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Lara Croft inspired shoot with Weapon Outfitters
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Gorgeous pic! You're so strong!
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Nothing more beautiful than a lady with rifle😍💖
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Looks a bit like Lara, still nice. Headbang! Please give us more!
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try aiming the gun or look over the weapon while holding it on your shoulder... 
just a thought...
might be cool picture :D
Zarashi99's avatar
If your hair was black, you'd totally look like Lara Croft!!!
OMG still, this is so COOL and PRETTY!!!! :heart:
charlesatnc's avatar
Pretty damm cool
Uskius's avatar
This is just a really cool shot.
amadis33's avatar
Holly.... look greatfull in Lara!!!  No more Pics?
FluffyLover1986's avatar
Trying to pull a page from your cousin's book ?=]
mcrocks's avatar
This is awesome!
jadefalcon1's avatar
Complete with proper trigger discipline and good footing (with sensible shoes!). 

Badass. Great work!
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Susan Crofty: Tomb Raider!
fatguy88's avatar
looking badass
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar
Miss croft has nothing on you Susan :)
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