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Important Information

Member Conduct
:bulletblue: Treat each other with respect. No bashing, flaming, trolling, etc. will be tolerated.

:bulletblue: Only constructive criticism is allowed.

:bulletblue: No spamming the group or fellow members.

Submission Guidelines
:bulletblue: Make sure that the deviantion is of a surreal/fantasy equine. This means it is a breed or type that would NOT occur in reality. We will turn down submissions of real breeds and colors.

:bulletblue: The ONLY folder that can have art of actual equines is the Line Art folder - all line arts must be able to be edited into surreal equines.

:bulletblue: Make sure you submit your deviation to the correct folder.

:bulletblue: Deviations may not be Works In Progress (WIP) they must be completed. All none completed works must go in the Sketches folder.

:bulletblue: You may submit two (10) deviations per day per folder.

:bulletblue: Members may post blog entries. Blog entries are subject to approval.

:bulletblue: All blog entries must have something to do with surreal equines or with the group!

:bulletblue: The list of emoticons are at…

Other Important Information
:bulletblue: List of Fantasy Breeds -…

Gallery Folders

On Man's Road by JAEneth
Gilded Dust by ElbenherzArt
Adopt Horse-Dragon by Fensiya
||Quiet dawn|| by The-Day-of-Shadow
Breed Sheets
COLLAB YCH by Sowwa-Art
Lily by kyskykysss
[closed] Commission Portrait Auction by Vorona-Sidhe
Original Characters
Buzzing bees by Fillynox
Oro Rosa by BambieCreations
Desert by Mocarro
Call of the mountains by Ulfeid3
Horse adopt #5 OPEN by Ulfeid3
Horse adopt #4 OPEN by Ulfeid3
The Magician Upright by Mocarro
Kelpie by AmeAmeridian
AUCTION Cabyll-Ushtey [OPEN] by AngrySnakeLama
Each Uisge  by Livitup03
Portrait (Commission) by AlexandraDane
Leap of faith by Ulfeid3
Spotted Alicorn Lotta by Lady-Akyashaa
Akyashaa, Elven Queen by Lady-Akyashaa
Caelum by Kukkin
Other Surreals
Elven Hunting Party by Lady-Akyashaa
Winter Hunt - Lady And Her Steed by Lady-Akyashaa
Warrior Queen And Her Horse by Lady-Akyashaa
Winter Wonderland by Lady-Akyashaa
Arts and Crafts
Epic Romance by WelcomeTheStorm
Hallis Xalto by WelcomeTheStorm
SOLD by Vorona-Sidhe
Paroverian Import 006 by TreckyQueen
Adoptables and YCH
Horse adopt #1 OPEN by Ulfeid3
Horse Adoptable - Emerald wizard [OPEN] by Ulfeid3
Horse adopt #2 CLOSED by Ulfeid3
Horse adopt #3 OPEN by Ulfeid3
Line Art
Cheap P2U horse base Photoshop|Procreate by DigiDesignZina
Week 14 2021 by nemuikumo
Group Icon Contest
Biscorn icon by QueenChrystalight


Wolved Prologue Page five by Wolved
Dear DFF... by Utakame
Malice by fshi
ooooo the butterfly again by Nixxily
Resources and Tutorials
wings by BibianaX
Hunting a Brightmare by Roiuky
Wind Dracun Horse by Souls-of-Fire
Death's Dagger by Souls-of-Fire
Dream or Nightmare? by Souls-of-Fire
Parasitic Unicorns by Viergacht
No Escaping Fate by KaitlyNicole
Unicorn Stallion: WIP by Souls-of-Fire
Irespiral Black Blue Unicorn Eclipquine Stud Horse by StephanieSmall
Mermaid riding Hippocampus by Viergacht
ATC 010 Hippocampicorn NA by Skarbog
Hippocampus solaris colour by SilverFlight
ETTD: page6 by mangakasan

Mature Content

ETTD: page5 by mangakasan
ETTD: page3 by mangakasan
ETTD: page2 by mangakasan
Line Art
Demon Horse by GINI-BEANIE
Pegasus Lineart by Blaze-Karma
Breed Sheets
Vester - Reference Sheet by Shekla
TRONEQUINE by RainbowFountains
Eclipquines Breed Sheet horse pony equine equus by StephanieSmall
Other Surreals
Comfort by Viergacht
Chimera and Phoenix Sketches by Souls-of-Fire
Dark Numonia by Souls-of-Fire
Thestral sketch by Souls-of-Fire


We are the people in charge of running the group. If you have a question about the group please note the group!


We are really sorry we have been kinda inactive for some time now, but we are going to wake this group back up again so don't you worry. I have added a couple new folders for even more art to be submitted.

I'm really sorry if anyone's submissions have expired please just submit them again because i will be checking this group like every other day to make sure we get in moving again. Thank you everyone for staying.

Group co-founder,
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Group Info

A group for all equine-like creatures. Including original breeds, unicorns, Pegasus, water horses, etc. If it's equine-like than it is welcome here. Submissions can be art or literature!
Founded 10 Years ago
Jan 28, 2011


Group Focus
Art Creation & Collection

370 Members
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