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Lara Croft inspired shoot with Weapon Outfitters
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"Coffey" That's a very unique last name, and the photo is nice too.
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That AR looks like it costs more than my car
Would be cool to see more of these kind of things. Dirtier and more buckles/steam punky :)
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redheads with guns

:D (Big Grin) 
Neko-waiting-4-Katze's avatar
love a girl with a weapon
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Very cool! You look like a mercenary sent out to assassinate Lara Croft.  :D 
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that always ends poorly for the assassin 
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Yeah, but maybe not this time! 
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fallen angel :)
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Ready for a mission in your company ..
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Really nice shot. Composition and lighting are both striking, greatly compliment you in this photo.
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That's one sexy weapon... Wait, two sexy weapons! And I bet they are both loaded  ;)
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Yay! We want more Lara Croft! :D
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Now I want to watch American Sniper
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