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Like a dog she bit him at the ankle and said
Leave me alone
And like a disillusioned owner he said,
Just don't come to me when your bowl is
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how doomed, how beautiful
Your face became still as lake water
Verging on something slate-like
Undisturbed and unturned
Until i dipped my fingers into your silence and
You offered me a taste
As a distraction perhaps
Or maybe you thought i only wanted
To take from you
But i just wanted to know if you were
And our peace, virtually unshakable like moonlight in a bucket with gaps between here and
The stars
Was almost enough to consider real
And i knew i was doomed when
I saw caramel light dripping over your skin
The air was sharp and syrupy and
I almost felt better
You have a tendancy to do that to me
your eyes were
brown and vivid under orangey dusk
Sad and hiding something
With hands quaking every so often and
ash on your lips
I wanted to kiss you then
Soft, like velvet love
I wanted to take in the poppy and the snow
The smell of rain and
I wanted to tell you how lovely you looked
How doomed, how right, how beautiful
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I was still pouring oceans and oceans of lamplight into your cavities until i realized
you will always find a way to scoop it out with the pale.
And i was always lighting your cigarettes while you were flicking ashes in my mouth
Thats what we were, though
Empty baskets and scrapes we cant remember getting and
Buckets with holes.
Smoke breath and bruised fruit at the foot of the tree;
Ashes on adult teeth and
Poison in each others stomachs.
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summer is the season for lovers,
I looked at him and i saw
The fog of dawn after a rainy night and
Peaches in the peak of summer
Sun-kissed skin at noonday and
Long drives with the windows down
He is the heat in the middle of june and
The fire blooming by the end of july
Summer always seems to be the season for love and secrecy
Maybe its the intensity of sun or the humidity or
Apricots falling from baskets and blind, hungry youth
But my almost lover is Newport first thing in the morning and burned out lungs before he's twenty four
Wide eyes and passion, impatience and caution and i am
Enraptured by his insanity as it dares to match mine
(I couldnt let him go if i tried)
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last saturday
And i'll never forget how i tore down your bedroom curtains in a drunk attempt to
Let the rain fill the room
How i fumbled with the locks on the window and
The locks on you
I want you to always be
Drunk off my whiskey kisses so that maybe
You'll tell me things too
And no it wasnt the alcohol
that had me swaying and stumbling and giggling all day
It was the look you gave me
When i said i felt happy
(I want to listen to the rain with you)
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 1 0
the flesh and peel of citrus fruit
Yes, i need something like
With hands like concrete and
Breath stained by years of smoking Marlboro outside gas stations
I want something like
Crooked smiles sent my way and
Cocaine eyes heavy with europhia and desire
Yes, i want him
To control the turn of my waist and
The curve of my spine--
I want to be the meat of
Oranges for him
The flesh that is
Touched and
Torn into and
Treasured, cherished
But a discarded rind is not worth consumption once it hits the floor and
Most certainly not chosen over the ripe and sweet
I sometimes wonder which is worse;
To be eaten or discarded so frivolously by man
And yes, i know it is a
Strange thing to compare bodies to lemons and love to
And it is strange to want to be anything for anyone
Maybe thats my problem
I was once the flesh of citrus until
I was but a peel left untouched
To count the days of solitude like
The hermit card in a tarot deck
And yes the pips are hard and bitter
remaining unwanted and
unbothered by it but
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 2 0
What blooms in stomachs and hearts
I am
Renting bodies to
Pull the poppies from my stomach
At night
As if it'll save me
While i lie wide awake
With sand dune eyes
Trying to turn this muddy heart to
"Take what blooms here, take it all lover"
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 4 0
Mature content
She bites god in the wrist :iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 32 25
Love, first-hand
We dwell in the dog eared pages of
Volatile literature, of romanticism;
A trace of ink under a specific quote
A red circle around a sentence;
A laugh, feather-like; an averted gaze
“as soon as I read the first paragraph I knew it was going to be something great”
We live in the skin of old and new poets
Of fiction, of truths
Of strange plays and vignettes;
I sent you Persuasion for a reason, love
(that could be us; that might be us)
there’s nothing as chaotic as a love story written on paper
and there is nothing in this world like a writer
falling for another writer
We are the soft lips of poetry
the eye and the winds of storms--
Let me put my fingertips to the dip in your spine
trace your collarbones and map your soul
(I want to write stories on your skin
Paint gardens in your heart)
You make me think of Kafka and Keats
You are so much more than the husk of peanut shells
You are as vivid as watercolors;
Fluid and
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 4 0
starving hearts will eat anything, you know
and even god ought to bite me in the wrist
for using these tarnished hands to cup the moon and drink her light
for stepping on stars
for pilfering hearts and
etching marks with my tongue
on things that I don’t intend to keep
(but I was hungry, I am starving;
I need something, anything in here)
Starved hearts make for good beasts and
Desperation makes room for ugly things
One day the deathly orchids that are ingrown in me
will break through feather skin, through vein, through bone;
One day they will overtake this body and
Reduce it to carrion
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Sariatu details 2 by SurrealNacre Sariatu details 2 :iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 2 0 Sariatu details by SurrealNacre Sariatu details :iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 7 0 Sariatu by SurrealNacre Sariatu :iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 13 2 2-18-18 by SurrealNacre
Mature content
2-18-18 :iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 3 2
Misery ~ II
Misery is a menace but good god I love her
I love the way she threads her kisses into every layer of my skin
The way she opens her maw like an animal and
Swallows me with conviction, without shame
There is something ominous, something foreboding
Lying in the onyx sea of her eyes
But she does not pull on the corners of my mouth
she does not turn me into gilded grins
And I am grateful for that.
I just want someone’s company
She just wants to drink someone’s sorrows through a bendy straw
(she smothers me but
there is an inkling of honeysuckle on her lips
And I stay for this)
Misery is a goddess with her Venus tongue in my mouth;
It’s all about the way she melts in me
The way she turns to ashes between my teeth
“Misery sits on top a crest”
She uses it like a diving board you know,
And she dives into the chasm of my chest
she lives there after all
(none of you can swallow me like she
I will only burn holes in your stomachs)
:iconsurrealnacre:SurrealNacre 4 4
an excerpt from a letter i can't finish
What a starry eyed mess you are. Your feelings run so deep through your blood and to your heart that you don’t know where to put them anymore. You’re so fond of dandelions and weeds but honey, weeds are weeds, and they are sinuous, crafty; they snake around the things that you’re trying to grow and they’re going to strangle your tree lungs if you don’t find a way to control them. Spoiler alert: weeds will overtake you in the future, and you’re never really going to learn how to control them. Instead you’ll just break out the weed killer because that’s easier than tending to a garden of tumultuous emotions. You’ll begin to fear the things inside you, the weeds that grow through your eyes and your mouth and spill through your gaps,
and you'll stand guard over your plants day and night, relentless, restless.
You’ll be terribly sleep deprived.
You’ll claw at your eyes and your heart to get those weeds out of your soil. But t
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