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Todoroki helps me by SusanLucarioFan16 Todoroki helps me :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 2 4 Japan flag at Little League by SusanLucarioFan16 Japan flag at Little League :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 3 0 AXC Enter The Zone Dress Up by SusanLucarioFan16 AXC Enter The Zone Dress Up :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 6 2 Chessly And Beautifly by SusanLucarioFan16 Chessly And Beautifly :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 4 2 2319mi cast dress up update 2 by SusanLucarioFan16 2319mi cast dress up update 2 :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 3 0 Me with Popplio by SusanLucarioFan16 Me with Popplio :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 10 6 Me with Alolan Vulpix by SusanLucarioFan16 Me with Alolan Vulpix :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 6 0 VRchat Group Star by SusanLucarioFan16 VRchat Group Star :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 3 0 New plushie: Alolan Vulpix #3 by SusanLucarioFan16 New plushie: Alolan Vulpix #3 :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 11 8
Susan X David (OCs) : Underwater Kiss
     It was a cold evening at a hotel near Niagara Falls. My boyfriend David and I were spending the week with each other. We had spent the day touring around the areas near the falls as well as going to a few shops. After we got back to the hotel… “That was fun.”, said David. I looked at him and nodded. “Indeed who knew there would be so much to do here.” I held up my shopping bags. “And boy did I buy a lot too.” David gave a slight chuckle and a smile. “Indeed, you did.” He then put his arm around my shoulder. “I’m glad I got to spend this time with you.” I smiled. “Same, I’m really happy we finally met up after so long.” "Agreed. So, you want me to bring your stuff to your room?" "You're such a gentleman, of course sweetie." "Well I like to make my lady happy." I gave a slight giggle and handed him one of my bags. “Come on sweetie.” “Sounds good.” As we we
:iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 5 2
What I got in Pokelectronics mystery box Valentine by SusanLucarioFan16 What I got in Pokelectronics mystery box Valentine :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 3 2 Me with Mismagius by SusanLucarioFan16 Me with Mismagius :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 2 3 2319mi cast dress up update 1 by SusanLucarioFan16 2319mi cast dress up update 1 :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 7 3 New plushies: Viktor and Yuuri by SusanLucarioFan16 New plushies: Viktor and Yuuri :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 2 4 New plushie: Misdreavus by SusanLucarioFan16 New plushie: Misdreavus :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 6 0 2319mi Abandoned cast dress up by SusanLucarioFan16 2319mi Abandoned cast dress up :iconsusanlucariofan16:SusanLucarioFan16 7 0


Group Hug by Pachigirl1 Group Hug :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 6 0 Christmas Chibi Group by Pachigirl1 Christmas Chibi Group :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 4 5
Haru x Depressed reader
You were a happy girl until middle school hit, then after that you got more and more depressed. You never knew why, it just....happened. Later, family problems showed up like politics and other stupid stuff like that. Then came the bullying, that was then you stopped even wanting friends for the fear of them going against you. You knew there was good people like....Haru....and his friends like makoto and Nagisa, you weren't too big of a fan of rin, he was to proud of himself and was too much of a jock. You later made it to college and to your surprise, haru and his friends were in the same school as you.....but rin seemed to be replaced by a purple haired guy, "good.....there's too much pride in this world...."
You thought to yourself as you walked through the halls ignoring them even though they called to you. You made it to class and Haru was right next to you, sweet! That's pretty great.
       As months went on, you became great friends with haru but your depres
:icondarkrainbowdash13:Darkrainbowdash13 4 0
Dolphin | Haruka Nanase x Reader
    It was sweltering outside due to the intense summer sun, but a little heat wasn’t enough to cancel the local carnival. If anything, it made it a better day than any to go to one. You had been begging Haru for weeks to take you to it and after lots of nagging on your end, he finally gave in.
    The field was packed with various people, food, rides, and games. Your mouth watered at just the sight of all the sweets they had on display. Cotton candy, candied apples, lemonade; you wanted them all.
