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Welcome to Culario Bank!

Here at Culario Bank, you can find all of the SushiDogs currency and items currently in your possession. If you'd like to check your account or trade your items to someone else, we're happy to help! :heart:

SushiDogs Group Currency

Here in Culario, the main currency we deal in is carats! These small, triangular coins are quite common around here, and most merchants will accept them.

Carats are abbreviated as CR, and occasionally as GC (for "group currency").

Thank you Sarenidyy for your help with the CR name & design!

Balance Inquiries & Account Updates

To view your bank account, please visit and search for your deviantart username.

:bulletorange: If your deviantart username is not listed that means you have no item/currency history with us. Don't worry! Your bank account will be created automatically when you start earning.
:bulletorange: If you changed your deviantart username please comment here or note us so we can update your account!
:bulletorange: If your balance is not up to date please either comment here or note us and our staff will look into it!

Item & Currency Transfers

Items and currency in your inventory can be traded freely between accounts!
:bulletorange: To transfer items or currency to another user, please fill out the form below in a comment:
Account name:
Item to be transferred:

Item & currency transfers MUST be confirmed by the recipient before we can complete the transfer!
Note that items & currency can be traded or gifted, but NOT sold!

:bulletorange: If there are any issues with your trade, please note the group for assistance--we're here to help!

Bank Staff

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Account name: AicaraCalatia

Recipient: Leotauri

Item to be transferred: 9 Haute Potions, 3 Enchanted Bells

Thank you! <3