Tiny Dogs, Big Hearts!


Sushi Dogs, also called Sooshes, are tiny
canine-like creatures that resemble a variety
of foods and drinks from around the globe.

This is a group dedicated to the
wonderful world of Sooshes!

You do not have to own a Sushi Dog to join!

Group icon by arboret

How to Obtain

Sushi Dogs are an exclusive closed
, which means that obtaining
one is limited to the following:

Win one in an event
Purchase one in an auction
Receive one in a trade/as a gift
Obtain a Make-Your-Own slot

MYO slots are available for purchase here!

Q. How do I get a soosh?
A. All MYO slots are available to buy on our website via our free currency Carats or paid currency Koinpeito!

Q. What can I use my carats for?
A. At this time, you can purchase a sooshapon capsule
for 2500 CR! In the future, you will be able to buy items and even sooshes!

Q. Where do I go to get my MYO Sushi Dog approved?
Please go to your MYO slots page on the website and in the bottom left, click submit MYO design!

Q. Where do I go to get my Sushi Dog appraised?
Please submit a claim on our website! We will
get back to you within a couple days!


Bark, Bark, meet us at the Dog Park!

By obtaining a Sushi Dog/Cat,
whether through buying, trading, or gifting,
you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.
It is your responsibility to read over
and follow these terms!

Contact Us

Have a question? Need some assistance?

Send us a Note and we will get back to you
as fast as our little paws can move!

Please do not note any of the moderators on their personal accounts!

We only respond to messages
if they are directly noted to the group. ♥


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LIQDs Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know where to ask but one of my sushi dog's on the website masterlist is linked back to my deviantart account however I would prefer it to be linked my account on the sushi dog site, how would one go about editing that? :0
(1 Reply)
MitsuYotsukaze Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2021  Student
I just got a soosh through a trade but unsure how to update the masterlist (I'm new)
(1 Reply)
Pygmy-Pufff Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2021
Hi! i'm just getting involved in the soosh community again, but i'm having a hard time linking my deviantArt account to my account on the sushi dogs website. I'm getting a message that says "Something's Gone Wrong" whenever I click the button that says "link deviantArt account." Does anyone know what may be wrong? Thanks!

EDIT: Nvm, I got it covered :)
RoosterKeep Featured By Owner May 8, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! Awhile back i traded for a Soosh and had to find his ml entry! Only issue.. I can't comment to claim ownership! His entry is here!
  M-0836 Salmon Tempura Roll by SooshDatabase
And his myo number is MYO 980 ( sushidogs.com/character/MYO-98… )

You can @ the owner listed (they traded him to SLUM-GLUM and he was then traded to me. Slum is unavailable to confirm at this time but I trust Maximus will know who i am as this happens a bit with us haha)
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