Both my art and designs!)
2016 -- Ref -- Wendy by matchiitehew 2016 -- Deer Adopts -- OPEN by matchiitehew base by fertiiser, design by me by matchiitehew (these are all my designs, not my art)

I completely understand if you're not looking for guests right now but figured it can't hurt to try! I have always held a soft spot for sushi dogs and finally managed to get my first babies back in 2016 (the first example, they're my art and design).
I tend to lean towards bright and colourful designs, but can do darker ones too. I also have a real thing for colours and love to spend time playing with different hues and values to make colour combinations that fit well together. I'd love to be a part of the team in the future to help grow and develop new and existing skills!

Thanks for the consideration!
DeadSpacy Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to be a designer/artist for this species! I am DeadSpacy on here,I have a few okay pieces to showcase.

Age:16 (17 in December by the time this is seen/if I am answered I may already be 17.)

Discord:  Pancakes

WolfxPrince Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Name: Wolf or Wolfie
Age: 22
Discord: Yes

My name is WolfxPrince but you can call me Wolf and or Wolfie. Sushi dogs are the first closed species I got
into so I've always had a soft spot in my heart for them. I am on discord everyday, and can be reached most
anytime of the day and am open to chats! As for design experience I guest design over at the shiba roll group,
and have designed multiple MYO characters.

Soosh Designs: (I designed the sooshes but the art is not by me since they are my earlier designs)

M-0192 Steampunk Cake
M-0193 Frozen Yogurt Taiyaki

Other Designs: (all the designs and art for these fellas were by me)

Ghost Pepper Sunset Shiberoll - Auction (Closed) by WolfxPrince    Mushroom kid Shiberoll - Auction (Closed) by WolfxPrince     Ryuujin - Louxe NPC by WolfxPrince

Butter Toast Shiberoll - Auction (Closed) by WolfxPrince    Zero reference sheet (MYO BirdFolk) by WolfxPrince
YukiineChan Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey I'm Cayla! I'm 18 years old. I absolutely love drawing, anime and games! I am very open to using discord, unfortunately I'm pretty shy but I'd love to have the opportunity to open up a lot more. I am open to accepting constructive criticism and advice and I'd love to help support others.
Here are some examples of Sushidog designs I made and drew that I'm pretty proud of! (The first one is for a future MYO, the second is an official MYO and the last was a redesign concept for a soosh I had).
Strawberry Ice Cream Taiyaki by YukiineChan Tempura Ice Cream by YukiineChan Vampsoosh Redesign Concept by YukiineChan
Lostbellchime Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been wanting to edit my old post so I'm reapplying!
Hello, I'm Lost!!
I'm 25 years old and I love designing characters both for myself and for others to use.
I use and check discord daily; Communication and input is very important to me, and I use and ask for it with my clients and buyers as much as possible.
You can see designs I've created for others here: lostbellchime.wixsite.com/lost…

I also design for a website called Goatlings! www.deviantart.com/lostbellchi…
I'm part of the site's official art team as well where I redraw member created goat designs for the site to implement and use.

Thank you for the opportunity as well as for looking! ♥
Javira-Butterfly Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My name is Javira, I am 20yrs old and have been following the group for a while now, though I could only join into the fun recently after the rework and the Sooshapon-Machine.
I enjoy designing a lot and would love to create a design or two for you guys ^^