    Even many of the rides were appealing to you, especially the ones that spun the rider in all directions - including upside down. You were tempted to ask Haru to take you on one of the rides until you noticed his fear stricken face at just the mere sight of it. You were already lucky enough that he agreed to go to a place as foreign to him as a carnival, there was no need to push your
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 45 11
Haruka x Suicide!Depressed!Reader
Reader-chan’s P.O.V
I look down at the rushing water bellow me, my eyes dull and almost lifeless, well at least soon it will be over. Yeah I’m putting an end to my miserable life. Everything just goes so wrong when I’m around. It’s not like I don’t get good grades, in fact I’m the smartest in my class. But because of that I get often called a ‘nerd’ or a ‘know it all’, when I really am just like everyone else. I mean, I have the same tastes as everyone else, and such, but I guess I just really study to get good grades to accomplish my goals. I want to be a (Insert Dream Job), well I want, more like I wanted. Anyway, going back to talking about why I’m going to do this. Right, where was I? OK, so not only was I called a ‘nerd’, I was always called a ‘whore’, ‘bitch’ and other horrible names like that, just because I would hang out with mostly guys, well the only girl in our group would
:iconhoshiyukine:HoshiYukine 149 50
Drowning (Haruka x Reader)
    Haruka sank lower into the bath so he could hold you closer. Your cheek pressed into his damp chest, eyes shut tight. The warm press of his arms around your waist was comforting, like he was keeping you from fading away.
    Haru had always felt better in water. Long, hot baths had been the cure all from failing grades to failing relationships. He thought, maybe, if he kept you in it long enough, you would get better. Of course, the pool or the ocean would have been the best choice, but the soft drum of rain drops against the window canceled that option.
    There was nothing sexual about the position, he horizontal and you laid like a blanket on top of him. He was trussed in his favorite trunks, with you in a comfortable suit. The lights were dim enough to ward off glare.
    "How do you feel when you're in the water?" You asked, your irises peeping out from under heavy lids.
    "Safe. It never is u
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 519 52
Bath (Haruka Nanase x Reader)
Reaching the door to your apartment, you ran a hand through your damp hair. It had started raining heavily just as you were approaching the building and despite your making a run for it, you had still managed to get quite soaked from the downpour.
You shivered a bit when you entered your living space, deciding to have a warm shower to get rid of the chill from the rain.
"I'm home!" You called out, to no reply.
Taking off your jacket, you scanned the front entry for signs of your boyfriend being home. There were no clear signs of him so you assumed that he was still out.
Walking straight to the bathroom, you had completely unbuttoned your shirt and were in the midst of pulling it off before you heard a sloshing noise from the bathtub. You flinched immediately, turning around to see the raven-haired male sitting in the tub, directing a passive look at you.
"H-Haru!" You exclaimed, attempting to bring the edges of your shirt to cover your chest and stomach again. "I didn't realize you wer
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Alolan Vulpix by shamserg Alolan Vulpix :iconshamserg:shamserg 226 14 Alola Vulpix [SPEEDPAINT UP] by Yamio Alola Vulpix [SPEEDPAINT UP] :iconyamio:Yamio 4,360 213 Alolan Vulpix by AmyAnnie14 Alolan Vulpix :iconamyannie14:AmyAnnie14 203 19 NINETALES ALOLA (PKMN USUM) by JethOct NINETALES ALOLA (PKMN USUM) :iconjethoct:JethOct 66 1 Alolan Nintetales by Foxeaf Alolan Nintetales :iconfoxeaf:Foxeaf 415 58 Alolan Fox Pokemon by RoyalNoir Alolan Fox Pokemon :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 5,155 161 Aurora Ninetails by PokuriMio Aurora Ninetails :iconpokurimio:PokuriMio 152 16 Precious Snow Babes by Phantomania Precious Snow Babes :iconphantomania:Phantomania 267 32 Alolan Vulpix by aquabluu Alolan Vulpix :iconaquabluu:aquabluu 183 29
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My name is Susan.
I'm a 24 year old girl. I have Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD.
I'm in a long distance relationship with :icondarkwolfwavius:
I enjoy many things pokemon.
I mostly do things on youtube.
Also I like to draw, play video games,
listen to music, make videos and many other things.
My favorite pokemon are Lucario, Delcatty, Meloetta, and Alolan Vulpix
I also collect pokemon plushies and cards and a few shirts.
I also have a couple Hetalia items.… < my fanfic site

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If you guys have a Switch here is my friend code 

If you guys have a Switch here is my friend code

Pokelectronics is once again selling their christmas mystery boxes. Want to buy one go the link below. Their prices are from 25 to 100 dollars. They ship internationally and use different forms of currency.…
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(Your POV)
        It was a lovely morning in the Kalos region. I was leaving Lumiose City and just got onto Route 5. As I was heading up the road though I see something with long blue ears heading up the road. Of course I decide to stop and sure enough it was a Lucario, when it got near me it went around me in a circle and looked at me. I didn't know if this was a wild Lucario or if it belonged to someone. Sure enough I heard a female's voice calling for her Lucario. Sure enough I see a female in what looked like a skater uniform only it reminded me of an Escavalier, she had a long blonde ponytail coming up from her helmet and there was another Lucario trailing behind her.
"Sorry about that are you ok?", she asked.
"Me? Oh yeah I'm fine.", I said.
"I was doing some special training with my Lucarios when all of sudden one of them ran off. I sure hope he wasn't any trouble to you."
"Oh no he wasn't any trouble, I was surprised to see a Lucario running up to me all of a sudden."
"Rio, what's gotten into you? Did you get draw by this girl/boy's aura or something?" The Lucario gave a bark and a nod. "Well it seems Rio likes you."
"Um, you think so?" I tilted my head in confusion. Then again I remembered Lucario's can sense auras.
"Well this is one of my Lucario's I nicknamed him Rio. He often gets worked up in battle with my other Lucario, Luca. Oh right! I didn't introduce myself. My name is Korrina and I'm the Shalour City gym leader. And these are my Lucarios, Luca and Rio."
"Nice to meet you. I'm (Y/n) I'm from (Region name)."
"So I take it your collecting the gym badges huh." I nodded. "Then I'm sure we will meet up to have a gym battle sometime. Well I must be off got lots of training to do. See ya around (Y/n)!" Korrina and Luca started to head off but Rio nodded goodbye to me and headed off with his trainer.

     Some time had past by. I had already gotten my second badge, I had caught more Pokemon and added some new team members, my starter had already reached his/her final stage. I was about to leave Geosenge Town, when I heard a familiar voice,
"Rio! Where are you going?" Sure enough I looked back and I see a familiar trainer with her two Lucarios. But there were a couple others behind her. Sure enough it was Ash and his friends Serena, Clemont and his little sister Bonnie.
"Hey (Y/n) long time no see.", said Ash.
"Yeah Ash, it's been while. How have you been?", I said.
"Good. Got my second gym badge."
"Oh you guys know each other? I just met (Y/n) around the same time we met up.", said Korrina. All of a sudden we were jumped by a photographer who wanted a picture of all of us. So we took one and we all got copies of it. When I looked at the photo I was in kneeling in the front row behind Ash and Serena, Rio and Bonnie were in between me. After the photo was taken Korrina explained that she and others were in Geosenge Town looking for Lucario's mega stone since the Lucarios had won 100 straight battles. So I decided to join them and help them find the mega stone. We soon found a cave where apparently the mega stone was and the Lucarios had to battle against a Blaziken. Sure enough they won and sure enough there were two mega stones. After we got back into town Korrina was finally ready to use mega evolution on her Lucarios however since only one could be activated at a time, she decided to start with Luca. Sure enough the mega evolution worked, all of us were really happy it happened. Korrina decided to have Ash test out Luca's new strength as a Mega Lucario. However during the battle Luca's started going insane with how much power and kept attacking Pikachu and wasn't listening to Korrina's commands. Korrina called for Rio to try and stop Luca but Rio got knocked back pretty quickly all of a sudden I found myself along with Ash trying to protect our Pokemon, even though Rio wasn't mine. As I saw the scary look Luca had in his face I hid my face while covering Rio with my body. I ended up getting hit in the arm with a piece of rock from the broken rock formation and it was bleeding. Out of nowhere another Lucario stepped in and managed to knock Luca out and return him to normal.
          Pretty soon we were all taken to the Pokemon Center. I was taken to a separate room to get my injury treated. 
"You're lucky it wasn't a serious cut.", said Nurse Joy. She then gave me a roll of gauge bandages and some medical tape. "Make sure to change the bandages every few hours ok, and let it air once in while."
"Thank you Nurse Joy." I stepped out of the room and into the main hall. Once I got out to the entrance hall the others greeted me. Asking if I was ok. I said I was fine and that it wasn't a serious cut. 