Here are some of my designs: (Sooshes are not official and only colored sketches, ones for auctions/advent would ofc be finished like the other examples ad off-base)
Soosh Base Rasperry White Chocolate Cookies by Javira-Butterfly Soosh Moscow Maui Mule by Javira-Butterfly Dark Elf Fairing MYO by Javira-Butterfly     Seadragon Princess by Javira-Butterfly    Malvoidea - Re-Design by Javira-Butterfly  
YixxiePie Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My name is Mirella, I'm 18 hitting 19 soon. I've been trying to get my foot in the door for guest designing for some time now. I'm pretty small so I don't get much attention on one-off design sales, etc. I've always wanted to design things for CS that give people the same feeling I get when I say "wow that's a dreamie." I work best with more minimal themes but I believe this would be a great opportunity to branch out with new palettes and ideas I wouldn't normally choose for just myself. I only have majority experience designing for myself via one offs and MYOs but here are some characters I love + two scrapped Soosh MYO designs. I know if given this opportunity I'll be able to improve many skills besides designing itself. I'm willing to work well and cooperatively with others any time and I'm always available via Discord if needed be. This would also be a very big relief for me financially. Any income I earn right now is helping my current situation. While I haven't been fortunate enough to earn guest artist experience before, I'm hoping this will be the opportunity I've been waiting for, after all, how does anyone gain GA experience if no one asks them to guest artist? haha
Full Body by YixxiePie   Full Body by YixxiePie   Full Body (Chibi) by YixxiePie   Mint Oreo Cheesecake Ych by YixxiePie   Cheshire Cupcake by YixxiePie    
Alexdream12 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2018
Im Alex, Im 23. Im always on discord trying to reply as soon as posible x3
I really wouldl ike to be a guest artist because this is one of my favorites species ever, and tbh Im super happy with the new group and everything, thats why I would love to be part of this and create some new sooshes for the community. Im also open for criticism, I know I need to improve and Im always open to help uwu
I have 3 species: glitter poms, containimals and fayuuns. Im always doing calendars and free babs for people to enjoy so Im up for doing that too here!
some examples of my designs:
spooooooky babs by Alexdream12 Rainbow Pastel Oreos by Alexdream12 sssssssnakeeee CLOSED by Alexdream12 alien poms CLOSED by Alexdream12 Frozen Rose by Alexdream12
vlkyrie Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Reapplying :')

Introduction: my name's Kat and I'm 24. I really enjoy drawing sushi dogs and would like to be more involved with them.

Sushi dogs I've designed recently:
Cherry Chip Cake by SooshDatabase Betta Cake with Koi Markings by SooshDatabase
Tropical Strawberry Hibiscus Rum Smash by SooshDatabase
GrimmTail Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
R-e-q-u-i-em Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where should I Start :

My name is Virginia and I am 24 .
I´m from Germany and I love to make Designs ( or working on species in General) .
I am on Discord everyday for some good hours so there won´t be a problem to contect me.

SushiDogs where one of the first Closed Species I really liked so since I love to Design and Sushidogs are a really cute thing I just will give this a try.
Also I am always open to try out new things and I love to work in Groups .

Some of my Designs :
Jawaby Devils Prince FREE Raffle (OPEN) by R-e-q-u-i-em     !RAFFLE !Adventure Angel Jawaby (CLOSED ) by R-e-q-u-i-em     Halloween Jawaby Auction 2018 (OPEN) by R-e-q-u-i-em      or other Species   Shourinokobi Guest Auction (OPEN) by R-e-q-u-i-em      Loki base normal and enchanted u by R-e-q-u-i-em
Rannarbananar Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Re-applying since...why not!

Of course I love designing Sushi Dogs and Cats, and I take a lot of pride in my designs! I also have my own species who I have done designs for 4+ years, and my art style and skills are constantly evolving and growing! I have had the chance to be a guest artist before now, but it was short lived due to the change over. I adore Christmas designs especially, and I am used to running my own species' advent calendar, so deadlines and the process is nothing new to me!

Some of my favourite designs and redesigns for Sushi Dogs!

Fliss - Mack Snow Gumdrops  
Soosh Design: Siamese Rum Punch 
Soosh Redesign: Iggy Pop 
Sushi Dog: Yuri 

Plus many more! 

I am over 18 and on discord regularly, but I think you know that, haha. 
Megas-Arts Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
AH good luck! >w< Would totally kill to see you as a GA <3 
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