"Oh my gosh (Y/n), I'm really really sorry!!", said Korrina.
"No worries. It's not your fault, it seems Luca wasn't used to having all the strength. So don't worry, just be glad no one else got hurt." After a bit Nurse Joy came back out with the Lucarios and they were ok. Korrina went and hugged them both. Of course I was worried about Rio and he seemed pretty happy to see me. So like Korrina I hugged him too. Well around his head anyway, since that chest spike prevents proper hugs. However I soon saw Luca noticed the bandages on my arm and his ears drooped down in sadness. He clearly felt bad about what had happened. Of course I gave him a pat on the head saying he was forgiven. Korrina then attached two devices on the Lucarios arms that was holding their mega stone. Luca's device was on his left arm and it was red, Rio's device was on his right arm and it was (f/c). Korrina still wanted to try using Mega evolution again but as she thought about trying out Rio using Mega evolution, I remembered how Luca looked in his mega form and the fear quickly rose back, I quickly hugged around his waist and one arm was around his head. And I started crying,
"No, no, don't make Rio mega evolve, no please no..." I cried. Korrina's grandfather stepped in.
"I can see why she/he is concern. She/he doesn't want what happened to Luca to happen to Rio as well...", he said. I nodded. Korrina then had an idea. 
"Hey Grandpa, why don't we see if (Y/n) can get Rio to mega evolve!" He seemed surprised. "I mean Rio seems to really like (Y/n) if anyone can get Rio to mega evolve it's her/him!" Her grandfather looked at me, I still had a slight hold to Rio. 
"I do see potential in her/him, however it feels she/he isn't ready to use mega evolution yet. However, I will consider some things but first, I need to really see what the problem is with Luca as he uses mega evolution." We were soon taken outside to a battle field where both Korrina and her grandfather used Mega Lucarios however like last time Korrina's Lucario lost control of himself and was once again knocked out by  the other Lucario. I really couldn't bear to look at the battle and i started crying again, I didn't want to traumatized more then I was earlier, and her grandfather noticed how I was acting. Her grandfather explained to Korrina they had to go find someone who specialized in mega evolution. Her grandfather then turned to me. 
"Young lady/man, are you truly wanting to try and using Mega Evolution?", he asked. I was really nervous about answering back, I mean it would be really cool to use Mega Evolution yet the fear of what will happen still lingered. I felt Rio pat my arm. He seemed like he wanted me to try it.
"I can tell you want to, yet you have doubts correct?" I nodded.  He then handed me a (f/c) bracelet and inside it was a key stone like Korrina had. 
"Much like how Korrina will have to fully master mega evolution, I'm sure you will be able to master it as well." I was hesitant at first but then I put the bracelet on my left/right wrist. Eventually it was time for us to head out. Of course Ash and the others decided to follow us. I had to wonder though, was I really ready to use mega evolution?

(A few days later...)
   We had soon found the person who was apparently really good with mega evolution, it was an older lady who had a Mawile. Korrina explained to her why we were here. Sure enough she decided to test out Luca's strength against her Mega Mawile, however once again during the battle Luca lost control and I found myself looking away in fear again and started crying again. 
"(Y/n) calm down it's ok. Luca went back to normal it's over.", called Ash. I uncovered my eyes and sure enough he did go back to normal. The older lady noticed how I was reacting. 
"Both of you do clearly have some problems... However I think I got some good ideas to how you both can overcome this.", she said. We were soon taken to her place and there were lots of flowers around. She then ordered Korrina and I to go look for a certain flower. Sure enough we did find it. Since I knew how to make flower crowns I helped Korrina get the flowers around the wrist of where her glove was with the key stone in it. Nighttime soon came for us, however Team Rocket of course came out of nowhere and attacked us. Korrina decided to give mega evolution another try and Luca mega evolved. However once again he lost control, and once again I hid my eyes in fear, but after a minute Ash called out to me to look. Sure enough Luca seemed to be fine. Turns out the flowers on her wrist managed to get Luca to be normal. Eventually Team Rocket was sent flying with the Megas of Lucario and Mawile. Korrina was really happy Luca finally got used to Mega evolving. As was I. 
      The morning soon arrived. Korrina thanked the lady who helped her. She then said she was going to head on to Shalour City to finish training. She then turned to me. 
"(Y/n), I want you to make a promise to me. I want you and Rio to overcome using Mega Evolution together. When you guys come to Shalour City I hope to see you and Rio using Mega Evolution, ok?"
"I promise I will Korrina."
"Rio, for now I want to listen to (Y/n) and do you best for her/him. Help her/him feel confident in using mega evolution. Do that for me ok?" Rio nodded. Korrina gave Rio a little pat on the head then skated off. I then asked Ash if I could travel along with his group until I could master using mega evolution, and he agreed to it. So we all headed off.
      It has been a few weeks since I was given Rio from Korrina. I have been training with him and he's gotten stronger, however each time I try to use mega evolution i freak out and can't do it. We were nearing Shalour City I was worried I was gonna get scolded by Korrina because I didn't keep my promise. As we looked out at the tower Ash was complaining about wanting his gym battle we heard a familiar voice,
"Those who seek power, show your heart and the path shall reveal itself." Sure enough coming in with a backflip and landing on the nearby grass it was Korrina. 
"Hey Korrina!", said Ash.
"Hehe, just playing.", she said with a wink, sure enough her Lucario Luca appeared next to her.
"Oh Luca too!", I said.
"This is a nice surprise.", said Bonnie.
"Good to see you two again!", said Serena.
"Nice to see you guys again too. Welcome to Shalour City!", said Korrina. "Oh Rio it's so nice to see you again!" Rio went over and Korrina hugged him. "Have you been good and been listening to (Y/n)?" He nodded. "I can already tell she/he's been taking good care of you." I was hoping she wasn't gonna ask me about Rio mega evolving. Thankfully Ash popped saying how he was to train a new kind of move. However it didn't really work out. 
     We eventually got to go to the tower of mastery. And we were greeted by Korrina's grandfather.
"Oh, how are you sir it's nice to see you again."I said and bowed.
"Yes nice to see you again as well young lady/man.", he said. Ash really wanted to have his gym battle but Korrina's grandfather wanted to tell us a story about mega evolution, we were eventually let into the tower. However Korrina warned us it would be a long story. We were got to the center of the tower we were amazed to see a huge mega Lucario statue. He then explained to us how his ancestor was one of the first people to use mega evolution with a Lucario. Korrina was looking forward to becoming a great gym leader, however her grandfather stated she wasn't ready. He then explained about a secret scroll that only those worthy could see it. We were soon interrupted by Ash's growling stomach, so Korrina offered us to have dinner and spend the night in the tower which we all agreed to. 
    After we ate we all went to bed. However as I was sleeping I began to dream. I was trying to use mega evolution and I thought I succeed however Rio turned into how Luca was before. And started heading towards me. Before I could look away in fear I fell off the bed. Gasping and looking around me. Rio and the others were still asleep. Having lost my sleep I headed outside to the balcony. I sat down and looked up at the night sky and I found myself silently crying. I then heard footsteps coming towards me trying to quickly wipe away my
tears, sure enough it was Korrina, but Rio was with her. 
"I thought I heard someone come out here, are you ok?", she asked. She sat down next to me and Rio went and sat on the other side of me. I shook my head no, trying to wipe more of my tears, she handed me a cloth and i wiped my eyes. 
"I take you couldn't keep our promise...", she said. I shook my head no.
"It's just the fear of having Rio mega evolve hasn't gone away. I woke up from a nightmare about what happened with Luca was happening to Rio." I took off my bracelet. "Korrina I can't do it..." I held out my hands to her with the bracelet in my hands. Korrina shook her head no and put the bracelet back on my wrist. 
"I know you can do it, besides I'm not the only one who believes in you, Rio does too." I looked over at Rio and he gave me a smile and a nod. I patted him on the head. We all of a sudden hear noises coming from back inside the tower and the others were up. We were outside the room and sure enough Team Rocket showed up and they had the scroll. We were after them until we got outside. Pikachu thankfully knocked out their escape route. Korrina then decided to battle against Team Rocket and she wanted me to go with her. So we hopped off the ledge down the pathway. Sure enough we were ready to fight. We commanded our Lucarios to dodge and use bone rush against the moves. We were both totally in sync with our Lucarios. 
"(Y/n) now's a good time, let's mega evolve our Lucarios together!", she said. I was surprised. "Don't worry you'll be fine!" I looked down at my bracelet. I raised my arm out but as I reached my other hand started to tremble in fear. Was I really not capable of handling mega evolution? I started to tear up again. 
"(Y/n)..." I then heard a males voice. But i didn't recognize whose voice it was. I looked around trying to find the source of the voice. 
"Look in front of you..." I looked forward and Rio was in front of me, though he back was towards me he turned his head to me.
"You don't need to be afraid, you need to believe in yourself. I know I am ready to mega evolve, it's now up to you to give me that power." Was Rio talking with me using telepathy?! Did our bonds go as deep as I can know understand him?! I calmed myself down and took a deep breath. 
"Rio you ready?" I called out. He barked loudly. "Then let's do this!" I touched the key stone on my bracelet and our stones started to glow.
"The power of friendship sparkles and shines like the morning sun!/(Come up with your own saying)" The lights from our stones linked together and changed into (F/c) energy. I felt a lot of confident and bravery coursing through me, I really felt in sync with Rio. "Now it's time to really sparkle and shine!/(or however you wanna say it) Lucario, Mega Evolve!" Sure enough Rio mega evolved. "Yes (Y/n) I knew you could do it!", said Korrina. She then mega evolved her Lucario. And together we beat Team Rocket and Korrina got the scroll back. I looked over at Rio who was still in his Mega form. 
"Rio, a-are you feeling ok?" He turned around and I was afraid he was gonna attack me so I hid my eyes but Korrina said, "(Y/n) it's ok look." I looked and sure enough Rio was ok.
"I did it... I actually did it!! Rio!" I couldn't help but go over to him and hug him, while keeping aware of the spikes, and I started crying. "Oh Rio, I'm so proud of you!" I cried. "I'm also proud of you, (Y/n)", he said telepathically. He then turned back to normal. Korrina's grandfather said how proud he was of not only Korrina but me as well. He even got to read the scroll to us, though it didn't really tell much about mega evolution. We eventually all headed back to bed. However I was woken up by Korrina and she took me and Rio outside. "You know (Y/n) I'm really proud of you. Looks like you really had nothing to worry about after all, all you had to do was believe in yourself and you and Rio were able to use mega evolution."
"Thank you Korrina." I said. "So um, I take it you want Rio back now that's master mega evolution huh?" She seemed surprised.
"What? No, what i want to ask you is, would you like to take Rio with you on your journey? Rio has really tight bonds with you, remember the first day he met you he knew there was something special about you. You guys have been through a lot to come this far. I think you and Rio are a perfect match!" I looked over at Rio and he gave me a smile. 
"What do you say Rio? Do you wanna travel together and become one of my partners?" He gave a bark. I smiled happily. 
"Oh right here, you're gonna need this." Korrina handed me Rio's pokeball. "You can even give him a new nickname if you want to." I grabbed the pokeball. "Rio, together you and I are gonna be an amazing team." I threw the pokeball high and Rio jumped and hit the pokeball with his paw and he went inside it. I picked up the pokeball. 
"All right, Lucario is my new pokemon!" I said and posed like how Ash would do when he caught a new pokemon. I threw the pokeball up. 
"Come on out Lucario/(Lucario's new nickname)!" He popped out of the pokeball. "Lucario/(nickname) together we are gonna make an amazing team!" He held up his paw and I grabbed it happily.
"Now i think it's about time I owe you and Ash a gym battle.", said Korrina. So we headed back to the tower. I had to chance to see Ash battle against Korrina and he won. Pretty soon I battle Korrina, while my starter knocked out her two pokemon I wanted to have a Lucario vs Lucario battle. And sure enough mine won. I soon got my badge. 3 down 5 more to go. Later that day Ash and others were heading out and as was I. I said my goodbyes to everyone but not without Korrina and I sharing a fist bump. And she told me to take good care of Lucario. I put on my roller skates and headed off with Lucario/(nickname) running next to me. I was looking forward to seeing what adventures I would be looking forward to as I continued my journey, now it's even better with Lucario by my side.

Lucario X Nervous!Trainer!Reader: Mega Evolution
Yeah been a while since I did a fan fic. This is a Lucario X Trainer reader story. Note this is a really tame story. I even made it to both genders could be used. Most of this is based off the anime and game. Also most of this is kind of what my POV would be like so if you feel like your OOC in this story, sorry!





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